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  1. @KaitoKiriyama yes that's why I had said 45,55 damage leaving it open to interpretation. I left as possibly neutral to d class as 1111-1 is hostile towards all people (including d class) only becoming calm once give a directive from 1111-2. @Hunting4r2d2 I agree with that it's filled with untapped potential though this scp would be much closer to tearing apart d class rather than tagging along with them it was just calm to one specific one in a specific instance and could though it could be reflected in its game play.
  2. SCP-1111 The White Dog art by Dr Sammy SCP-1111 Concept SCP-1111-1 stats Health: 600 (+ or - 300 base hp) LMB: inflicts (35, 45 or 55 damage if instakill is to OP) RMB: "teleports" please read notes. Spacebar: Jumps high possible passive ability: + 1 hp/per second possibly neutral towards d-class. RMB notes: Apparently 1111-1 has the ability to reform next to 1111-2 or any near target if it gets to far away from 1111-2s site. Teleport would either have 5 to 10 second cool down or be similar to 2845 in that where 1111 will go to is easily visible with 1111 going to the desired place after a few seconds delay. trying to be creative with pre-devloped sweps player model 1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1418525979 player model 2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368927958 both can be made white unable to find a high-quality white dog PM ______________________________________________________________________________________________ why this scp? This idea came about as most scps are slow moving tanks with some having short speed bursts when a particular criterion is met. MTF and would-be campers would frequently approach these tanky scps and often unload on them with little effort due to their low mobility. With scps often having 1k+ health left only to fall at the behest of a horde at the gates. 1111-1 would need to be unloaded upon frequently in order for it to fall. SCP-1111 would be the inverse of a tank with mobility being its highest aspect and with its health being low. Other SCPs do have mobility on their side though it's to the point were they end up either having to fall behind the tanks or be taken out quickly by MTF. For a fairer comparison if SCPs are supposed to be TF2-like classes in concept, 1111 would be probably be closest to a sniper if it's RMB is implemented. As it could jump and go to a target if well timed. Would function as both an offense and support scp. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary & Log 1111-B summaries SCP-1111-1 is a dog-like SCP that exhibits unusually superior strength for aa canine when near scp-1111-2 (A hanged man). It is able to run at very high speeds, jump several feet and even bite throw metal plating. All attempts to neutralize scp-1111 have failed either due to it either being translucent and/or its apparent regenerative ability. scp-1111-B states that a D class was able to come within 50 meters within of scp-1111-2 "welcoming" the d class apparently. Outside source states d class was successful in making contact with 1111-2 with 1111-1 showing friendliness though was torn apart by 1111-1 after 1111-1 was shot by the foundation. ---------------------------------- the initial idea was that 1111-2 would be playable using 457s player model and be able to pull a 1111-1 out of spectators making the two a duo was scrapped as 1111-2 would not be as fun to play as. ANY FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED
  3. ive seen this one before it can navigate but is a lot better if given node points
  4. @k2nod thing is I already did this joke before and previously it had had a very positive reaction so I decided to do it a 2nd time a few months later. scripted shitposts are really a hit or miss tbh. Im done with scripted shitposting.
  5. sadly not. what has happened to everyone really. I mean you use to be able to a well scripted shitpost at the cost of your own self expense. now everyones just defensive
  6. @Bae You do realize this is a joke right? I thought that was apparent with the sheer absurdity of the post. I mean come on only a complete moron would actually think that's it's because they're racist.
  7. Привет, once again comrades, Why is GFL still racist one may ask. We’ll here today I am to answer that question the best the glorious state will allow me too. Before we dive into the vitriolic bigotry that is GFL he need to address the scp-2683 in the room. That’s right the exact reason as to why GFL is still racist. Is GFL still racist because … A. Racial Slurs are used constantly for a quick joke B. Strawberry makes cringe-worthy suggestions & shitposts C. Furries haven’t been gased yet. Furries and the BDSM groups have yet to be represented well in all servers. Or D. Because 860-2 would have generic and/or hard to implement gameplay. 860-2 has not been implemented because his leaves are pink. If you guessed A you were right… -ly wrong!!!! you were wrong no it’s obviously B D. Why D you Racists are still asking? Well to educate you nazis it’s can all be summed up in less than six degrees of separation Yes that’s right! GFL is still Racist because it doesn’t have the color pink in it’s breach server. One of you idiots may ask. “Hey strawberry there isn’t any pink in any of your post” I would then tell you to shut up and knock your sorry-ass on the ground and say “bitch I’m the physical embodiment of pink liberation. You are nothing compared to me!!!” Becoming the Gaming Community equivalent of China would not be enough to contain all this racism. We need something better. Something much more personal. Everyone of you racists needs to be treated like Phil. All you Gaming Supermacists are going to get Aqua Philled!!! Who is Phil you may ask? Well you see , as a Child, I had a cat named Phil. Like all cats , Phil was a loyal friend. If he was malnourished , Phil would’ve been loyal to our cause. If we had struck him, Phil would’ve been loyal to our collective Only when the GFL member can make that claim will he take his place in a gaming utopia. Phil died for some unknown reason when when we attached jumper cables to his nipples and turned the car on BUT!!! he did it for the greater good.
  8. @motorsteak knowing you and your shitposts is this a genuine goodbye OR
  9. @Mr Z son, we don't kindly to you lore/game friendly types around here. In all seriousness no it's actually implied that 860-2 is able to leave the forest at the 13:00 minute mark being stuck in the forest as 860-2 would just be boring as a player
  10. @Doomnack No actually go head why because the more suggestions there is about this scp the better. The appearance of this scp in form is more than satisfactory.
  11. so could that be fixed by say by making it like a 053 & 682 thing or just leave 860-2 as is if not previously because it would be a damn shame to not see this scp in-game
  12. https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/35540-scp-860-2-suggestion-redux/
  13. PRE-CODED* PLAYABLE 860-2 FOR GFL BREACH REVISION * everything in blue in not precoded So I wanted to first wanted to @Ralsei for the feedback. Any feedback is appreciated So I went through 860s files and found out quite a bit more about it. Apparently those who return are in an advanced age of state. Though apparently 860-2 apparently is "docile" in-game at first and apparently has listened to see specific site staff (Agent Uzimi Junko) and has been given the name the "guardian" is one of the few "welcomed" for this SCP. So I ran with idea. FERAL SCP-860-2 SCP-860-2 starts off as feral. It has the same coded health, damage input and is on the SCP's side. It will emit an aura that causes an advanced state of aging to hostiles. Causing them to grow older or tired while this happening it's encounter music is heard to alert the hostile player of this. FERAL SCP-860-2 STATS HP: 1453 (primes) LMB: 37 damage RMB: Sprint for 5 seconds (10 second cool down passive abilities: aging aura slows down hostiles by 20% and induces bleeding after 3 seconds Reload Key: Makes teammates +20% faster for 10 seconds At the 8:00 minute Uzimi Junko as a good chance to spawn in and is able to tame 860-2 if mtf spawns she can tame Scp-860-2 to it will either A) go back to it's forest and give the foundation d class the 10 points. B) Tame 860-2 so that is reverse it's effects and becomes allied with the foundation or D class if they obtain the item Uzimi Junko is equipped with seeming them as "welcomed". A true neutral. Tame SCP-860-2 STATS (only if B) HP: Whats Left LMB: 32 damage (composites) RMB: Sprint for 5 seconds (10 second cool down) passive abilities: induces healing after 3 seconds friendliness is marked by a green glow from