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  1. Hello all. I am very sorry, but all current commisions will be put on hold for the next week. Unfortunately, I do not have enough free time to manage work and commissions, so I ask you to be patient for your commissions to be completed. Feel free to check this thread for any updates regarding commissions. Thanks in advance!
  2. @WarSadist Which letter would you like in your commission?
  3. @Mrbam No problem, I wish you luck in your efforts!
  4. @Mrbam No thanks. If you would like to deisgn artwork for other people then it would be a good idea to start a different thread and tell people that you are offering to make artwork for them.
  5. Dear @Mrbam, I'm glad you share the same enthusiasm as I do but may I please remind you that this is a commission thread. A commission is a request, and in this thread you may request a design with a custom background if you so choose to. In the future, please refrain from posting your own artwork on this thread, otherwise you may be reported.
  6. Made changes to commissions information. Check the original post for more information: Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello all! Welcome to my Custom Profile Pictures thread! COMMISSIONS Here you may request a commission for a custom profile picture. When making a commission, please be as detailed as possible. Your commission should include the following: - A background - Colours you would like to see in the picture - The text in the middle - The general style of the design - Any extra details you would like to see in the final design Please note that if you would like a custom background, you should say so in your commission request and attach your desired background to the post. Do not post any NSFW content as your post will be reported and you may potentially suffer from further consequences. WORKING HOURS All of the times below are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) format. From Monday through to Friday, I am available from 16:00 until 20:00. On Saturday I am available from 10:00 until 21:00. On Sunday I am avaialbe from 13:00 until 20:00. NOTICES Keep in mind that there are likely to be exceptions to working hours and that these will not be advertised. If I am offline or not answering, I may be occupied or away. If this is the case, please be patient and do not spam requests. This will further delay any previous commissions and cause an inconvenience for other people. Also note that commissions will take at least an hour to be ready after they are requested. If you wish to have a custom background, please attach only the one you intend me to use and please remember it is meant to be an actual background, not a design element. Another thing on backgrounds, using a custom background will take more time to implement and will not provide as much customisation as a pre-existing background. Below I have attached 2 examples of my artwork. When the commission is finished, I will PM you with the final design.
  8. Don't forget that Trump wants to casually deport 2 million Mexicans (let alone other illegal immigrants/what he calls "criminals") from the USA. Also, now that Trump is president, who knows what crazy shit he and Putin will get up to. Its too late now though. Trump already won. RIP America.
  9. Here's my theory on the matter: Trump tells Mexico he wants to build a wall with their money. Mexico refuses. Trump threatens Mexico and says he will invade if they refuse. Mexico refuses. Trump gets America to invade Mexico United Nations be like "nononononononononono." Putin says to UN "hey you can't say that to my best pal trump, oh hey look how one of my tanks has slipped into your country" Russia assaults UN headquarters. Select countries of UN retaliate and assault Russia. Putin accidentally launches the Tsar Bomba. Everyone dies. The End. Tell me how you think WW3 is going to start! THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!
  10. Is that the entire script of the Bee Movie?
  11. I dont have any favourite shows because there's never anything good on TV or Netflix