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    Main PC: AMD FX-6300 Quad Core Secondary: AMD Ryzen 3 1200
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    Main: EVGA FTW2 NVIDIA GTX 970 Second: MSI 1050ti
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    Main: 16gb DDR4 Second: 24gb DDR3
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    MSI Something
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    Main: EVGA 600 BQ Second: Thermaltake 500w
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    some old shit from dell
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    WD Blue 1TB

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  1. 1 - no spots, music shit 2 - fucking tiny 3 - not TOO bad, could be added 4 - no spots yet again 5 - could also be added yet no spots 6 - ^ 7 - no 8 - no spots yet again 9 - ^ 10 - ^
  2. @Booster s u p e r m a r i o g a l a x y y o u s a i d?
  3. Anime

    I've only watched one anime and it was The Seven Deadly Sins Pretty good Also this should probably go in off-topic / questions idk though
  4. or, let admins see through !sprays, all of the user's sprays.... somehow
  5. Didn't see that before, sorry
  6. I was banned last week for hacking on Minecraft. I admit what I did was wrong, and I severely regret what I did. I've uninstalled any type of cheats I ever had, and won't install them nor will I use them on GFL ever again. I also miss playing on GFL servers, especially Hide and Seek as there’s no other active HnS servers. Some day I would like to go on any GFL server and have some fun.
  7. Alt + F10 with nVIDIA GeForce Experience, saves last 10 seconds to an hour
  8. Hi, I think you meant to apply for member here! https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/
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