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  1. well I was gonna say more santa, but after reading Unorth's post.... more santa?
  2. the commies won gg (Q_Q)
  3. if we vote yes the commies win
  4. @me-me gib monies
  5. M o r e S a n t a
  6. S A N T A 2 4 / 7
  7. Corsair Obsidian 750D
  8. memology420 has applied for member. Steam Profile: Steam Check Link: Why I want to be Member:  GFL has given me a place to enjoy whenever I play CS:GO. Whenever I get really tired of the general community of CS (casual, MM), I always retreat to the Zombie Escape server you guys have. It's a lot of fun (even though I'm a lurker) playing with the regulars on the server and members of this community (when we work together to win), and I'd like to start to take a more active part in the community. GFL Bans: 0