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  1. Tried the !stopsound in game and my game isn’t lagging as much anymore! Not sure if its directly related but thanks dudes
  2. My laptop is relatively new only a year and a half old! Thanks for the recommendations @Vauff will try them out in game! @Rune here are my computer specs they're pretty good for running csgo imo 😀
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had tips for boosting fps on zombie escape servers? I'm averaging like 30 rn in huge gun fights and its just dreadful at the moment. All my video settings are as low as possible already and no apps running in background. Any suggestions guys? Thanks! Best Regards, Shine
  4. Ze_Ardeca

    Looks cool! can't wait to try it out on the servers
  5. SEASONAL/HOLIDAY EVENTS WOULD BE COOL. Halloween coming up, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!! If there are ZE maps that are consistent to the relative season/holiday should RUN THAT SHIT FAM Rewards? How about a skin also relative to the holiday/season?? Ex: Chirstmas -> Santa Clause skin
  6. Dig the determination my guy. You will be one of the best in the game when you git gud future legend @zombielover69
  7. Bizon easily with that clip size & fast reload
  8. Right now would definitely be frostdrake, the korean one, or convoy!!
  9. After giving it some time I like the update overall. Personally I just see it as an aesthetic upgrade which is nice on the eyes. HOWEVER I don't like that the scoreboard and text seem to be smaller than previously wondering if there is a way to change the size from a setting or console command. Also need to get rid of map votes when a map is done like why tf have the option to "vote" for Dust 2 on zombies server lmao. Sure that will be fixed soon.
  10. Hello GFL community, I have been playing the server for around a week or two now regularly and noticed that playing as a human gets monotonous seeing the same master chief & public officer all the time. I believe the addition of a wider variety of human skins will both increase player satisfaction with the server & increase revenue (Donator/VIP only skins). As example imagine playing alongside Goku, Batman, Darth Vader, Sailor Moon, Solid Snake, and more (Examples below)!! That sounds absolutely AWESOME!! *Note I did not make these skins nor do I own them, pics are referenced from a popular modding community see more here! --> Custom Human Skins Already Made Best Regards, shine
  11. Oooo blast from the past & there used to be a radio station on zombies? LMao OG
  12. Yo this is dope as fuck ‼️
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