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  1. 1. During the first 40 seconds or 50 seconds of the game (pre-round) you are able to get damaged by the tesla gate, other players, and teammates (I use the knife to hit someone down to 20 during preround and a D class getting killed by the telsa gate at D boy spawn) 2. 079 (Computer) can get damaged by it's own traps such as the firebombs and can get hurt by the telsa gate (I for one lost half my health when I got hit by the telsa gate which Im assuming it a bug) These are the only issues I noticed, there is probably more idk. EDIT: 3. 017 can damage other scps with his shadow attack (idk how many other scps can damage each other like this) 4. Gate is unbreakable, can't do damage to it or 914 gate is broke idk EDIT 2: 5. 378 (Isopod) cant control anyone when he kills someone
  2. I tried buying the popcorn while I was dead thinking it was for next round since it took my points, later I found out the following round that I don't have it and a loss of 10k points. Later me and Fire King tried testing if a scp can get the popcorn swep (this was during the broken round when the server was being not good and the round would always be in pre-round w/ no timer), Fire King was a scp and tried buying it twice but it didn't work making him lose 20k. What im saying here is you shouldn't be able to buy the popcorn when your dead and spectating, an scp, and another thing I prob forgot to put on here.
  3. Just put it back in, it doesn't have to show enemies or players around just put it back in I miss it pls just put it in the right click is cancer since if someone is like a higher height than you or below you it doesn't even show on it ;-; Snav 300 - just shows the hud and nothing else Snav 301 - Shows teammates only Snav Ultimate - Shows teammates only and items (doesn't show any opposite team that you're not in, nerfing it since we won't know if a scp is coming)
  4. The Medkit on Very Fine turns it into a Better medkit with multiple heals on it yeah :P
  5. Scp - 662 is a silver bell that when rung summons a butler called Mr. Deeds that can do any possible tasks with perfection. Mr Deeds have 100 health and can pick up items like any other guard, researcher, etc. He has a special item on him which lets him teleport to a random location when he's not being looked at and can't be dropped or taken upon death (cool down might be like 100 seconds idk) and any kind of pistol. Mr Deeds will be on the researcher team. I have two versions of him on how he might appear in the round: 1. The bell (662) has a chance of spawning in the round and can be picked up by anyone and used to summon a spectator, when the person playing Mr Deeds die it will drop the bell so he can be summoned again (Different person each time or the same and the bell gives out a soft ring). OR 2. He has a chance to spawn at the start of the round (Like Maynard) and has 2 or 3 lives like Able. How this will benefit the game: Researchers get a Mr Deeds since the D class has a 035 plus I think it would be a fun new class since they taken out the purple D boys ;-; Possible Player model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1454868885&searchtext=suit ( http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-662 ) EDIT: Mr Deeds follow the orders of whoever ringed him, so I'm guessing that maybe he can be on the SCP's team? For example when he spawns in it could say "You've been ringed by 682 and been asked to help his side in aiding the scps on escaping" or something idk Dx
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