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  1. First aid kits apparently take time to use now (as shown by a bar similar to binding as 607). Issue is, when attempting to use a first aid kit to heal myself, it shows the bar, then cancels out immediately. Standing still or crouching didn't work as well. SCP-500 pills are not affected by this.
  2. Hopefully everything will go well with your career path, Roy.
  3. Truly the pinnacle of the Breach community.
  4. Happy birthday, Duc.

  5. This certainly does bring back memories. I still remember the old Site 19 we used to play on (the one with the red room in EZ being the armoury) , 076 being overpowered, some of the old people on Breach, the One Cell society (which was quite a humorous time), and other memories.
  6. So who will be the next three musketeers when Kite resigns?
  7. Congratulations on getting promoted, Pyros and Skittlez.
  8. Congratulations on becoming a team leader, Korowa. I'm sure you'll be a good leader.
  9. It is unfortunate to hear that you're being burned out and that life isn't going well. Hopefully your life will improve soon, and hopefully you'll be able to create happier memories as well in the future.
  10. It is quite unfortunate to hear about that. I do hope you'll feel better soon. And just remember that you matter to people. The negative feelings will leave soon, with time and the right company.
  11. Nice to meet you, Taipan. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  12. You were a good admin during your time as one. I do hope to see you on the server again. (May have to say no to that, apologies.)
  13. Congratulations on getting division leader, Fafy. I'm sure you'll do well as one.
  14. Quite unfortunate to see you leave. You've been a good person from our interactions and from what I've seen, so it's unfortunate that your ideas couldn't be implemented. I wish you the best in life.
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