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  1. fix medshots, it says I have 1022 but I don't it makes me sad
  2. Majora's mask being a purchasable mask cus it'd look dope af and there isn't really any combo with the Hat & Trail to complete the set. Also, the gold bunny mask isn't gold...?
  3. free to play!

    I will be purchasing the game later this week!
  4. OH SHIT
  5. I said a few hours. But with the second idea the preview one, i think is far better as it doesn't loan out the cosmetics, only shows them temporarily.
  6. free

    i might try it out ;3
  7. with this, a preview button could be used; allowing people to equip the item for a few hours (This can only be done once per item) Kinda like how you could preview items in tf2, it would allow you to take a weapon you don't have for a week to get to see how it's like before you purchase it Ooooo What if in the inspect state, the menu would pop up, and when you selected an item to purchase (a hat), when it asks for the conformation of the item, it equips it to your player to show you how it looks. OR When you select an item you get an option *Preview* *Purchase* ^^ with the idea, i'm kinda thinking like in the lego star wars and indiana games, you could always customise 2 players, you can see what it is you're equipping (idk if that helps)
  8. st4ck is actually insane lol, you can see steam made him his own badge as he is basically paying the volvo employees xd
  9. Add a command !inspect (!ins) <-- could be called something else idk Basically, you would enter a third person state where you move your mouse, you move around your player model (you cannot move in this state, just look at your player model), this would allow you to inspect your cosmetics to see what they look like. Sort of like when you're in spectator and you can look around the player's model. I really want to see what my model looks like but i have no idea and I think this would be a pretty cool command/plugin to add :D I understand that you could ask a friend to just screenshot it, however this would be easier for the players to see it.
  10. I'm not mad, just... disappointed. go to 4:20 xd
  11. u wut
  12. @Worgee proof or it didn't happen
  13. My most recent best game was probably with @Worgee and @Mamoru a few weeks ago when we played Inferno and It was the only game I ever top fragged with you guys xd. I have had a few good games but i havn't really been pleased with my performance, i kinda lost my touch when I got restricted from my pc xd. If i were to go back a while, this game was so intense because it was basically me and this russain dude carry our team.