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  1. changing to neutral +1 really hasn't ever caused trouble, that i can think of.
  2. Unprovoked, this individual has a history of blatantly disrespecting rules, as well as the community. I find it hard to tolerate as well as allowing such conduct on our server. Here are a few more examples of the type of person he is. These clips are from the same session. https://streamable.com/l8zp9 https://streamable.com/9u72l https://streamable.com/yda22
  3. https://streamable.com/ljtqj
  4. Neutral. i have no problems with you, i just don't see much, if any admin-like conduct from you.
  5. +1 shamelessly e-picks and tries to use items as bribery, leads maps no one else wants to, is one with the community. what more can i say, a potential admin of the people.
  6. +1 I have thought about this a lot. Good luck.
  7. Too soon. I've been watching you since you popped up out seemingly of nowhere. Just keep doing what you're doing.
  8. Neutral From what I've seen you don't seem like admin material. Of course, my views can always change.
  9. alli/tame/fuzz are the best hoppers. though i haven't seen them all online at once
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