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  1. How to learn a new language

    Get a good tutor. Can be a family friend, a friend or smth idfk. I got one and I learned most of a 2 year course in about a month... lol... like vocab... i can speak it better than anything because we mainly focused on that, but still pretty good. An app (idk if it works or if it requires a school login) was memrise. It gives you a bunch of verbs and adjectives to learn through listening and reading which was nice. (Thinking of french, not sure about other langs) Linguascope? The icon is a lil gold fish and you do games like memory, hangman, and a bunch of over things to learn the vocabulary. This is good for several languages (french, german, spanish and i think a few others). Quizlet is a website / app where you can get flash card sets that other people have made and I’m pretty sure if you just search ‘French sport words’ or something that ya need you’ll find a set to go through. It has a bunch of other games to play to help remember. A lot of these just requires persistance and constantly going at it. You have to learn new things will going over the stuff you’ve already gone through to make sure you don’t forget. You should also aim to use it and practice it as much as possible as others, or yourself will fond things for you to improve on. I’m pretty sure you can just find books that will teach you through a school’s syllabus on amazon or smth will help a lot. I just tossed a bunch of things that I’ve done to help me with my french. It may or may not appeal for you. Thanks, -Moose
  2. April Fools Day Hunt

    I don’t think that’s it
  3. Character Giveaway!

    It’s a breeding game that heaven and a few others play. I think
  4. April Fools Day Hunt

  5. State of Jailbreak

    and the senior goes through shit with ya
  6. Art of the Month ~ April

  7. April Fools Day Hunt

    Duuuuuuude wtf my head fucking hurts. I hope this is some fuking miind shit games and its stupidly hard to figure out. If its smth simple i will kms. If its a lie dark i swear to god i will go to the UK and smack you
  8. April Fools Day Hunt

    When does the cancer *pretend that has a line through it* hunt end?
  9. April Fools Day Hunt

    Yeah dark’s a sex fiend. You gotta stay clear of him :D
  10. Hi all! I want to start with welcoming @TomRiddle back to JB. You left for a short while and now you’re back in business which is good to see! I would also like to congratulate @RockRoyce and @NOT-LAW on becoming Event Coordinators! Your recent performances by looking after events and managing them, (thanks @Darkling for helping us <3) have proven that you can contribute to events and have the skills necessary to run them. Now, we are also releasing a new rank to JB! Operator will be making its way to the scene! Further threads/posts will be made about what is expected of the rank and how to apply!
  11. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    I think !abortlr would work. - Require T and CT to type the command to abort the lr. - If CT doesn’t abort then rip I think it’d be a simple add-on that’d work Regarding the Questions, -I think it’d be difficult to set it to only appear during a minigame -Having a timer of 10-15 mins sounds better - first person to answer it correctly gets 20 credits to stop inflation I will bring both up in discord for bonk and wail to be pinged
  12. Event suggestion thread

    The other thing i, if you have a map that you want added... just put it in the map suggestion thread. It will have to be tested and looked at anyway... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that just seems kinda useless. Otherwise the idea is great. I personally think it should be done closer or during the summer because we will be able to get more people on (maybe 30????¿¿) and I think it would waaaaay more fun then as well.
  13. GFL Member Directory

    Turn that frown.... upside down
  14. No More

    Although you’ve only been my daddy for a few weeks you’ve been a friend (we dont talk much but its still fun to hang out with you and the gang) for a while. Shame that this has come to shambles once again luv u bud