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  1. Do you have error message in console when you trying to join the sv? I think it's failing to download the models when you are trying to join
  2. -1 You have numerous numbers of reports, ebans, and comm restrictions. I was told by someone fact that you were demoted from sG admin team because of abusive usage of command which our admin team consider big red flag. Good luck!
  3. -1 Same reason with sneaky. I think this application was rushed. I also noticed you just started playing again when I queried your in-game stat yesterday and you only had 2 hours of playtime in the server. Like sneaky said reck up some playtime and get the feel of the server and reapply again. Also consider joining our discord and hang around the players as well. I believe your reasoning to joining our admin team is weak. Try to be creative but don't go too overboard with the reasoning. Good luck in the future!
  4. Sorry for delay response had irl stuff to take care today. Well let me correct my 🤦‍♂️. It's lot now difficult to find now fact that valve stripped symbols and have to compare with the previous version or non stripped version of dll.
  5. Well I could say I'm not in the expert of reverse engineering. I did tried to find a offset not too long ago only to realize free version of IDA 64 doesn't really work on CSGO.
  6. My Age: 25 My Talent: Hello! I'm a hobbyist programmer who enjoys and challenge of coding! I'd like to contribute in GFL and development team! I'm experienced in Sourcemod, Go, Python, MySQL, and C#. Projects that I worked so far 1.Public stuff Advance Fun Command - Made 4 years ago, it was requested by Kim. Root flag user can have fun time with this plugin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'm planning to rework on the source code to fit 1.10/1.11 SM when I have time. Model Color Changer (MCC) - Worked with Ariistuujj (ex. GFL dev) to change a player model color. It was used by GFL ZE 3 ~ 4 years ago but it's now deprecated private forked/modified version is in the ZE server. Zombie Leader - Original plugin is from Anti-teal, I added feature requested by Snowy, Nominate leader can make a ring marker at aimed position with +Spawn/-Spawn in chat Secretary Discord Bot - I made bot using Red-Cog Python API while I was playing MMO-RPG call Albion Online. Essentially bot is able to track/query any Guild Silver deposit & withdrawal. It's not included in this repo but I was adding a feature where it hooks into Google doc & spreadsheet & calendar with Google API to announce any guild event and management stuff but guild went to 💥 before finishing it. Entwatch Port to CSGO - This is forked/modified version of old CS:S ZE team made. I also added a feature for glowing effect around the weapon when player drop a item has been drop. 2. Private stuff - NDA with Snowy server manager of ZE. If you wish to see the code let me know I I will invite those who want to see it. Bosshud - The original plugin is done by Anti-teal. I've added feature to display boss health bar and hp on CenterText. ZE is currently using slightly modified version to track only bosses and fixes for recent csgo update. CustomStat - My biggest & ambitious project ever worked on it this includes: SM Plugin - In-game tracking of human / zombie play time, infection count, and item pick up count. It also tracks number of boss killed, leader, and top defender. The data is stored in MySQL right now. Simple cronjob program for Golang - Get the SteamID64 from DB and queries into Steam web api to get profile name and Avatar URL and updates back to DB. Website: Currently working on the design of the leaderboard website. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a reply here or my discord Loco#9024 Thanks! Hours/Week: 10 ~ 15 hours. Activity depends on my real life job
  7. You were told by admins and other players to stop talking about political stuff. Flaming&baiting others into political stuff No one asked you to listen your phone call Mute does stack Well since I realized last longest mute was 2 hours, I will be lowering to 1440 (a day) for now.
  8. Now can we remove Portuguese guy starts with L Anyway, big congrats [email protected]
  9. Since your ban is 4 yrs+ ago, I brought up to my management team to review your case. I can see they banned perm because admin thought you are ban evading and gave you perm.
  10. I banned your allege "brother" for hyperscrolling after warning and kick. To be honest the excuse itself are laughable and irresponsible. I think it's better to stay as it is since ban expires tomorrow. Also I'm giving you a warning that next time I or other admin see your "brother" performing hyperscrolling, it will be a week ban. If you have any question you can contact me via discord Loco#9024
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