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  1. I found your ban, it says you were banned for "Mass RDM" The admin who banned you was @LawMyl, I'll make sure they know of this appeal
  2. Title: Marker can't damage in deathmatch Description: If you die as the Marker and go into the spectator deathmatch, you can't deal damage.
  3. Ban has definitely expired idk why this hasnt been moved to closed yet-
  4. I have looked back over everything since then, a few times, sorry this is so late. I believe that this could have just been a misunderstanding, however, I am not too familiar with hacks, so I'm not completely sure. And, as this is not my ban, @Dragoon should look back over this and say what they think. It is possible this could have just been try-harding.
  5. I'm just curious as to what kind of music the GFL community listens to, so if you want to, share screenshots or a link to your playlist This is the playlist where I just dump everything I like into and then put on shuffle play.
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