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  1. Skadoosh STEAM_1:1:69680450 Won first 6 maps
  2. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/224-admin-applications/ Read through the FAQs and the Denied applications. Seems like people don't get admin for a few reasons: (1) not satisfying the requirements (hours usually); (2) not knowing the admin team well enough (get to know people and they will help you out); and (3) don't piss the wrong people off
  3. I've seen some talk on the Discord about trying new strats on Diddle. The first is the Big Dick strat, favorited by HotEverClear. I am not going to go into that one, but feel free to reply to this thread with the details of that one. The second is the Push-Wall strat, and a variation I like to call Tower Defense. Before we get too far and that haters say OG strat only, remember that this is a game and we are just having fun. It never hurts to try something new, unless its meth. The Tower Defense Strat For the last level, most strategies are the same up unitl the fetus boss (whether you have a diddlecannon or not) and the last boss (what items you use to defend and who goes in to fight the boss). The crux of the Tower Defense strategy is to hold the tower that zombies climb up and jump down on humans. If humans can get to the top of it, they can (a) shoot the boss with Negevs and (b) easily defend zombies coming up the two ladders. After boss is dead, use the pushes to clear zombies of the bridge. This strategy is based on a few assumptions: That zombies reaching the boss or end of bridge is not an automatic lose condition for humans. If it is than this strat is pointless. That humans can get on top of the tower -- should be easy with walls and push to hold lower until the top opens That humans can use push to clear zombies off the bridge after boss That jihad item cannot kill people through walls (e.g. on ladder below humans) or if it can, that a small heal can allow humans to survive it. That boss HP scales based on humans alive not humans going in (sTC says it is the former and my experience agrees) Items: 250 coins (correct my prices if incorrect please) LH (60 coins )-- alternatively three small heals (20 each?? -- first at normal jump down, second before fetus boss, last to survive Jihad if needed) Three Pushes (120 coins) Seven green walls (70 coins) The first part up until the fetus is the same -- doorhuggers shoot the tentacls, walls and push defend. Fetus -- just survive without the diddle cannon -- it is doable. Last part after TP to secret ending -- overdefend the building you come out of -- walls and pushes should be sufficient. Two pushes and all walls go lower path to secure the tower. Everyone else go upper path. Someone trigger boss fight -- once triggered -- use push to clear zombies and everyone get on tower Stay on back corner of tower and shoot boss/defend until over -- use pushes and walls as needed After boss -- use pushes to clear zombies off the bridge -- with the new boss HP, should be easy to conserve two pushes for the last run across the bridge. I think it would be fun to mix up strategies and try new ways to beat the ending.
  4. Map(s): ze_atos_v1_3 , ze_chaos_v7_4f, ze_roof_adventure_v8f (If not all three then at least atos and chaos) Restrictions/Limitations: None. Event Time preferred: Around 1 pm PDT (GMT-7) Others: Reward: get the rockmonster as a zombie skin for winning two of the three maps(if possible -- it is a zm item skin on atos already -- unsure how hard it would be to add as skin).
  5. I found this tutorial to be helpful: https://csgopedia.com/how-to-increase-fps-in-cs-go/ I also used -high in launch options to give csgo priority...think it has helped another one that goes in launch options: https://csgosmurfnation.com/cs-go-set-launch-options/
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