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  1. Event suggestion thread

    The other thing i, if you have a map that you want added... just put it in the map suggestion thread. It will have to be tested and looked at anyway... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that just seems kinda useless. Otherwise the idea is great. I personally think it should be done closer or during the summer because we will be able to get more people on (maybe 30????¿¿) and I think it would waaaaay more fun then as well.
  2. GFL Member Directory

    Turn that frown.... upside down
  3. No More

    Although you’ve only been my daddy for a few weeks you’ve been a friend (we dont talk much but its still fun to hang out with you and the gang) for a while. Shame that this has come to shambles once again luv u bud
  4. Any band suggestions?

  5. The time has come

    PPPEEEERRRRRRPPPEEEEELLLL NOOOO. i guess if you come back later and reapply the meme will live on. Like the other peeps leaving, itsshit to see you go. :< :,( -Moose you better play gta with me you poor cuck xd <3
  6. Change 1 Letter

  7. GFL Member Directory

  8. Change 1 Letter

  9. I think it's @Darkling's mission to make all gay xd he seems to be the gender bender if ya get what im saying
  10. @Darkling that’s just what you want me to be 😉 hey, anything for daddy xd
  11. xd no i just dunno.
  12. Goodbye Jailbreak.

    It’s a shame to see you leave the server buddy. Just means imma have to comp with ya more dad! carry me to global you bish x cya next comp ma guy
  13. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    I don’t think this is needed. Just talk to the warden tbh. The T could just end up using it as an excuse to rebel if CTs are forced to accept and if both parties need to approve it then you may as well just ask the W rather than making a whole rule & plugin off of it.