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  1. Pretty sure most things have been covered. I like the idea of having the admins reapply to renew the roaster which also gives a chance for previously experienced members to have a go at the role as well. Although used little, I like the idea of keeping Operator whom only has simple commands to watch over the server. I enjoyed having only 1 player with LR but I noticed that many JB servers have 2 so we could be seen as 'original'. I think that most of the previous rules which were in place were effective and should be re-used and adjusted when/if necessary. When the new admin team is selected you could re-run through them, although I recall that they were tweaked near the end of JB's previous run. Keeping the old markers I think is a good idea too as it gives you a lot of colours and they are simple to use. Keep the warden menu with the list of commands that they have was also helpful when showing newer CTs how to play CT.
  2. Peculiar gloat but alas.
  3. Jaiilllbreakkkkk <3333333333333 yaaaaaaaaaas
  4. oof at least now you have more time to s3nd n00d35 xd Shame to see you step down and I will always remember the days u were senior on JB and we did the special admin days luv u
  5. It's been a while, happy birthday.

  6. what Leks said.. happy birthday 


  7. I’d be down to become SM if you need one, i’d like to help in setting it up if it does come back
  8. i KnOw Im LaTe To ThIs, SoRrY sChOoL iS a BiTcH lOl. nO lEaViNg GfL!!! :< shame you ran outta time cus i know you enjoyed it :,( Oh well, good luck! hehe <3
  9. fuck sake I was hyped for jb...........................................................................
  10. damn son, was not expecting that from you lol peeps with 100+ just look like they're fingering their keyboard tbh xD the sound of the keyboard wtf....
  11. https://www.livechatinc.com/typing-speed-test/#/ I'm an octopoos What about u guys (pls no bulli me if u sanik) POST YOUR SCORESSSSS