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  1. Now thats better. Now they atleast have a purpose to exist 1+
  2. They seem too similar too Epsilon-9...maybe give these guys a different weapon or make them straight up immune too 049 and 610.
  3. Shooter Round Event

    Everyone would probably throw themselfs at the mtf....so they can become chaos...atleast i would.
  4. The scps should be hidden im my opinion. It makes it better if you dont know which scps are in the round. Also i like the old one better
  5. I would say remove Team Deathmatch...but Assault is one of the better special rounds i would keep it.
  6. 1+ As a halo fan i approve! (Even doe i wont be able to use it...)
  7. Bugs Thread

    This is not only the case for class ds. Other classes see him as an mtf in chat too. I just used these Screenshots as an example
  8. Bugs Thread

    There is a problem with the new CI researcher. If he types in chat his name is blue like a mtf. So if you type in chat as him you are screwed. Here are some Screenshots i took off him
  9. Bugs Thread

    I dont know if this has ever been reported but we had this game where i was 049 and i infected a guy. For whatever reason when he got infected he didnt lose his gun which was a glock. For the rest off the round he was able to use his gun ...but then he got locked into the control room. I took some Screenshot after i escaped. Again i have no idea how this happend...and i have not seen this before.
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