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  1. Just play breach and find it.
  2. I haven't played minecraft since 2016 , so this would be a legend by my standards.
  3. That sounds better but I wouldn't allow people to change their class because that might lead to people changing their class to avoid mtf coming or to kill someone who use to be their teammate. Maybe just give them nothing because it's 1:1.
  4. I have some questions about this. Will the the smgs and rifles have full ammo or none? Will the humans spawn with the stuff they were carrying at that time when they swap classes? You also can't drop 207 and I think the first aid kit's 1:1 and fine should be swapped, because the medkit is pretty op.
  5. +1 I like the idea of him being neutral towards d class and him being a fast scp.
  6. You were very helpful to the staff when you were on, glad you felt welcomed.
  7. I don't know why, but I thought this was going to be the mothman from West Virginia... Anyways +1
  8. Ahh, well if that's the case, if 860-2 isn't going to be a playable scp this would be the second best option.
  9. Can the sncp navigate its way through the forest?
  10. I got a massive pack by a guy named cpt. Hazama, but the 860-2 sncp couldn't navigate its way through the forest.
  11. I've suggested that countless times, but the problem is I don't think anyone in GFL knows how to code a npc
  12. +1 on the 027-2, no problems with that but your suggestion for 860-2 and strawberry's are both perfect in different ways and are impossible to choose from.
  13. I did this because he's broken on both sides of the round.