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  1. Happy Birthday Syrus! :D

    1. Syrus


      Thanks, Moose! 

  2. omg- make it some grandpa doing a story time with his 15 yr old kid, telling them about his childhood xD. Ask around the community, see if anyone is willing to help, if I were you, i'd do it when your parents are out or something XD. good luck m8
  3. I heard you guys talking about this on Ts... Jeezus... I never would have thought this would happen.... You should make a sfm with voice actors. Ps. why does the chick look dead? :3
  4. Jeez. That's quite.....
  5. Emerald Karambit. (Pure green). Forgot reason: Because green is hot.
  6. What is this?
  7. Close topic.
  8. I would like to enter in the giveaway of [ ARK: Survival Evolved].
  9. When were these poles taken? I didn't get to fill it in, too busy with fam stuff i guess? Happy new year humans!
  10. A good computer so I can play overwatch
  11. Why is this a thing?
  12. Type: Avatar Image(s): Idk be creative :D Text (optional): A 'X' with a cape. Other preferences / specifications: Maybe a blue 'X' with a red cape, next to a door? Requester(s): Anyboooooodyyyy in the GFX team ofc.
  13. THEY BOTH. I PLAYED THAT! JOSHY TAHNK YTOUREIWH IBdq kldmqw dhqwd wqdw!!!!!! OMG I AM SO HAPPY! THE MEMORIES OF THE GRIND TO BEAT MY BROTHER XD That game was the shit. (I didn't mean to double post)