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  1. neutral +1 i've known you a long time now and you have never done anything weird that i've seen, however is admin a role you really want to take on?
  2. +1 having you on the server makes it a more enjoyable experience
  3. +1 haste, the server needs you.
  4. +1 you are a brat sometimes but when it comes to making the right decisions you can be trusted.
  5. changing to neutral +1 really hasn't ever caused trouble, that i can think of.
  6. Unprovoked, this individual has a history of blatantly disrespecting rules, as well as the community. I find it hard to tolerate as well as allowing such conduct on our server. Here are a few more examples of the type of person he is. These clips are from the same session. https://streamable.com/l8zp9 https://streamable.com/9u72l https://streamable.com/yda22
  7. https://streamable.com/ljtqj
  8. Neutral. i have no problems with you, i just don't see much, if any admin-like conduct from you.
  9. +1 shamelessly e-picks and tries to use items as bribery, leads maps no one else wants to, is one with the community. what more can i say, a potential admin of the people.
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