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  1. Corsair Obsidian 750D
  2. Name: me-me Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33264736 Age: 18 Server playtime: 106 hours Why do you want to become an admin?: GFL has been basically what I've spent most of my CS:GO time on. I love the concept of Zombie Escape, how a team must coherently work together to complete objectives (win maps), but I see a lot of issues with people in the server, whether it's something minor from them not knowing anything (newb) or someone trolling (mic spam). The last few hours I kind of opened myself up to more people, and being an admin would allow me to become closer to the community in general. Plus Fidler told me to. The reason for accepting: I honestly don't expect to be given the power and authority of an admin (obviously I wouldn't trust myself if I applied), but it's something I see in the foreseeable future. I still plan to play here as often as I can, and I hope I can help combat a lot of the issues that deter players from staying and having a great time, and get to know the community much better. Also because if Fidler doesn't post an application I get to call him out. Also thanks to Fetty Awp for egging me on.
  3. memology420 has applied for member. Steam Profile: Steam Check Link: Why I want to be Member:  GFL has given me a place to enjoy whenever I play CS:GO. Whenever I get really tired of the general community of CS (casual, MM), I always retreat to the Zombie Escape server you guys have. It's a lot of fun (even though I'm a lurker) playing with the regulars on the server and members of this community (when we work together to win), and I'd like to start to take a more active part in the community. GFL Bans: 0