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  1. Few questions to applicant since application is lackluster Anytime means you can be on the server with or without notice 24/7? I know you are admin in MG so I'd like to know how are you going to handle time in both server.
  2. Like Kaien said, haste has great attitude and courteous to others. Even though application itself is somewhat lackluster, I think everyone in our CSGO ZE community knows who he is. Good luck! Neutral towards +1
  3. -1 Only thing I'd like to say is that you failed reading comprehension so no
  4. Good day everyone! First of all, I apologize dragging so long for picking the winners of the contest to contestants But Congratulations to: @Mavis @Qahnaarin @Frenchy For winning the contest, I will be DM the winners shortly about the prize Here is the breakdown of how the points are distributed. Quick notes about points Community votes are from here, and they only make up 50% of it's the vote There are tabs for judge panel for point breakdown The Nomlist bonus is based on maps being added before Mar. 23 of 2020 I didn't judge two of the maps because I wasn't able to play the map during the map test; however, I gave 5 points for their efforts. For all contestants, thanks for submitting the map!
  5. Neutral I wont be changing my vote but I think you have supports from others Good luck!
  6. Well get some rest and take it easy!
  7. i need help

    Give us more detail on the topic. Are you not seeing in the server browser or somethin?
  8. +1 I think Sneaky pointed out all the positive stuff for me so I'm not going to make a long post about it. I think you will be very helpful in Asian hours ~ EU afternoon. Good luck from the other admins
  9. Try in console ignoremsg Until it says "Now accepting all text messages"
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