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  1. Bugs Thread

    This isn’t really that bad but it’s a bug so i’ll Say it anyway. People in DM can see 681 and his smoke cloud for whatever reason. (They can’t damage each other luckily)
  2. Nice list, but so you know Laggy is a neutral killer and will actively hunt D-class and I only shoot neutrals who shoot me first
  3. Sad to see you let your staff go and wish you the best of luck. I better see you on Breach every now and then though or I swear to everything.
  4. I might as well try. I was hoping to get more into l4d2 and what better way then to help people out. (Just like bae, was gonna apply at 25h, but oh well.) Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:164585656 name: cd326s
  5. I’m pretty sure they say in that document that they can only have like 3-5 d-class a month
  6. How did they see 372 if 682 knocked out 373?! HMMMMMM?!?!?!?!?!?
  7. Definitely a +1 but I think It should have a general cool down so you can’t clone your entire inventory and yourself in the span of 5 seconds. Or at least an item cap before a cool down, like it can only clone 3 or so things before a 30s break
  8. Holy shit Duc! Looks fantastic though. I guess a BIG Merry Christmas to you man.
  9. What more could he really do though? On a different note gas deserves a buff to damage and that little room NEEDS something for 079 to defend themselves with.
  10. I blew up 3 fucking times trying to open doors damn it.
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