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  1. It's not to big of a deal, I got muted the 18th because it was loud as well, except that time the guy told me why I was muted. For some reason the "levels" on my mic reset when I shut down my pc so that's fun. Thanks for the help Luffaren.
  2. When I said I was talking normally, I mean i wasn't yelling or overly excited or whatnot, I learned my mic was loud afterwords from the admin after asking him 4 times. In my case it wasn't obvious, but yes it is obvious most of the time, just don't understand why they can't add a simple rule that they need to explain why someone was muted, literally just needed to type "mic to loud" and I would've understood. Literally would take like 1 extra second to type 3 words.
  3. Muting

    Hey, I was muted because my mic was to loud, the admin said that I was "screaming", well I was talking normally. The issue with what happened is that he didn't give a reason as to why I was muted, I had to ask 4 times to finally get his answer, it should honestly be mandatory to give a reason as to why you were muted, if I hadn't asked or he just didn't bother to look at chat to answer me, then I would've continued to talk after the 10 minutes with my mic being loud and having no idea, and I would likely end up getting muted again. Not angry at the admin who did this, notice how I didn't list their name, I just think things should be clearer when someone is muted.
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