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  1. Hello, I am going to be lifting the ban on the primary account, but the second account will remain banned due to you evading the ban. If you are ever banned in the future make a ban appeal and do not go onto an alt account. I do not wan't to see you impersonating players again, get a name and stick to it. Your ban appeal has been accepted
  2. Are you fucking kidding me. I die to fall damage? I thought @Zero lowered fall damage a little bit.
  3. Firstly, your SteamID is STEAM_0:1:77670130 Secondly, you were supposed to create your own topic and not just comment on someone else’s ban appeal. Tagging @VilhjalmrF
  4. Hey there, you were banned along with 4 other players for forming a cult against “anime player models” After going back and watching the video of it happening, you weren’t as involved as I thought you were. In the future, please do not encourage this behavior in voice chat. Your appeal has been accepted!
  5. Mask Name - Pancake Jenkins Mask Image -
  6. The reason I picked the XS over the XS Max is because the XS Max was only $200 extra, and I just knew the XS Max had a better battery life. So I went with the Max. Looking back on it, I probably should have picked the XS due to my hands being small. I would have never picked the XR because it's basically the iPhone 5c of the iPhone X series. The XS and XS Max are more premium, and durable.
  7. Yeah I'd say it feels pretty full. But not full to the point where it hard to slide in and out.
  8. I got the XS Max like 2 weeks ago. And I am amazed by the performance. Firstly, the battery life is amazing. I’ve never had a phone with such great battery life. A single charge over night gives me about 2 days of use. (Sometimes less depending on much how I’m on it) Secondly, the camera is absolutely amazing. Everything is such high quality, and the portrait mode is cool. Now the question is, do you get the XS or the XS Max. They are practically the same, one just is bigger and has a better battery. If you have big hands then I say go for the XS Max. But if you have small hands like me, the XS probably would be a better choice.
  9. Hello! You were banned by @TimeForYouToGetAWatch Please wait for him to respond!
  10. Sick theme, thanks. I am going to unban you. Figure out where those concommands came from and fix it please. Just make sure those concommands don't come back. Thanks!
  11. You were banned for having custom client side concommands. Specifically Simple Thirdperson. Mind explaining why you would have these concommands? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777170516
  12. Banned

    Hey buddy. First of all, I warned you to change your name because it should be common sense that you don't play TTT with an unreadable name. A warning isn't even a big deal, so I am not sure why you made a huge deal about it. Secondly you were in fact using an aimbot. Here is my proof for that: And lastly, you decided to come back with an alt account: (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198971136527) which I also banned for Ban Evasion. So in conclusion, your appeal is being DENIED
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