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  1. It's really sad to see you go, even if I don't go on the server anymore. From the first week I met you I could tell you would be a great admin if given the chance. And, in my opinion, I was right. You were one of my favorite admins, up there with Muse, Time, Beaker, and Buzz. You were dedicated, putting a lot of hours into the server, probably the most constant hours out of any of the current admins. You were also pretty easy to get along with, in my opinion. I get feeling alienated from the rest of the staff team, and I'm glad you aren't forcing yourself to be a part of something that you no longer feel like being a part of. Take care of yourself Jesse! I'm (almost) always available on discord if you ever need to talk.
  2. "OmegaLUL" is a 50%/50% on whether it's going to be used in a rude/insensitive/immature manner or if it's going to be used to show laughter.
  3. It's not me, I promise. Knife? What knife?
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