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  1. CS:GO 5v5 Event

    reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Could we have maybe another thread where we could do team requests?
  2. Hey @Thunder33, I had only ctbanned you for 10min spent alive. If you were to go back on it would shortly wear off. It wasnt a serious offence I had just watched you look over to a T that had nothing on them clearly and you killed them. That was all. From how it was it looked intentional. However, since it was only 1 T i did a short 10~min ban. You left soon after so it didnt have time to expire. I hope this clarifies things, I tried to message you in game but I think you were just worried of a perma ct ban so it is understandable. Thanks, Moose.
  3. Being Lazy. It has stopped me from achieving more in school, life and friendships.
  4. For me one of my favourites would have to be my first interactions with you guys on ts3 in summer of 2016. My grandma had just fell and my mum flew out to Canada from our (what had wanted to be a week) day long vacation to Italy. My dad and I were stuck in Italy for a week or so before we could fly home. Staying distracted and hoping for a recovery, I got onto TS3 and for the next few days we'd just play scirbbl and draw absolute shit. Probably the most fun i've had in a shitty moment. I think I was playing with @Dano @Snoopy @HackingPotato and a few others. (oh the shit that was drawn...) I believe that was the first time I met Dano and that would lead me on to meet @Darkling , @Korowa , @Shuruia and I guess Syrus too. That would lead on to wayyy more memories 😄 Thanks guys ❤️
  5. Yes, lmao I clarified it a little more xd.
  6. yes pls post more tb songs that you guys listened to a while back 😛
  7. The only thing I like about the map is Obama secret. Everything else has already been listed in what's unfair / broken with the map
  8. OMGGGGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE MEMORIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I wanna see any of the oldies will get back on for a few hours.... oml that'd be awesome! YES ROY! this is going to eat my time away Thank you!!
  9. If I recall correctly, the previous map duration was 60 minutes. I am unsure what the current duration is but I don't remember having any issues with an hour per map. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try to get this under review. -Moose
  10. Sad to see you step down from your Director role, rip the meme :,( (The one with different ranks you achieved in GFL) Hope this doesn't stop us from seeing you around on TS3 (I havent been on in a while but its still nice to talk and play with you from time to time. You're a great dude!). See ya around sometime!
  11. np bro, someone has to tell you and its nuthin but love my man ❤️ Honestly sure, if you want me to check yo shit, just hmu.
  12. It is great! I think you should review some of the annotations though. Some of the grammar is uhh, questionable... ("There's stools", There are stools. Not There is stools....) Happens a few times in the first few mins (This one is later on but put it up here. "There's two catwalks" for the glock secret, "There are two...") The "p2000" poster gives you a p250 lmao You called "Tap Terrorists", "Tip Terrorists" (The first time you bring it up and enter the room) "Lisa Simpon" I think those are the only mistakes made, I'm not trying to be a prick but you may as well correct it if people are going to be watching these vids. Other than that it's really well done and looks awesome! Keep it up!
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