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  1. Main reason is we're not inviting enough to new players as well as the rounds taking longer than necessary to end. If new players join and die instantly to Tesla or 173 then they usually have to wait 12 minutes or less to play again. Yeah the bans didn't help but I feel they were necessary. Also it's a quite complicated game mode for new players, so I feel that should be addressed as well, maybe simplifying the mode to make it easier for new players to learn/win.
  2. Sounds good but I want to have 323
  3. SCP-[Good Soldier] Team- TRO Abilities Functions as a tank similar to NU-7 A regular guard unit that has a rare chance to spawn but is incredibly durable. The unit can use all items except healing items. The unit is not capable of wearing a vest The unit has bullet protection equal to NU-7 however suffers no speed debuff using the regular walk/sprint speed of a normal guard. This unit will spawn in rarely as 1 enemy rather than a group task force. It will have its own special weapon Possible weapons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417856423 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=489217665 Health: 350 Speed: normal Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1231541239 Lore: TBA
  4. SCP-[Dark Magician] Team: SCP Abilities: Passive damage with an AOE similar to SCP-334 Right click primary heals the target SCP by 10 points Cool down for this ability is 30 seconds Left click primary will do damage only to gates and windows similar to 106 and 049 and won't hurt enemies. Speed: 939 Health: 800 Possible Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1288850120 The idea here is a healing scp whose defense is a passive AOE that hurts enemies, it's primary function is to help it's team by healing but it can also use it's passive to kill enemies. Lore: TBA
  5. Good Ol' Days

    Does anyone have a link to the commander spray thanks.
  6. Good Ol' Days

    Oh man I forgot about 035 as an SCP shit was baller OP. Too bad you couldn’t reload his gun back then
  7. Don't Disrespect RN I was there when it ended and it was the server that introduced me to Breach. Just because the Owner was a Madlad Does not mean his server was bad. Also the reason for getting banned for dropping vests was because the servers researchers and MTF shared the same player model. I think the server is dead now and I obviously do not support it anymore but hey first time bias. lol
  8. Me, Kaito, CD I dont see joker get on much and I don't really know him as well as you guys do.
  9. Also since im bored it might be worth mentioning RN and Last Bastion even though I never played on bastion I think these servers deserve big respect for promoting Breach as a whole regarding I migrated from RN. These servers are dead now because it’s survival if the fittest.
  10. *cough* me, Rave and [redacted] *cough* lol [Data Expunged]
  11. A new Hope Circa 2017(ish) - 2019(now) The new age was beginning although the past was a chaotic mix many new players still looked out to the future for hope. This was regarded as “a bad move”. Although two of the musketeers had seemingly vanished one stayed behind to help guide the new users in the right direction. The new disciples began to learn the teachings that three musketeers had left behind and this sprung about a mini age called “The Admin gold rush” here is where many staff such as myself, Ravelord, Sofics, Evilcheesburger, Nooby and many more became staff or admin after months of playing as normal users. This was good for two reasons. The first reason is because it lead to a slightly more active community and the second because the growing player base was finally begging to take shape and have enough staff to be slightly more secure against toxic players. So finally the servers future looked bright again. However this did not last very long because a new challenge threatened to end Breach. SCP secret Lab, many players flocked to the new Breach game arms wide with a passion entranced by its fancy graphics and Free price tag. Although most players seemed to never have played Gmod Breach, it was frightening to see such a large free game steal some players from the server. Thankfully It didn’t completely wipe the server out as many thought it would. Mostly because it sucked, but that’s not important. The server returned to “business as usual” with many non toxic people playing such as Mudkip, Myfu22, Astral Rouge, and many more. However later Rain gamma became staff and Indoraptor joined the game so, it balanced out. However things never remained calm because The very next step into the current age had only just begun.
  12. Sounds epic please enter me, I don’t have Don't Starve but a lot of my friends do!
  13. Nigger I was busy rip
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