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  1. This just looks like dlc ? Or at least something to enroll in a few updates lmao... guess they wanna make more money with a 'whole new game'?
  2. Hello @D. K. Metcalf, We are Denying your ban appeal. We do not feel like you have changed nor will you be a good influence on the server. -Moose.
  3. Ban Appeal

    It would be appreciated if only admins / x admins who can add input replied so we do not have to scroll through random comments.
  4. Hey @Slaya, Due to no response to @Leks' question and inactivity of the appeal, your appeal will be Denied. If you wish to start another appeal later, start with answering the question from Leks. Thanks, -Moose
  5. Heya @Big Booty Indian Goddess, If your ctban has been uplifted and is still so. Take that as your appeal accepted. Do NOT take this chance lightly as we will be watching out. If it hasn't yet, then feel free to pm me in discord Moose#2430 and I can get it sorted. Due to the number of +1s your appeal has received you will be unbanned but as i said above. Don't be stupid and follow the rules. Thanks, -Moose
  6. creole ban appeal

    Heya @creole, Your appeal has been denied. If you have questions, talk to Cobra but do so in an appropiate manner. -Moose
  7. 1 week banned

    Heya, @SovietBoomer, I was the one who banned you. I banned you because I saw you kick @BeanBag. This happened during a momentary glitch where several players kicked others including both online admins. All of the players who kicked others were banned and I would not have mistaken your identity. This ban was far from you being "wrongly accused" as I had witnessed it happen and so did BeanBag. With that said, 🔒
  8. Heya @ApexChubbs, You should not randomly spray down stacks of Ts unless it is clear that they have failed a mini-game or are rebelling. You must be aware as a CT that there are trolls out there in the world who will try to make you do dumb shit. The fact that the warden even said "freekill' should have been enough of a flag for you to not. It pains me that you cannot see this and even thought that if you had only killed 1 T that you would have been fine. With that said, your appeal will be denied due to the fact you still MFK'd and are somewhat oblivious to the reasoning. If you have further questions, message a JB admin (Do NOT spam them). -Moose
  9. Ban apeal

    Heya, @Slaps We are going to deny your appeal. You were caught scripting and so you will have to wait it out. -Moose
  10. Ban Appeal

    @Aqqle I have mixed feelings. We have talked a bit while playing mc which was fun. However; There are 4 bans for MFKing... I am willing to give you the chance since it has been 2 months. I do believe this should be your last warning though. I know for a fact this happened on the old server as well and you were perma'd i think too. I think the unban came from new server new beginning. I'm willing to give you the chance to play again but I do think for a while at least our punishments towards you would be harsher. You are an experienced JB player and it'd be a shame for you to waste it on breaking the rules instead of helping make it a better environment. No excuses. I am interested to see what the other admins think and I don't think it'd hurt to try. Especially since you too, agreed that if you are to MFK the ban will not be removed. -Moose.
  11. I am alive

  12. I was online briefly this morning and I noticed the alert. Thanks! I still believe a designated area with the information should still be added so new players can see it right from the beginning and not have to wait for an alert.
  13. Yeah, with the ledges off of spawn, you could have 1 end warp, 1 wilderness warp, 1 nether warp and 1 warp to the rules and info section. Although a lot of work, I think it would drastically improve the experience for newer players
  14. So my suggestion would be to add some signs or something to spawn explaining what's going on. I was just walking around and i accidentally went into the end portal and almost died. I wasn't sure whether it was a wilderness teleport or not. For this I suggest labeling the teleport, simple but good to have. There could be a message in chat for when you finally leave the spawn protected area. (Leaving Spawn Protected Area...) (Entering Spawn Protected Area...) Alongside that I think the introduction of a /wilderness command with a 5min or 10min cool down would be helpful. This could coincide with a portal off one of the spawn ledges which does the same thing. In addition, it would be helpful to know what the rules are, with this you could either list some of the rules in a rule & info area or link the website clearly? -> with this you could also show how to link forums and MC accounts. Although you do have alerts in chat I think it would help new players if you were to have an area where it can all be seen. As well as having lists of commands accessible to each rank so we can see the perks that VIP and supporter would get and what would be the pull factor to buying those ranks. This would introduce some more warps, or it could all be done off of spawn and have several more islands with the suggested information. I noticed while writing this that there is a /rules command but I hadn't seen any advertisement for it, I only found it because I was double checking to see whether anything had been implemented already. I'm not sure how new/old the server is and whether these things are in the works but If not, I thought it would be helpful since I joined for the first time and was lost. Thanks, -Moose
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