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  1. ❤️ thanks fam congrats pyros and skittlez tho you guys were the right choice
  2. 6-man D.va bomb. ez clap.
  3. so uh ya boi is finally getting a job for my broke ass lol


    first job is gonna be subway feelsgoodman

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    2. Winter


      @RVFK @Akris come see me at the store and then we'll talk lmao

    3. Korowa


      Good luck Satan :)

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    4. Zexired


      I'll take a triple choc no soy large mayo


      GL with your job, congrats b.

  4. fucks sake not you too i mean uh welcome to the club old friend hope all goes well buddy
  5. Apology

    i've not heard a single person complain about you in all my time here. Hope everything goes better for ya buddy
  6. excuse me wot

  7. who told you that you can leave bitch anyway bye and welcome to the club lmao
  8. if this happens i'm literally coming back solely for that
  9. 1/5 chose purge over murder
  10. I'm not mad at all, buddy. Honestly your post almost made me cry. I can't fully leave after that. I'll be back sooner or later.
  11. psyche I didn't expect this day to come. I've been here with GFL for 3 years now and I've seen a lot of stuff here. Quite honestly, GFL has become my second family. That just makes it that much worse to realize what a drag I've become on the community. Everywhere I've tried to take a position has not lasted or had success. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do/did for the community. Every spot I had. But that doesn't mean I was a good worker. I've always had work ethic issues and I get distracted very easily. Between GMOD management, to Council, even to Discord and forum moderation. The effort has been inconsistent and the results have been low. Not an excuse, but school and other life reasons have also factored in. I've just been pretty busy on a close to daily basis and it's taking time away from the amount I could spend on GFL. I know I said I was only resigning from management, but I've been reflecting on that and I think it's only best if I leave my position as Forum Mod as well. I need time away from the community if I'm going to come back. Which I guess I have seen a good number of people leave and come back, so I don't know if I will. Maybe. As of right now, the plan is to not come back, or take up any position again. But there's no guaranteeing it'll stay that way, so weh. Take it for what it's worth. Honestly, the biggest reason I'm deciding to do this has just been motivation. It's going away. I poured a lot into the community and I don't feel like I got much out of it. I made a lot of great friends and had a great time, but overall I haven't reached the goals I set for my positions. It's been failure after failure and it's frustrating and wearing me down. Now that I have even less time to spend here, I just can't continue now. My second wind has fallen short and I just can't keep going. I'm sorry to everyone I let down. I'm as frustrated as I'm sure you were. I have new goals. I've been crazy into Overwatch lately and if the stars align I want to one day join the Overwatch League. This is the most drive I've had for anything in a long time. Freeing myself from my positions in GFL also will give me more time to focus on practicing and getting better for that. It'll take a lot, but I've been thinking about it for quite some time now. Any of you who follow OWL, maybe one day you'll see my name on those roster lists. Who knows. I can only hope. I'm going to try to stick around in at least Discord. A lot of you have become my great friends and I don't want to leave any of you. You've all been too nice to me and I'd miss you guys if I left entirely. This was part of why it was so difficult to make the decision to leave in the first place. Love you all. Thanks for all the great times. Yes, I'm making a ping list. I'll save y'all the space though. Much love. I'm sorry. But most of all, Cheers everybody. ❄️
  12. ban appeal

    Looks like a done deal. 🔒
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