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  1. Such is the cycle of GFL. Good luck in your endeavors! LUA was fascinating to me, too.
  2. It is now summer. 

  3. Congrats on murder manager!

  4. Nonmembers should be able to purchase some things, however they should be very minimal. For example the current Member models could have the price raised some and moved to User while a few better models are added to member. Having users be able to purchase things in the shop will make cosmetics feel more accessible (despite with member being free there are still misconceptions out there) and will look more appealing to the common player.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546524865&searchtext=black+rock+shooter
  6. I thought you were gone for good, Lemon.
  7. Plus, there already was a Murder discord server that retired that I still have in storage lol. It never was that active and there was little use for it other than server updates which we can post in the GMod Discord anyway.
  8. big facts also +1 everything on this list
  9. Please re-add this traditional playermodel. It was a staple of Murder in the old days and I think many would be happy to see it return.
  10. what the fuck took you guys so god damn long
  11. It's time

    make it happen bois round 3 is here
  12. ok cool

    welcome back buddo ❤️
  13. i came here hoping to see decent hype because i'm certainly hyped for it but glad to see my expectations were long ruined by the part of blizzard that likely had very little to do with Overwatch 2's production being consistently shit on for the hong kong thing which while yes, they overreacted, they took steps to rectify their mistake and why can't y'all just appreciate that they're still trying to make enjoyable content for Overwatch through it all? Also the PVP in OW2 was intentionally lesser than OW1. They're not trying to split the playerbase. OW2 is meant to be more of the lore side of things and backstory and the PvE experience lots of players, including myself, wanted.
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