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  1. early 2018 the age of cancer has begun and come with it are cancer and toxicity at this age many gamer have come from a land call try hard ,they are mastery of bhop and guns to make life a living hell for the normie gamer here enter "Hyper" he wasnt a toxic person at first but slowly becoming one as his adventure in a land hes is used to with his fellow try hard hes have move on to discord and becoming friend with the staff member here joke have come here and there but they didnt expect him to become a chaotic evil person 5 months have pass and the dawn of summer is showing the server is pack with epic gamer alike .The cancer era has reach half way and still ever growing, this is the time the cancer side of Hyper has shown to every body in discord because of a foolish man name "Carthing2" he ask the man to draw "lambda" in french .Hyper done what hes ask but carth is feeding Hyper with Cancer and a pile of Cancer 1 month has pass and Hyper has evolve from comic to "art" to wtf is that and the primary source come from lambda pfp we are now in the current era and so much has pass and so many soul have Hyper break with his "art" to this current time and age
  2. Round base on scp 001 when day break Round set up: -only 1 scp spawn but the scp is buff slighty -at 8:00 and 2:00 timer instead of spawning renforcement it instead spawn in scp 001-a -scp 001-a when kill a victim they will turn the victim slowey into 1 of them (30 second to become 001-a) -you cannot go to the surface mostly because you can get kill and turn into 001-a -when the scp escape they can be respawn into scp 001-a but bigger depending on the scp they were -scp 001-a spawn in a group of 5 or 6 and have 500 hp each(can be lower) Round description You are the last few survivor of 001 and you are inside the foundation safely or so you think the light went red and there was containment breach due to the loud noice of the breach this attracted scp 001-a to come and kill you and turning you into one of them your goal is to survive the breach and 001-a, the world is in ruins and so the remaining people inside the foundation are friendly to each other including the d class and ci and your common goal is to survive do not shoot every person you meet but to shoot every creature you encounter model for 001-a: same as 610 (idk where to find it)
  3. hippity hoppity your plan are now mine :V (insert drunk time me with a drawing tablet)
  4. +1 because this is like my dad he said hes going out for milk and it took 2 mins but he ended up taking 20 year to come back with the milk
  5. ghost the gun is already shooting from 1 barrel so just nerf the tau 5 armor or the gun OR EVEN BETTER dont make them regen because as a scp that dont deal good of a damge it hard to kill the tau 5 if they want to regen make it 1 second
  6. clef the master of all female stripper do need the tau 5 shotgun +1 but for the 1 spawning tau 5 is luck base depending on the person is afk or not -1 but nerfing the armor for the tau 5 or the weapon should be a good choice mostly when they are only good at super close range and choke area mostly at the breach area but when you bring it to the surface and have a long range fight the chance of geting in a fight with an er-1 , a famas and krieg (famas doesnt do much since they have armor so it isnt in the list) and fighting 1 isnt fun when you are escaping an the tau 5 is spawning so my guess is to nerf the tau 5 armor or the shotgun to the point it fun to battle with one or you just end up a pile of flesh with a load of shell in you
  7. +1 mostly for the fact that you can turn an scp into a friendly mostly when your scp team just talking to you and then out of no where you just attack them thinking you are one of them
  8. the furry at this state is already op since the stun lasted for 1 second (the furry dmg is already high) and if you give these buff to it then every body in breach is becoming a furry now the only idea i like is to have a radio to hear(the wall hack would be great but that would lead to camping and fucky vison) but to break the glass is isnt in the scp reach since it can only harm the one to have the mal0 unless the glass is alive and have mal0 install then be my guess
  9. quick question what if your bald like sans undertale
  10. hippity hoppity the basement now has a creature that leark in it d boi and researcher beware REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE +1
  11. +1 sound good but how do hostile work ? like do they shot you or the mtf
  12. pretty much the first and the third one i argee and the rest is just shit and some are already in the game
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