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  1. K I K O sounds familiar to you? well actually not sure now Lul
  2. Let me get that eviction notice ready
  3. VIP perks

    You probably have to ask one of our director to migrating the perk. Make a seperate thread in here https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/140-donation-issues/
  4. I'd like to say; you need to read denied and accepted applications before you apply as an admin. -1
  5. Hey Kaz, thanks for the suggestion for cstat I will take into consideration and add the features into it. Thanks!
  6. Neutral to Leaning towards -1 I just looked on your cstat time and it reports you only have: Which suggests that you recently starting to play again. I suggest you play more before you apply again
  7. unban request

    Please follow this format and re-appeal for your ban.
  8. Add onto Chewie, and what infra said in your admin app in surf timer. We have plugin for detecting bhop cheats, and you were using 1-tick strafe hack. I don't think this was an "unjustified ban."
  9. Well, I think you should've known that it is coming, since Vauff mentioned this in your previous mute: When it comes to punishments, I don't care if a person is intoxicated or has a disability. You had a choice to join the server and chill, and yet you made choices to talk over the leader and start arguing with everyone for no reason. As far as the length of the mute is handled according to our stack mute policy on repeated offenders. Also, I'd like to mention that you joined with your alternative account today, which I had to permanently ban your alt account and extended length of your main account mute to two weeks. @Im_not_ninjaI appreciate explaining and reason behind the mute, but it's inappropriate you argue in this post with him Also, if you are not directly involved with this incident, please stop shitposting. Thanks
  10. Neutral leaning towards +1 I've notice that you always try to help players with any questions while you are in the server and great mind set whenever I'm on the server. I think you will be great admin and I wish best of lucks to ya!
  11. Neutral leaning towards +1 Still finalizing my votes. I will edit or reply to the thread once I'm ready. Same reason as other admins
  12. @Lekspee pee poo poo also plays it You can hit me up for BR trio or squad Bnet Locomotion#1173
  13. n-word

    Yeah nice try but no
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