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  1. Would all the 05s have to be escorted?
  2. Most people don't like it and neither do I. It's just rather boring and way to long for its type because 106 can go in and out of the map. Maybe you can fix it by making the time 6-9 minutes to not making it so lack luster.
  3. Well I can't quote so, @Pizzy 2845 did not have his AoE attack until he was buffed, and he was still a different, special class. This is why didn't do a insta kill melee because he should use his main attack more unlike the current one. Although him having a longer count for his AoE is also fine. For the second one, I think this would be a excellent nerf for 378 because it would force most players to come out of their shell and stay in the shadows. Most players just rush everything as 378 which I never liked. This would add a new and fun way to play as 378 in my opinion. Now for number three, I entirely agree with you on this which is why I'm going to change it so that his cloak only goes off when he is stationary. I still think it should be changed because when I'm usually running to someone, trying to sneak up on them, the cloak turns off and they run off to safety. Lastly, number four. 0492 usually does not use this attack for combat, because it is rather hard to attack with, but when they camp, they insta kill. Now what would be a fitting insta kill would be only if a zombie sneaks up behind someone (like the spy from tf2).
  4. Currently breach is very unbalanced, which everyone talks about but never suggest ways to fix it. So here is some ways I think breach could be balanced along with other things. Weapons First off, all of the guns except the pistols should have the same damage reduction as they do with scps. To make gun fights possible and melee weapons have some worth. Second, the Negev should only do 3-7 damage because it is way to overpowered at its current state. Lastly, 668 should be buffed to make it more useful. Like how pizzy suggested here: Special rounds Remove 106's funhouse. Scps Make 2845's AoE timer be 5-10 Don't allow 378 to use his base attack in a body. (His health may need to be increased along with him being able to use his mic) Make 1799's gun do 30 damage. Give 457 a special attack like the one haxray and I have mentioned in previous suggestions. Give 049 a longer reach. Only make 372's coat flicker when he is stationary (His best skill is stealth, which gets ruined with the flickering. Lower 323's reach. Let players know if they killed 079. and that's about everything I got. If you know anything else that should be fixed or disagree with anything I said let me know down below.
  5. When I was a kid it was general grievous because I thought he looked cool (who isn't even a sith... I think?) then when I was REALLY getting into star wars, especially the legends one it was revan for me as well because I liked how he was kind of like a Jedi and a sith, and now I don't really remember anything star wars so it's pretty much just Vader because I like his backstory.
  6. 011 doesn't insta kill from a far distance from my experience with him
  7. Bugs Thread

    When touching a elevator door with some scp objects it kills you. No clue why.
  8. Will players who heard about a scp also see it on the scoreboard?
  9. They were always my favorite part of zs, they were like the "bosses"
  10. Loosely based off zombie survival because I haven't played it in over a year. Everyone on this round will be a researcher (1/4 of them will spawn with a random type of pistol) except some base zombies according to the number of players. 0-10 players= 1 base zombie 10-20 players= 2 base zombies and so on and so forth. Items spawn as usuall (including scp objects) and all of the doors except gates ,which will require a level 2, will not need a keycard. The round time will be the same as normal rounds and no one can escape. The three base zombies will have the same zombie swep as 0492 but have 600 hp and infinite lives. Once a player dies by any means they will respawn as a zombie with 200 hp and have seven lives. Each time a respawned zombie (so not the base zombies) dies, three have a chance at becoming a special zombie. The special zombies are 2521, 939, and 682 all of which will have 1,200 hp and cannot respawn after dying. All of the different zombies will spawn in 008's containment chamber. The researcher's goal is to live till the round ends and the zombies goal is to kill all of the researchers.
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