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  1. Another ff event? I need to find out who had this idea so I can eliminate them...
  2. I am skin ready Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Still_Hot/
  3. Guys, In all seriousness, we need a P90 buff
  4. The top defender does have a use, you can spam in the text chat without the chat stopping your messages from going through. I was top and was testing my binds and the chat was fucking FILLED with my messages. I was so close to getting gagged 0.0
  5. lasers on both final levels monkaS
  6. Now do it in Perth, Australia with an average of 270 ping Insta-Kill lasers do not make a map fun, mako fags. - This post was made by Australia Gang
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Still_Hot/ Won Hell Escape And Halloween House
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll see to it that the story is edited and made better.
  9. In the beginning, there were elemental drakes that ruled over all the lands. They enslaved humans and forced them to build huge structures in honor of their beauty. Human life had to be balanced however, and thus the zombies were created to hunt down and end human life, turning each human they came across into a zombie. The elemental drakes protected them from these zombies using their power in turn for their loyalty. However, the humans revolted, led by the powerful philosopher Socrates who had just discovered Firearms to be used against the drakes and the zombies. They went to each drake structure and hunted down the drakes mercilessly. They ended it all with the great besiege of drake lord castle, ending the drake lord’s life and thus, signalling the end of the drake era and the rise of the humans. Later, Socrates absorbed the power of the drakes and made his own realm (the truth realm), his projection into the mortal realm being Santa. Socrates, being alone goes insane, mad with power and as such, he destroys the king of the savanna, Mufasa through the form of Santa, causing Simba to launch an attack against Santa with the humans who once defeated the drakes. The humans end Santa’s life and create a portal into the truth realm, the home of Socrates, ending him once and for all and destroying his home. However, this releases the drake souls and they seek great leaders, being bestowed onto Kim Jong Un, leader of best Korea; The minitour of the eternal grove, the diddle dick, and the snow titan. The diddle dick used his power to create the diddle realm, ruled over by 6 portions of his soul, all coming together when they are defeated, showing the diddle dicks true form. Kim used his power to create a legion of loyal soldiers and to build North Korea into a great international superpower. The minitour used his power for the grove, giving it everlasting life and the snow titan used it to build an entire continental mass known as “CastleVania.” The humans now needed to hunt down the remnants of the drakes sending teams all around the world to kill the gods. One team sailed to CastleVania to end the snow giant’s life. Another marched to Korea to end the great leader’s life, using deceit and by posing as his friend. Using special portal technologies discovered after Socrates death, a team was able to teleport to the diddle realm to end the life of the diddle dick and the final team went to the eternal grove to destroy the minitour and banish the drake souls from the universe once and for all.
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