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  1. I would say have it be slightly slower than the stun-stick, but not painfully slow. Enough so that you could get in a swing, but still be easily punished if you miss.
  2. Link to article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2398 SCP-2398 is a baseball bat that has the effect of upon hitting something, it causes an explosion. The size of the explosion varies upon what is being hit, e.g. hitting a cow caused a larger explosion than hitting a chicken. The explosion can also lead to the operator being damaged unintentionally, so testing of SCP-2398 has discontinued. I suggest 2 ways it could be implemented: 1.): The simpler implementation. Upon hitting someone, it deals 75 explosive damage and causes a explosion. The explosion does not have an AOE and is only visual. It would also fling the target far away, so it can be used to get someone away from you. 2.): The more complex implementation. Similar to variation #1, it deals explosive damage and causes a explosion. The explosion also does not have an AOE and is only visual. The amount of explosive damage is dealt to the target and the user scales on how much max health the target has. The target gets flung far away, but the distance does not scale on the target's health. Here's a list of suggested values for it: ≤100 HP: 75 damage is dealt. 0 self-damage. 101-499 HP: 100 damage is dealt. 10 self-damage. 500-999 HP: 150 damage is dealt. 15 self-damage. 1000-1999 HP: 200 damage is dealt. 20 self-damage. ≥2000 HP: 250 damage is dealt. 25 self-damage. SCP-2398 takes the slot of the Stun-Stick / Crowbar, and is intended to be used as a melee weapon. To make up for its strong damage and flinging capabilities, it would have a slow attack rate. SCP-2398 spawns anywhere SCP-268 and SCP-512 can. For the model, I suggest that the Baseball Bat from L4D2 be used as the base. A port of it to GMOD can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883508806 Please do give me critiques / comments on this if there's something you disagree with / want to change about this.
  3. @Miguel The Mammoth King Haxray gave his opinion on SCP-397 here: He even mentioned that you were the one to suggest it.
  4. Here's my opinion on these: SCP-354 sounds cool, but some of the SCPs spawned by it aren't interesting as the others. Some of them also share a special attribute of some sort with the current SCPs. The concept of this SCP is cool, but maybe only as a special round of sorts. SCP-397 is just SCP-076-2 but it teams with humans and can use healing items. Not very interesting. Also, wasn't this rejected in Haxray's monthly suggestion feedback? SCP-314 is decent, but it could lead to teamkill. SCP-353 isn't really too interesting. Why would you potentially give someone you're trying to kill a benefit over you just by trying to attack them? A bit difficult to read in some areas as well (namely SCP-354) and the suggestions themselves are varying in quality, but I do give you credit for trying to give out some ideas for SCPs.
  5. Going to keep this short and sweet. I just feel bored with the server. From almost a year being staff, going on the server now doesn't really appeal to me anymore. Going on the server feels like a hassle, so I am resigning.
  6. hello am reposting my skin suggestion Skin: Name of Accesory: Joker Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1832090176 (Blue Variant) For D class or for Researchers: Researchers Member or Donator: Donator
  7. most people aren't playing due to school-related stuff, so it will probably be more active on the weekends (can't say it's completely dead yet)
  8. As a homage to the former staff member RaeTheGay, I suggest we add in a Joker playermodel to the server. Surely, you never even saw it coming. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1832090176 Uses the blue variant for a researcher skin.
  9. what if the roar just temporarily stripped items from nearby players, kinda like what happened when you turned into a rat (minus actually turning into a rat and taking more damage)
  10. I'd rather want it to be weekly, not daily
  11. what if instead of spawning with nvg, they just outright ignored invisibility passively as in they would see 966 normally, can see 1471 regardless of whether or not they've been infected by it, or even ignore 268's effect
  12. you mean like the weapons the nu-7 had before the cs:go weapon overhaul?
  13. they were fun nightmares though
  14. or perhaps even make the particle effects less intense
  15. Going to move them to hostile now I guess. Found out another detail upon relationships between SH and GOC.
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