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  1. Walking But really my worst injury is when I fell and hurt my knee
  2. I disagree with this special being parallel with 173's. 173's ridiculous special gives you only one option to fight back with: jump, while this scp's special basically takes your weapon with a chance to run and wait for your stuff to come back. Using this special would also be different gameplay wise because 173 uses his special to move while this scp's special disarm a enemy if it is overwhelmed or needs a easy kill. I do see the similarities between this and other scps but there really are no other ways for one to attack without it being not fun to play as or being entirely overpowered. I also disagree with the "RAPIDLY CLICK TO KILL PEOPLE" statement as that's most scps that are fun to play as and even some you have suggested.
  3. +1 it has a unique spawn, ability, and adds another chance for players to be a scp. I also like the "b" option because it could add reason for him to stay inside the facility. If Xy does implement this using b I suggest for 3456 to have a bit more hp (1000-2000) because he could have a tendency to die more easily than other scps. Also, here's a model I found that might work: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1758192668&searchtext=centaur
  4. For this to actually show up it would need to be similar to 020. In the way that before the main 020 becomes 020 one scp is missing. Also, the speed boost special is way to overused. I'd +1 this if Xy decides to remove 020 and if 3456 gets a unique special otherwise it's just another speed boost scp most players would never see.
  5. http://www.scp-wiki.net/canon-hub
  6. Or they can just have those shotguns they had
  7. This would probably be hard to code but if it is possible then I'd like it.
  8. I've suggested that before but I'm guessing Xy scrapped it in favor of "realism"
  9. Correct, I am rarted. Also, you forgot yourself
  10. Well, I don't want those (except old 096) I just want the old guns back and less scps.
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