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  1. make 2 cool systems. Maybe one is dots and another hyphen or smth. Be creative xd
  2. now all we need to do is compare the amount of threads and the amount of posts per day before, and after the update xD
  3. @Moose CSGO USP-S Orion FN w/ Crown Foil Thank you for the giveaway
  4. but then my wish comes true xD You miss your shot and then get shot
  5. when suddenly I
  6. getting off to
  7. You only make shit posts (What happens if your wish is negative and then they have to corrupt it making a good wish?) I wish to have no friends
  8. As a CT, you try your best to make the day enjoyable for the ts even after people are constantly rebelling. I think that is tough to do, considering most people would go nazi and/or switch to T. I agree with what iPro said.
  9. i want a lollipop @Mould gimmeeeee
  10. netflix

    I think the only shows i've watched on netflix are daredevil and the first 3 episodes of the OG Pokemon i am uneducated with netflix xd
  11. I know someone who was playing pokemon go and saw a crowd of people and thought it was some cool pokemon... turns out it was a furry convention xD I never really talked to you but i wish you luck with whatever you're going to do next ;D
  12. You're used as a luggage slave I wish people would stop being dickbabies
  13. nvm 15 day hold xD