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  1. same here mostly its just sniper rifles, rpgs and one-shooters practically a gold mine for camping and cheese. yeah your more then likely right though the g36/scar could double function as a carbine. i feel like were gonna stick with csgo guns for a year or something and then a new coat of paint like cw2.0 or fas will appear overnight.
  2. is the lasagna made of evil cheese burgers? but anyway +1 joke or not
  3. DAMN IT SHUTUP ABOUT THE GUNS Anyway, So had the opportunity to talk about the idea briefly with a couple of people and was wondering if the idea was reflected here. The idea being being a silenced semi-auto assault rifle for breach with good RPM, that did roughly half the damage of the SSG08 One that would balance with the AK-47 and Volk in DPS. SHOULD CARBINES BE ADDED TO BREACH? example of the idea
  4. +1 but holyshit haxray this many suggestions?
  5. Suggested Stats: Seems balanced, yes image is altered I'd encourage everyone who said yes in the draft and screen cap to vote: @Supreme leader 049 @Ikus @Mr Z @Dominick @Maximino007 @Hunting4r2d2 previous post:
  6. Step 1) rename it fortnite Step 2) Bring Back a Gun an semi-Infamous Gun! Well step 1 might never get done but step 2 might be done. SHOULD THE KRIEG COME BACK TO BREACH IN A DIFFERENT FORM? made by the same author mind you
  7. *Doesn't See Mario Maker In Your Games List* Crappy Jokes aside do you plan to get smash?
  8. Time to Obsess about something meaningless yet again! Well Just Wanted to Thank Everyone for the feedback Yesterday. Thought I'd present three possible solution suggestions to some of the problems facing the new CS:GO in breach. FIRST IDEA When Killing SCPs we sure as hell didn't use guns. We would just wrestle them to the ground with our bare hands. I used to kill ten-twenty a day, just using my fists and Energy Weapons. So Yeah This is largely based on what @Xy_ said in previous post. SCP WEAKNESSES Blunt Objects: Crowbars, Stunsticks possibly taking 120% damage. Why 120%? Cause you actually have to get close to The SCP meaning The crowbar would do 30 damage with Stunstick doing 48. Second Part to this is Energy Weapons to Humans they do ordinary damage Though SCP only resist by 1/3 or 1/4 instead of 2/3 for normal Weapons. A Great Example of this is the AR2. Why not give NU-7 the AR2 (OSIPR) back? If implemented the AR2 would do 27 damage per shot against humans but 18 (2/3) or 20 (3/4) damage to SCPs. Using the hypothetical resistances decreases for energy weapons. Pros: Fixes one of the problems mentioned in the previous post to a degree Kinda Nice Looking TBH Cons: More Shit you have to download Get ready for favoritism SECOND IDEA Largely based on comments made by @Cpt.Haxray Largely This Ideas Centers making the shotguns stronger and adding some stronger weapons that are in the present download. Namely Buffing shotgun damage or some stronger weapons. That's 13 damage per shot point blank to a SCP or 40 Damage per shot to a human and is Easily Out performed by Some Pistols for DPS. Why not Increase the Output to 13 x 6 so a point blank shot would be 26 SCPs and 78 against humans? It would put in on par with some of the smgs/rifles for DPS. As for Stronger Weapons why not a non-reloadable like the R8? FEEDBACK APPRECIATED Pros: Don't Have to Download more stuff Possible Great Anti-Camping weapons. Cons: Possibly Great Camping Weapons Problems post:
  9. @Xy_ Yeah a more effective energy weapon would do the the trick, I presume ER1 that was previously in breach or possibly to include higher damage weapons. As more effective weapons against scps and higher damage weapons were actually going to be a suggestion I was going to make but energy weapons sound like a great idea. A higher damage weapon at the cost of stability and RPM:
  10. Time To OBSESS about something meaningless! Anyway so I made a SP (shitpost) a couple of months ago about a objective scp tier. So I decided to the same sort of things with the guns this time except it's not a shitpost, mostly. rather an actual list of best overall weapons based on the "bar" and overall output of the weapon. So anyway the guns for breach got replaced two weeks ago. While some of the overglaring issues regarding the smgs/rifles such as power, rpm etc. were resolved in the wake of the new guns some more were added. As some guns on the surface seem balanced though some are now are actually weaker than there predecessors. A weakness in strength if you will. For example the glock while more powerful than the previous one by a factor of over two actually now as a whole is overall weaker for DPS, RPM and stability have been reduced from a 84 DPS, 480 RPM, 83% stability to 60 DPS (for scps), 360 RPM (effectively), 60% stability. Btw None of these guns for breach are bad (unlike the previous smgs) though some are stronger than others. It's not just the Glock but some other as well more notably the Deagle. Have recieved nerfs with the new update now that scps only receive 33% damage, 18% apparently for SH if armor is stacked on meaning it could take up to 21 bullets to take down a single SH unit if SH armor does indeed stack with SCP bullet resistance. Thus maybe it could be fixed by giving some semi-auto weapons a higher RPM so that they match their previous counterparts. Anyway Best Guns, Based on stats (bar) Detail in Weapon Stats Pistols Highest Damage: Deagle (obviously) Okay Overall: P250 (27) Good Overall: Dual Barettas (29) SMGs Highest Damage: UMP45 Okay over all: MP7 (32) Good over all: PP-Bizon (38) (probably best common weapon, come on lets be honest) Rifles Highest Damage: AK-47 Good overall: AUG (39) (very high accuracy for a full auto) Okay Overall: Galil (32) Also cause a couple of people asked about I decided to make a list of the Weapon stats. List Of Weapons Stats: https://justpaste.it/1qqbk FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED
  11. alright well thanks for answering my question was a bit confused on the matter. Was just wondering if there's anything else I'm missing?
  12. Title unrelated (originally a shitpost) Well anyway thanks to @Supreme leader 049 for letting me know about this. Anyway yeah so according to the breach admin list by @Kite9867 https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/19777-breach-staff-list/ Im listed as an admin though operator in game. Not sure really what to make of this was wondering if anyone had an answer thanks.
  13. @MrNoobyNoob Thank you for your answer. Yeah I was just wondering and hadn't really gotten a clear answer until now.
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