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  1. Someone was comitted... that would’ve hit his body hard lmao.
  2. I agree with @Bae, it cant be some skinny kid. The dude has to have a build xd. But i just hope whoever gets it can play the role well as it’s such an iconic character, and it’d be shitty to mess it up and ruin it.
  3. Pope
  4. Do rps for credits. So you do !bet or smth, you can coin flip or rps someone for x amount of credits (1,2,5,10,20,50,100, “enter amount”)
  5. You changed it when I tried to tag you
  6. Ohh shit it's the moose from tf2's birthday happy birth day.


  7. @Snoopy brought me into the community and helped me out a lot. But i can't forgot the summer to come with @Dano, @Snoopy and others (cba to tag all yah) playing pictionary online as well as other board games. It was the most fun i'd had in a long time, it opened me up to the rest of the community outside of the TF2 division i knew. I thank you guys for that for i wouldn't have the friends i have now and be administrating csgo jb. love you all <3
  8. when it's jsut 1 player, can it not be a fd 24/7? I want to populate & practice surf, but its hard with 4 minutes. i want to get better at it and i need more time. I feel like others who populate follow similar issues as there's not much time to complete minigames whilst attempting to benefit the server.
  9. BDbzanNVQHyt9eCWpANCHA.png

    1. Moose


      close, @Mike420 (if thats wake en bake) he's better at dutch than me

  10. @Dano @Syrus @PurpleExod @Darkling @TomRiddle @Worgee @Snoopy @korowa (wtf is ur stupid name now xd) (adding @Joshy :P) HERE IS ME! I thought i should finally add to this directory. Pls no hate <3 u all
  11. February 2015, as i was asked by @Snoopy to become admin for the TF2 Orange server. I really owe it to him tbh that im in this community... thanks spoops <3
  12. Please change the colour of the word red. It displeases me Green(in green) STEAM_0:0:79230152 I would like to own this game because I’d enjoy playing the new rust server released by gfl and I just think it would be a lot of fun. Thanks for the giveaway pb!
  13. tf2

    oof also, the other gamemode (not warioware), would it just be like a normal map and the HH spawns in and we either kill it or objective? Or will it be solely killing the boss?
  14. tf2

    NA or EU servers?
  15. Maybe 1 day I’ll leave it with that... for now