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  1. yeah ik just yet to here back of it. just hope its not neglected.
  2. I mean I have a couple of theories. Number 1: There coming... probably never or Number 2 what do you guys think? .
  3. THE AFK GOD IS AT THE BOTTOM THIS IS COMPLETELY INACCURATE!!! AFK round delayer haxy is at the bottom this is completely accurate.
  4. MTF skins would work like a CSGO counter terrorist like urban, special Ops skins? If you love anything in this world anything AT ALL please do not suggest anime skins. Long story short used to play a codename cure server that added a pokemon skin as an "update" and this was basically what happened.
  5. Was talking about the default chell not the blocky one. Though tbh only real suggestion please do not add anime characters. You would not believe the amount of Bill Nye and Micheal Moore PMs there are.
  6. originally gonna make a verbally ironic shitpost but guess now its a legit question. I remember at some point seeing suggestions for Chell, Gordon Freeman and Donald Trump as D class. Now I'm curious if any those would actually be added? Also if anyone could had links to those suggestions.
  7. *inhales* This is an extremely well done post that demonstrates in full detail the psychological state of breach when 035 was on the SCP team and dares to bring new frames of reference and on the server. It gives great insight into our own very existence and acts as a mirror of some of the hardest concepts we grasp in life. yes it does bring back memories jokes aside tbh.
  8. same here mostly its just sniper rifles, rpgs and one-shooters practically a gold mine for camping and cheese. yeah your more then likely right though the g36/scar could double function as a carbine. i feel like were gonna stick with csgo guns for a year or something and then a new coat of paint like cw2.0 or fas will appear overnight.
  9. is the lasagna made of evil cheese burgers? but anyway +1 joke or not
  10. DAMN IT SHUTUP ABOUT THE GUNS Anyway, So had the opportunity to talk about the idea briefly with a couple of people and was wondering if the idea was reflected here. The idea being being a silenced semi-auto assault rifle for breach with good RPM, that did roughly half the damage of the SSG08 One that would balance with the AK-47 and Volk in DPS. SHOULD CARBINES BE ADDED TO BREACH? example of the idea
  11. +1 but holyshit haxray this many suggestions?
  12. Suggested Stats: Seems balanced, yes image is altered I'd encourage everyone who said yes in the draft and screen cap to vote: @Supreme leader 049 @Ikus @Mr Z @Dominick @Maximino007 @Hunting4r2d2 previous post:
  13. Step 1) rename it fortnite Step 2) Bring Back a Gun an semi-Infamous Gun! Well step 1 might never get done but step 2 might be done. SHOULD THE KRIEG COME BACK TO BREACH IN A DIFFERENT FORM? made by the same author mind you
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