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  1. ayy its shark lol wb
  2. When things should be going fast they feel slow and when I want them to be slow they go fast. Fuck time lol
  3. I still talk to him sometimes. He voice called me for the first time in awhile a few months ago and dude you wouldn't believe how not-squeaky his voice is anymore. He sounds like @Akris lol
  4. GFL Discord Afterhours. Being Deathrun manager and creating such a tight-knit group of friends in the staff. RIP the server. Returning to Murder after its reboot. Reminiscing about the old Murder. Becoming CA/Council for the first time. Pouring my heart out in my resignation post and seeing how much people cared. ❤️ And finally...
  5. is it that time again bois?
  6. where's the ban button
  7. Badges

    do you get half a star if you're a trial admin
  8. Badges

    those are some sexy badges damn nice job @queue
  9. My ban appeal

    After speaking to Soviet on this matter, I've come to the conclusion that he's struggling with his control of himself when it comes to following the rules. He doesn't have bad intentions, but his sense of humor and interests don't exactly conform with the rules of the server. He needs to learn to respect the rules of the Discord, and to control himself, and therefore personally I think it would be best to remove his ban but keep the restrictions that Wiggles suggested. Of course it's not my decision but I'd like to make it known that Soviet isn't some villain that is breaking the rules because he feels like it. @Soviet - You're apologizing, but still making excuses. I know exactly what you're trying to say but it also looks like you're using them to cover your own ass. Just own up to it and ditch the excuses and accusations. Even though you didn't mean badly, I still believe you're the one at fault here. Just stop incriminating yourself.
  10. ❤️ thanks fam congrats pyros and skittlez tho you guys were the right choice
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