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  1. Murder Staff List

    2/15/2019 - Added @Pancake Jenkins to Senior Admin - Removed server specific notations from all Staff. Each staff member will have staff on every Murder server.
  2. i'm very confused who summoned me
  3. no my point was that he advertised them as new and improved features lol. they were on the old server also DR files on murder what EDIT: oh you mean the spectator shit. we fixed that a long time ago lul
  4. unfortunately yes i would help but my last run with the gamemode burned me out so badly i don't know whether i'll ever be able to go back i'm surprised it's being rebooted so soon but i wish dralga good luck. maybe i'll be back sometime EDIT: also i just thought i'd point out that we had win stats, map completion times and button claiming on the old server lol...
  5. compa is good fuck off like some of these tho
  6. (Forums Only) Neutral. Haven't really kept up to speed with you or what you've been up to on the forums. Will keep watch in the coming days. Inclined towards +1 just from what I know about you, and how you can handle people. Good luck.