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  1. This is late af but Tony, ily and wish you the best with whatever you do. You were the first person I sponsored for admin on rotation and I absolutely do not regret it
  2. Hello there

    Uhhhhhh ummmmmm uhhhhhhhh sorry i dont speak english k bye
  3. Hello there

    Shalom nerds. i was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and just remind everyone that @Tonyyy is gay. goodbye
  4. Thanks everybody for the kind words, momma loves all of you💕
  5. Shalom Let me start with: sorry to my team members if this is out of the blue. I am kinda going through a large shift in my life so I am going to be stepping down from my admin and CR roles. This isn’t particularly easy for me but I feel it is the right choice so I can focus on my mental and physical well being as well as school. I’m not leaving GFL per se but I certainly won’t be nearly as active. I’m sure I will be on TTT every once and awhile and I will lurk in discord and the forums. But for now, consider this my formal resignation from everything. Thanks to everyone who gave me a chance (or even a second chance for some) and thanks for giving me a fun experience. I wish everyone luck in everything. Back to blue for me.
  6. Bye. I hope zero doesn’t see this and you get demoted for inactivity
  7. Georgia pros: -everyone is weirdly nice -Atlanta (at least the north side) is very clean and fun to be in -HOPE Scholarship makes my tuition 1k a semester -North Georgia is wicked pretty -Very Diverse culture -largest aquarium in the world -HUGE music scene, lots of awesome festivals and concerts -a half inch of snow closes schools -The biggest pro of them all: I live here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) cons: -yeeyee ass mf are everywhere -so humid your skin melts -everywhere outside of Atlanta is confederate territory -drivers and traffic system are awful -everything in metro Atlanta is hella pricey
  8. +1 already accepted to pr has admin experience widely known and respected what more do you want lol
  9. +1 bean is my fellow admin so I have gotten to work alongside him for awhile and can attest that he would be a good fit. He handles people and situations very well as well as being a nice dude on top of all of that
  10. @SkydivingSquid @MilkMan @JadedJade @MooTheCow
  11. Lmao yes and when it said “press b to flip...wait, how did you do that?”
  12. With the Master Chief Collection coming to PC, what are some of your favorite moments in any halo game? For those who haven’t played, what is some stuff you are looking forward to? My favorite moments are by far the last two missions in Halo Reach when you are just fuckin up some aliens with Emile. My other favorite has to be all the arbiter missions in Halo 2, The Arbiter and Rtas are such a cool duo in that game. My favorite memory though is playing all the halo games with my brother though. We played the entire Halo 3 campaign in one night and they are memories I treasure a lot. anywho, I love Halo so I want to hear what you guys love about it, too!
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