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  1. when are you changing your name back to saizy cunt

  2. I still want to show Saizy that I'm not worthless so I'll give this a try. See ya'll on Sunday
  3. Here's one of the first writing requests. This one is for my boy @Daystar who got writer recently. So, to keep him entertained, I'll give him a good one. Since you love Star Wars, write me a scenario similar to your Darth Vader one on mattpad explaining what would've happened if General Grievous didn't die. Have fun writing!
  4. Same as Saizy here, changed my point of view. But what do you want the people to do? They keep protesting and protesting, and it just gets worse. Even peaceful riots don't help. Sorry to say that, but this is the governement's fault. They don't take the matters into hands and instead, they let the police do what they did. Maybe if the governement took the riots seriously and fairly punished the officier, all this mess wouldn't have happened.
  5. This is inhuman. The police officer had no rights to do what he has done. According to the Civil Rights Act, discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin is illegal. The saddest is that the poor man begged the officier to let him go. For the riots, I understand the people’s reaction. Peaceful riots almost never work (except for the Quiet Revolution of 1960, I don’t know how that worked out).
  6. You got writer huh?




    Write a Liloz x Saizy fanfic  Congrats!

  7. To be short and sweet, I’ve been busy with my personal life in general, but now I have way more free time than I did before. Saizy recently inspired me to join this team.
  8. Discord Tag: Kaitsedd#4767 Timezone: EST, UTC-6 Why should you be accepted as an Event Coordinator? I want to see fun community engagement and meet new people. I always loved hosting events in other communities that people would thoroughly enjoy, and have a great time in. I have been wanting to apply for some time now, but now I have time to do a lot of events and help out the team with their events as well. The big driving force is just having fun and meeting new friends along the way to boost my own experience for the future. I am online and active on Discord and the Forums every day, I love working with other people on projects, I love seeing the community have fun, and ultimately I love planning out events. What events do you have planned? Valorant Competitive Matches Gathering four other teammates with microphones & playing Valorant with them while I stream it for others. Another good event is to have a Valorant-like tournament, considering the game will be free soon. Rust Building Contests Asking the community to build a certain item / building & based on community voting, the winner gets whatever the prize pool is or the top three winners. Sort of like a Minecraft Build Contest, where the host chooses what should be built within a timeframe. UNO Games There is plenty of phone & desktop applications out there to host a 8-way UNO card game between users within the GFL Official Discord. Livestreaming Disney+, Netflix & Hulu Movies Speaks for itself. Jackbox events Users can play on their phones or other devices and it's one of the best games to bring out a pack of fun and laughter and allow members of the community to get to know more people and tie relations Sponsor(s): (If blank, none.)
  9. The old Breach days, when we had the best staff team and players. Kite, Nicole, Ikus, Joker, Kaito, TheEvilGoat, Wraithviper, and a shit ton more. I greatly miss these days. Simple, but fun days.
  10. Good to see you back mate, hope the break helped you and your mental health
  11. diss
  12. I'm sorry to hear that, good luck with the rest of your life. We're all still your friends. 2020 really is a shit year man
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