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  1. Like @Leks said, I hid the post. If you have a issue with an admin or your ban, make a ban appeal and/or admin abuse report. Don't make threads complaining about it.
  2. My bad for not replying to this sooner. Your recorded jump stats show that you were using hyperscroll while on the legit scroll style. Since your ban ends sometime today, I'll just let it expire.
  3. Just like this thread, your ban appeal is denied again.
  4. 1v1 ban appeal

    You have a ban from 1v1 Arena attached to your IP (found here). I've moved your thread to the correct place and I'll tag @Angry to look at it.
  5. You were caught using strafe hacks by our anticheat. Getting stuck in a tree wouldn't trigger it, so your ban appeal is denied.
  6. Ban Appeal

    Pretty much what @Foley said. I've gone ahead and unbanned your account.
  7. Hi, You have a previous ban (found here) attached to your IP. Looking at both accounts, It's pretty clear that you tried to ban evade, so your ban appeal is denied.
  8. Unbanned as I didn't save your jump stats when I banned you.
  9. Ban Appeal

  10. Post any map suggestions that you have for the server here. Current map list: Last updated: 6/19/19
  11. Just apply for division leader, ez admin.
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