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  1. I am fairly sure I accepted it.
  2. As @Nap14hockey stated, if we are not online, and there are issues with rule breaking, please take screenshots/make videos to show us evidence so we can look at ghe issue and sort it out. There is a section in our subforum guiding how to layout the report. If you need help with anything, pm me here, or add me on steam also it is good to add admins so you can pm them if they are online about the players so they can hop on. Though don't spam them with messages. Basically, screenshots and demos are the way to go if we are not online. That way YOU can also help the community when the admins are preoccupied. I understand your fristration and how off putting playing can be, but if you guys help us, it makes it easier for us all.
  3. love you man. Sad to see you step down as you've always been my superior
  4. NO
  5. make 2 cool systems. Maybe one is dots and another hyphen or smth. Be creative xd
  6. now all we need to do is compare the amount of threads and the amount of posts per day before, and after the update xD
  7. @Moose CSGO USP-S Orion FN w/ Crown Foil Thank you for the giveaway
  8. but then my wish comes true xD You miss your shot and then get shot
  9. when suddenly I
  10. getting off to
  11. You only make shit posts (What happens if your wish is negative and then they have to corrupt it making a good wish?) I wish to have no friends
  12. i want a lollipop @Mould gimmeeeee
  13. netflix

    I think the only shows i've watched on netflix are daredevil and the first 3 episodes of the OG Pokemon i am uneducated with netflix xd