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  1. ❤️ on it also welcome lad
  2. Murder Changelog

    (US Only) New maps in addition to Clue: - gm_construct - ttt_mttresort - zs_antarctic_hospital - zs_lastmansion_v3 - zs_castle_keep_snowy - gm_lasertag_arena (None have loot, that will come soon) (US & UK) New features: - Hitmarkers (both gun and knife) - a simple FPS booster (should increase performance when enabled) - Body camera has been fixed and shouldn't produce weird images where you can see your own neck but not head. - Don't have CSS? The knife texture will automatically download and install now (UK only) Features: You will now drown after being underwater for too long (Prevents camping).
  3. sadface but like you're not leaving i guess just F then at least ur sticking around
  4. literally never talked to u but u seemed chill so F bye
  5. Murder Staff List

    11/28/2018 - Added @tobyty1024 to Trial Admin (US only) - Fixed the steam signature tags because @Zero_ fucked them up - Tagged staff members with their respective servers
  6. Murder Changelog

    Added some link commands: (US & UK) - !forums (main forums page) - !discord (discord thread in this subforum) - !stafflist (murder staff list) - !changelog (this thread)
  7. Hello everyone! GFL Garry's Mod Murder has an official Discord server! Come join for server announcements, discussion, event notifications, and more! Use the invite below to come join the fun! https://discord.gg/Tz5SwDj See you there!
  8. the question is will you make it to 39
  9. thats what the us government wants you to think
  10. That'll be up to Ben so I have no clue
  11. I don't particularly feel a certain way. You seem decent but i haven't talked to you very much personally and your app seems a bit cliché. Overall I don't know how badly we are in need of forum mods (I assume not very, given the fairly quick coverage of most issues) but despite that, you seem reliable if we were to need you. You have a pretty good reputation it seems and your Server Admin status convinces me a little further that you can be mature and practical in the right situations. Neutral leaning a bit towards +1. Not leaning negative anyway. Good luck. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.
  12. wheres my ping faggito good riddancejk love u <3
  13. i think you mean please also i'm already gone and zero will be in a few days too so u may have to be patient there