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  1. Introduction Hi, I'm back on here today and wanted to voice my opinions on having perhaps another server to host another gamemode or otherwise using one of the two existing servers to host another gamemode. As some might know already, especially if you play in Europe, there are six other gamemodes besides free-for-all shootout and team shootout that you can play; Teamplay; Break Bad; Grand Elimination; Team Elimination; Versus and Course Mode. Out of those gamemodes, I personally propose on having a Teamplay, maybe a Team Elimination or even a Break Bad server but I will talk about all of the other gamemodes. Just to see what you think of them, if you've not played them before or if you don't remember playing them as many of you have most likely only played shootout. Just to break things down • Teamplay is basically a team based gamemode, it's a 2-team gamemode and the gamemode has its own maps to play on. Depending on the maps played, you as a team need to complete the objective before the enemy can or you need to take their ground to win. There are many fun maps which play gametypes such as king-of-the-kill, payload, tug-o-war and even a TF2 arena style map. Depending on some maps, there are class based loadouts while others let you buy weapons. On Titty Twister's servers, every map allows you to buy weapons of your choice. • Break Bad is basically a twist on 4-team Shootout where you have to get the most money as you can as a team, the team with the most money wins. You are disarmed when you spawn but when the disarm timer is up or if you buy a weapon, you can start killing people. An extra twist is that you're not allowed to attack disarmed enemies as this makes you lose money, if you lose all of your money from attacking a disarmed enemy then you get jailed for a certain amount of time which strips you of your weapons and prohibits you from buying guns until the jail time is over. The chests are replaced by buyzones which allow you to buy weapons at a discounted price but there are also other ways of making more money like whiskey zones, bounties and all sorts. • Grand Elimination is basically a free-for-all battle royale type of gamemode, you have to reach a zone and stay alive for as long as possible. The player who survives the longest wins. • Team Elimination which is 2-team gamemode, you play on shootout maps like you do in a normal shootout or in break bad but you spawn in different areas and need to stay alive but you also need to kill every enemy once. One of the twists of this gamemode is that you can respawn after being killed but this is to protect any of your teammates who haven't died yet in the round or to kill any enemies who haven't died yet without taking too many risks knowing you've already technically been eliminated from the round. The chests also spawn in Team Elimination which can be used to buy higher tier weapons to help give you a higher chance of staying alive. • Versus is a 1v1 gamemode and the majority of the servers are ranked. You're placed in different arenas with different players and with different weapons, both players in an arena are given the same weapon(s) for the most part. It's basically a duel gamemode which can be quite useful for practising with different weapons. • Course Mode is a teamwork based gamemode where players have to complete courses together while fighting off NPC enemies. There are even some maps designed exclusively for this gamemode because there were courses made for them. Players can also vote if they want to try a course again if they fail or if they want to play another map, players can also vote to play the next course when the current course has been completed. At the moment, there is only one dedicated Teamplay server in Europe currently, Titty Twister. There are a few other ranked Teamplay servers in Europe and a North American server but they are all barely played on, I also know that there is an Australian server but I can't speak for them because there is a ping limit for ranked, which is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to hosting a server while endorsing the global rank system. From the time of writing and note that I excluded any password protected servers, there are currently four Break Bad servers (3 from Europe, 1 from China), no Grand Elimination servers, three Team Elimination servers (2 from Europe, 1 from China), two Versus servers (both from Europe) and three Course Mode servers (all from Europe). I'm not sure if the popularity of a server has a massive factor regarding making a new server, but I do know that Break Bad was historically a popular gamemode back in 2015-2016 and the two GFL servers are currently some of the most popular servers - and have been since they were hosted almost 2 years ago! Regarding the ping restriction from what I can tell you, the ping limit is 200 from what I know and with the server most likely being based in North America East/Central like the two existing 4-team Shootout servers, it may mean that certain regions and countries part of a region could be excluded from playing. I don't know if this can be worked around because of how GFL's server network is set up (with multiple connection points set up from around the world) but I know that from the UK, I get a ping of 150 connecting to North American East and Central servers a lot of the time. As far as I know, that might affect a chunk of Europe, especially the Eastern part of the region including the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. It may more than likely also affect the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and to some extent, Oceania. If there is a possibility of the server being located in Europe however it will almost certainly guarantee that everyone from Europe, the CIS and North America can play, quite possibly the Middle East and Africa for the most part but it may almost completely exclude South America and Oceania. If you'd like to know about my personal opinion on the global rank system at the moment, I personally dislike it because it gives no very little incentive to do the objective in Teamplay. You basically drain points from one another so you get the same exact points from a kill that the person you killed loses, so as a result no new points are ever generated. Due to the nature of this system, you don't earn any points for doing the objectives but you do get additional points for killing enemies on the offence or from defensive kills. From playing on the Titty Twister teamplay server, a lot of people camp with sharps rifles or the less powerful carbines because it's the easiest way not to die and a lot of players are afraid of losing lots of points from one death, considering that you get a harsh point deduction as a highly ranked player if you die to a very low ranked player - especially if you get killed by a bow or a very cheaply priced weapon. From playing TF2, CS:S and CS:GO in the past on servers using HLStatsX like the current GFL servers are using, it might be possible to bring more incentive to players for doing objectives through that system if it's possible. I could personally vouch for having an unranked server but using HLStatsX as a ranking system if it means that it'll make Teamplay better. On the other hand, I think that it's fine for ranked Versus and Shootout because you only need to kill people and in Shootout you have to build up a high notoriety and build up big killstreaks to steamroll games but for Teamplay it's definitely not the best system in my opinion. I'm also not a fan of the ping limit either as it does restrict who can play obviously, there's also a speed penalty that gets applied if you have a dodgy internet connection or if your ping is quite high in general which is kinda bollocks. I personally cannot voice any opinions on ranked Grand Elimination because only two people are on the global rank scoreboard for it and neither of those two are me... Nonetheless I hope that it doesn't throw you off the idea of hosting a ranked server in the future too much, if anything, it's nice to have your say on things sometimes. Comparison of the gamemodes This big section basically weighs up the pros and cons of hosting these gamemodes on a server, some of them are probably really good for some while some might be really detrimental for others but it's just down to your opinion. The comparisons are just how the gamemodes work in general but they can also be applied to how they are played compared to a standard game of shootout. Teamplay + Can be played with global ranks on or unranked (which HLStatsX can make good use out of if you still want ranks but not global ranks. It would also work perfectly if it's possible to give players incentives for capturing or defending objectives but also winning and losing rounds - which the global rank system doesn't utilize much of). + Very competitive gamemode + Allows for a more teamwork oriented game, lets you work as a team to complete objectives. + Creates more opportunities for you and your team to make complex strategies that can be used to help you win games. + Contains a flurry of completely new maps which can't be played in Shootout and comes with various gametypes for each map. + Configs can be heavily modified for each map which can alter what factions are used on each map. It's also possible to modify the config to allow the map to run class based loadouts or the traditional buy system, you can also adjust prices on select weapons like dynamite, the Sharps and the Walker to help balance out maps better. ~ Depending on how everyone plays the game, it can be played at either quite a fast pace like in shootout or can be played at a much slower pace. - Global rank servers are restricted on what plugins are allowed to be used. - Global rank servers are also restricted on restrict who can play on the server depending on their ping to the server, I believe that players with a ping of 200 or higher are kicked from the server. Break Bad + Casual gamemode + Plays almost exactly like 4-team Shootout but the team with the most money wins. + Can be played on classic maps, already used on the two 4-team Shootout servers. + Players are able to buy/upgrade weapons at a discounted price from weapon chests. + This gamemode gives players more incentive to score higher by completing small objectives that come up. - Slower pace of gamemode to Shootout. This is mainly due to the nature of the disarming system. - No global rank support, I can't imagine it being useful in this gamemode either as it's such a casual one. Grand Elimination + Can be played with global ranks on or unranked (which HLStatsX can make good use out of if you still want ranks but not global ranks. It would also work perfectly if it's possible to give players incentives for surviving but also winning rounds - which the global rank system doesn't utilize much of). + Very competitive gamemode + Creates more opportunities for you to make complex strategies that can be used to help you win games. + Very fast pace of gameplay. ~ While this gamemode runs on shootout maps, not every map supports this gamemode. - Very little information available on global ranks, as only one round has ever been played as far as I know. - Global rank servers are restricted on what plugins are allowed to be used. - Global rank servers are also restricted on restrict who can play on the server depending on their ping to the server, I believe that players with a ping of 200 or higher are kicked from the server. Team Elimination + Competitive gamemode + Allows for a more teamwork oriented game, lets you work as a team to complete objectives and creates more opportunities for complex strategies that can be used to help you win games. + Can be played on classic maps, already used on the two 4-team Shootout servers. + Configs can be modified for each map which can alter what factions are used on each map. Although it's possible to alter the factions, it will still show at the end of the round whether the Desperados or Vigilantes won (or what faction is posing at them). There was a workaround for it but I personally don't know how to do it. - Slower pace of gamemode to Shootout. - Very infrequently played, unless used for tournaments (but personally I'd love for this gamemode to be played more often and experimented with). - No global rank support from what I know. Versus + Supports global ranks - the global rank system also seems to work perfectly for this gamemode since it only rewards points for kills and deducts points for dying. + Competitive gamemode + While the map is the same, the map is set up with multiple arenas which players can play against eachother in. + A decent gamemode to train your individual skill and make you more proficient with different weapons. - There are only three maps available for this gamemode. - Only supports duels and due to the limited space of each map, may mean that the server can only support a small amount of players at a time. - Global rank servers are restricted on what plugins are allowed to be used. - Global rank servers are also restricted on restrict who can play on the server depending on their ping to the server, I believe that players with a ping of 200 or higher are kicked from the server. Course Mode + Casual gamemode + A fun gamemode to relax with and have fun with mates. + Large variety of courses to play, including cart pushing, standoffs and survival courses. - Some of the courses can be very difficult with a small amount of players, nor can you have too many as it makes maps too easy. Outro That's all of the gamemodes summed up, let me know what you think! I hope that it's possible for another FoF server to be made with a different gamemode besides Shootout or Team Shootout. As I said, I personally propose for a Teamplay server to be added, preferably ranked since it would be awesome to have an international ranked teamplay server. I can however understand if that can't be done for whatever reason, funding, resources, etc. I can also confess that I partially made this proposition because I made a teamplay map which was granted ranked support, Dropdown, which you can download here (and I hope more people all around the world outside of Europe get to enjoy it to be honest). I quite also like the idea of potentially reviving Team Elimination and Break Bad but I'm not sure what everyone's vision is regarding those two. If anything, I assume that another US, potentially worldwide Teamplay server, will most likely be on the cards if this suggestion does come to play. Thank you for reading and especially thank you if you managed to read through the entire post as it took a lot of time for me to write this. Hopefully nothing has been missed out but if there's any questions or anything based off of this suggestion, just give me an ask and I'll try to elaborate on my ideas a bit more specifically for you :)
  2. @SkydivingSquid I appreciate your response and I'm happy to hear it. I've been through my friends list and got rid of about two thirds of them, mostly because I don't play with them anymore, they're inactive or they were throwaway accounts which got banned from CS:GO or other games. Thank you for accepting my appeal, hopefully the next three months go by quick so I can come back to fragging on the Fistful server. Oh and promise me, I won't be breaking any rules on the GFL servers any time soon
  3. Hello everyone, it's your lego bionicles collector here. Today I request an appeal over my ban from August last year. Introduction My in-game name is normally craZy_y0™ and my SteamID is STEAM_1:0:28825581. Upon googling my SteamID you'll find that I've got a massive record of past bans on various Garry's Mod servers possibly dating back as early as 2013 as I've been in a lot of trouble for messing around on Trouble in Terrorist Town servers and other servers alike mostly for mass RDMing. On top of that I also have a game and VAC ban on record for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as I shared my phone number with my friend a year and a bit ago but it doesn't necessarily mean I cheated in CS:GO, in fact CS:GO is out of the question as I've never played on GFLClan's servers in that game. Why I was banned So let's begin then. I was banned from GFLClan as I was aimbotting on the Trouble in Terrorist Town servers some time at the start of September last year. Backstory of this was that my friend came to my house and we hung out (we also had a few kopparbergs to drink while we were at it), but I also wanted him to install Garry's Mod cheats for me, the hack in question is called BigPackets. My friend decided what server to test my newly acquired cheats on and by coincidence it was GFLClan, knowing that I have previously offended on this server before. Talking about my previous conviction, I was banned about 11 months ago for ghosting with my cousin. I also attempted to appeal this ban as we thought the admin (WigglesWorth) was abusing his powers and I even made a video about it. You can see all of this in this thread. Going back to my ban, my friend set BigPackets up for me and I went on to RDM 3 players using the rifle with aimbot on. A little while later I decided to just play it safe for a couple of rounds while also calling out a traitor (because BigPackets picks up if players have T weapons) before I went on an aimbot killing spree to my ban. I did record the entire time I was playing on the server and still have the footage on hand if anyone is interested in me handing it over. Originally I didn't intend on using cheats on the server but I in a way used the cheats as an excuse to get revenge against my previous ghosting ban. Why I am appealing I am appealing this ban because I realized I made a massive mistake and personally I think that the ban was justified. However I wish to apologize for my actions and I'm sorry to those experiences who I've affected by my past behaviour, I promise I am a changed man now and won't be doing anything like that again if I do get unbanned. I also made this appeal because of the Fistful of Frags server that launched not too long ago, I have played on it before the GMod ban caught on and made it so I'm unable to connect to the server anymore. I brought up a discussion with Gramps about the Fistful of Frags ban as I was aware he banned one of my friends on the assumption of cheating (this has since been resolved I believe), however he had advised me to create this appeal in order to jump back into the action. Hopefully I'm able to backtrack and fix any of my wrongdoings so I can sort out and better my reputation with GFLClan. I personally feel like it has been a long time and I have no grudges against GFLClan, in fact the staff here have been nothing but friendly and helpful to me despite my past behaviour. I just don't want to sound like I'm being too friendly or apologetic to anyone here in order to be unbanned since appeals usually take place a few hours to a few days after the offense has been taken but I do genuinely wish to turn things around, I do want to start a-new to prove that I am a good person and not the person I was before. Outro If you've read everything, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read all of this. If you have any questions or if you want my video I previously mentioned, do tell me and I won't hesitate to answer. I wish to be given a second chance and hopefully I can be a role-model many can look up to. Cheers, craZy_y0
  4. Yep, I thought that was so. As shown in the video I didn't really pay attention to if anyone else was in the lighthouse but I saw Zero had a rifle when I started going up the lighthouse and I shot him down because I knew he was the guy who got them. I would've stayed with him a bit longer and probably called KOS on him if I planned on killing him but he would've probably killed me before I could do that.
  5. On Saturday 21st July 2018, me (STEAM_0:0:28825581) and my friend crowbar45 (STEAM_0:1:44997967) both joined the GFLClan TTT server. We were planning on playing properly but it turns out things went differently than we thought. To begin, I had originally gotten an autoslay from October by a guy called Zero (who was also on at the time of us playing on there) and personally I can't remember being autoslayed but it's oh well. I served my autoslay and we were both ready to play. We played the first round, stayed by the T tester house and I found a guy get sniped in the head, I instantly knew it was someone in the lighthouse or on the top but I decided not to investigate yet. Then crowbar45 got sniped and I found a guy crouched on top of the roof of the lighthouse (TheLegend27) and I assumed he killed them both so I called a KOS on him began to venture into the lighthouse to track him down but then I found Zero, the guy who had autoslayed me months before and I saw he had a rifle so I knew it was him who killed both of these guys earlier in the round since I also ID'd his body and turned out he himself was a traitor anyway. I later forgave TheLegend27 as I knew it wasn't him afterwards but in hindsight if I knew it was Zero who was killed them I should've called KOS on him instead, except I don't usually pay attention to people shooting from inside the lighthouse (only from the top of it where there's an open view). Upon killing Zero, he had reported me for RDM as he thought I had no evidence for finding out he was a traitor when I abundantly knew he was the one who killed both this guy and crowbar45 so I said that I saw him kill them with my very own eyes but he didn't forgive me because he had assumed I was ghosting with crowbar45 which was not the truth. We were in a discord call at the time but we weren't actually ghosting for eachother, it was then that the admin known as WigglesWorth decided to take action by handing us autoslays and later a week's ban from the server based off of what Zero had said and not allowing us to explain our side of the story. I was also recording at the time luckily so I do have full evidence on the situation in question and personally I feel that we were not treated fairly, assumingly because we had both joined at the same time and that I had a previous autoslay. It feels like that Zero and WigglesWorth together tried to find a reason to get us gone from the server as soon as I had killed Zero (rightfully on our own terms). I appreciate you guys for reading this, I hope something gets sorted out between us all.
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