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  1. Thanks guys this is his wife. And I'm happy he has friends like you all!
  2. I hate to say this but as of now I am leaving Gfl but I will still be a little active on discord. I just got married and I got to get my life on straight but in the future I will come back or might not I don't know yet it may change
  3. I know I am no longer admin but provide a screenshot or a video
  4. Yes I have been inactive for a while now but when I get steady with everything going on like money and wedding wise I will get a computer again so I can resume my role as a admin but for now I will still be inactive for a while still but wanted everyone to know that I am not dead loves and miss you all. CAB SHALL RETURN SOON......
  5. It will only last for a day
  6. TTT Minecraft Ban Appeals ***READ ME***
  7. Please follow the correct format
  8. how did you get admin? And yes yes , the rules but did u actually get a sponser?

    1. CabGrassy


      Yea like forever a go man but I have been inactive since June due to my move but slowly trying to get a new computer to play again

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