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  1. Only server managers can unban you @MilkMan @SkydivingSquid
  2. Hope you feel better, you always have friends here you ever wanna chat
  3. I personally didn’t like any of them lol but I think if I were to choose, the first one is the best. It is easier to wrap your head around and is just scary, without all the extra plot stuff like in the other ones. Just a dude tryna protect his house and family.
  4. watched the trailer just now, definitely gonna watch the movie. that trailer was wack lmao
  5. I’m shaking down to my core. Absolutely Horrific.
  6. any suggestions on some scary af movies (I'm talking stay-awake-at-night scary)? I have a hard time finding good ones because netflix is so full of awful horror movies and could use some good ones.
  7. Doesn’t mean we should give up on trying to keep the playing field clean of stuff that is deemed unworthy for a kid to see
  8. With the amount of porn/violent/controversial sprays I have seen in my very short time as admin, I would totally say it is nice break to not have to worry about sprays.
  9. Alegnus Ban Appeal

    Hey @Alegnus, I banned you for mass because you placed the C4 and someone tried to defuse. Usually I am more chill when it is C4 roulette and everyone that dies is okay with it. However, this time all 4 people that died, reported you. So I banned for mass seeing none of them forgave. When it comes to C4s it is the person who planted it that is at fault at all times, so a good word of advice is to never plant them as inno, it saves both of us a lot of trouble. That being said, I enjoyed playing with you yesterday and thought you were a good person. So I am going to reduce the ban to 1 day (6 hours for each kill). You will be unbanned tonight seeing as this happened last night. All I ask is that, like Jaded said, be careful when doing stuff like that. see you on the server
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