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  1. Good idea
  2. Thanks for the change. I will continue improving as a ct & increasing my activity.
  3. f to pay respect
  4. I'm just going to point out I will have fluctuations of activity due to my GCSEs. I'm not actually doing them yet, but I've started the 2 year course. Our school likes to do a test for my subjects once per (sometimes half term as well, depends on subject) term to make sure everyone is up to date and to practice answering questions. They try to either make it like the GCSEs or make them a little harder so it's easier when it comes to the real things. I believe I will be doing my MOCKs soon as well (Official practice GCSE). Most of my spare time will be devoted to CSGO and JB. The fluctuations will be around this week-2 week period at the end of the term. Buuut as soon as the term is over it's holidays :D
  5. Thank you for replying. Yeah, maybe it's time zones, or just bad timing, but I barely seem to run into you xD. I once again, understand Mic issues.I tend to go ct on weekends where I am more Mic active.
  6. Name? Moose. Real name is M- Age? 15 Birthday? 26 Oct Timezone? GMT +1 Gender? Male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? Probably sleep. Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Admin/VIP Which server(s) do you prefer? All are gr8. How long have you been playing? Almost a year of GFL, Probably 700+ hours in game. How often are you online and for how long? Almost everyday for atleast an hour, sometimes more/less Biggest accomplishment on this server? I got a 50 ks on tf2. Best thing that ever happened to you? I live a good life Worst thing that ever happened to you? I almost died Words/Phrases you say frequently? DAS DUMB XD @Dano Your greatest fear? Heights Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? Mother tells awkward af stories about me when I was small to my friends. Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @Imulion he got me on SB >:( XD @Dano cus das dumb. I am sorry Spoops, i'm not sure how I forgot you @Snoopy All the times we had play orange, teaching me how to rocket jump, helping me admin & then manage orange. You're honestly the reason I am in GFL. Thanks bud :,) Favorite Animal? Moose/Dog Favorite Color? Green Favorite Song? Boulevard of Broken dreams. Listened to it with my old iPod, only song I liked besides some other Green Day Classics. It's not my only favourite song now, but I have to say it's up there Favorite Book? BOOK. Jeez.... Ummm.... LOTR probably. Favorite Movie? It'll probably be Pokemon the movie: I Choose You! when it comes out. Favorite TV Show? Magic school bus Favorite vacation spot? Video games, idk walking my dog on the beaches of france Coolest place you visited? URM, I went to Tunisia when I was like 8 when my parents did club med stuff Favorite place to be alone? Hello darkness my old friend Favorite thing to do with your spare time? games - Football (socca) Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? Not a single person. My friends. I enjoy spending time with 'em all! Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Spook them Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Das Dumb @Dano Something you wish existed. More talking Moose Something you wish was still around. Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. N/A Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. I can breathe. Favorite Meme, GIF or Vine
  7. Ok, thank you for the feedback! On a side note, I am away this weekend so I won't be able to play. I'm going on a camp xd.
  8. Thank you, Worgee. As I said with iPro's post, I'm going to continue working on my understanding of the rules.
  9. Warning shot plugin: I was on another JB server and they had a cool plugin, where a CT would press 'E' and shoot someone, the prisoner would be glowed red for 5-7 seconds. This shows the cts that the player has been warned (eg; delaying slightly). I just thought this is a cool idea and could be edited to fit different needs.
  10. What the....
  11. Thank you for the feedback. I understand that player reports are a good demonstration of someone's understanding of the rules. Recently I haven't needed to make a player report as most issues are sorted out: - The player understands what they did wrong, tried not to do it again. -They get appropriately punished, after a warning. I am still trying to memorise the rules. I know most, but there are just a few odd ones that catch me out. For my microphone, that is something in which I can easily improve/fix.
  12. Thank you for the constructive criticism. Could you mention a scenario? It will help me improve and learn.
  13. Name: Moose Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79230152 Age: 15 Play-time: 128.78 (Under AuRuM, Moose, Ravioli in my Pockitolli, Jesus Dibble and [GFL] Moose) <--- AuRuM isn't on my profile anymore, it's Aurum. Admin Sponsor: @Darkling Why Do You Want To Become Admin?: I would like to become admin because I enjoy the JB community and I enjoy playing on the server. I also would like to help the admin team, I also find myself online where the are no admins and there are players who do not understand the rules, and freekill or break rules. I would like to able to help them and if need be, swap them or do the correct follow up. I think it would be a fun experience and I think it would be fun to join the team ^_^. I just want to help the server and make sure people learn the rules and learn how to play JB, as It's a really fun gamemode that everyone should be able to enjoy. Why Should We Accept You?: I think I should be accepted on the basis that I can help monitor hours where there are a fewer amount of players. I also have experience monitoring servers, I was a Server Manager for a TF2 server for a while until school caught up to me. I am also mature, I enjoy helping other people; helping them learn rules and learn how to play JB and other games. I am familiar with most of the Staff, I have been on Ts3 quite a lot, talking to admins/fellow JB players. I have a fairly good understanding of rules. I am good at implementing the rules to players. I think I can be a good representative of our community on the server. Over the past few months, I have added 50+hrs to my Play-time. I will enjoy increasing this number. I will continue to be very active and enjoy the server and playing with my friends :D. Extra Information: I am living in the Netherlands. You can find me on TS, you can hit me up on Steam ( http://steamcommunity/id/iNao ), I have discord. I also have overwatch, though I'm not very good at it xD (DankMoose #2539). I have skype. I am well acquainted with GFL as a whole. I know players from different Divisions. When I first joined ts, I ended up meeting a great group of players from across GFL. We would play Pictionary from time to time, which was really fun ^_^. I'm Canadian, hence I'm a Moose. Just under 1/4 of my CSGO play-time is JB XD. I made an informal player report to @King_Wailord, giving him links to screenshots of people being cancerous and genuinely ruining the server. I didn't understand how to formally report players, so I sent screenshots directly to him. Thank you for spending your time to read my application. -Moose
  14. Why do you hate yourself so much?
  15. Happy Birthday Syrus! :D

    1. Syrus


      Thanks, Moose!