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  1. bye forever

    is that why you unadded and blocked me? ;(
  2. bye forever

    We still gunna play pubg?
  3. Resignation

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG nooooooooooooooooooooo lov i lots pls dun lev gfl for good <3
  4. Moose's Art Request

    Oh shit ok. I’ll try to look more into it and try to find the image i want if not, i’ll come back with a new thread or smth with an easier request lol. Sorry i didnt expect it to be that obnoxious xd -edit- Can the banner still be done? @Bae -edit 2- I spent an hour messing around on photoshop (mobile edition xd) and made this lmao. I’ll probably make my own banner as well. Thanks. -Moose
  5. Moose's Art Request

    Presumtively, you have sent them a pm and they’re taking time to respond or you just haven’t gotten around to it, and tbh, i dont mind you’re busy lol. Do you know what the style of art is? I’m interested to have a browse on the internet because when I tried to find the picture up in the request part, it took me about 20min to find one picture with that style. If not that’s fine, thanks so much for the help. If you can’t find someone who can do it, let me know and we can close the thread. Thanks a lot, -Moose
  6. Event suggestion thread

    +1 Inglorious bastards great film. We are not asking for you to run the event, what we’re saying is stop complaining that events are unoriginial and boring. At least suggest something that we can do for one. Considering you don’t really come on for events anymore it’s somewhat funny you’re commenting on how we run them.
  7. Moose's Art Request

    Lmao i’m sorry. Please keep me posted if you can contact this person and maybe send me a steam link or some way i can contact them? Or if they rather not, just let me know. Thank you so much! -Moose p.s If you can’t contact them just let me know and close the thread, thanks!
  8. Event suggestion thread

    +1 it’s very frustrating because we don’t know what you guys want and yet you sit there, come along to the events, spam chat saying you don’t like it week after week; yet you don’t suggest anything or come up with any ideas. (This is with a few people in mind, not pointing names or saying that everyone does it) we appreciate those who appreciate what we try to come up with :D
  9. GFL Member Directory

    16 v 4 (? Wer aren’t sure when it was taken lol) I’ve lost ma blonde D:
  10. GFL Member Directory

    Feelsbad man.
  11. Moose's Art Request

    Hi, I just want to see if you have made a start, i don’t mind if you haven’t. Do you have any idea of when it may be done? Thanks -Moose
  12. Event suggestion thread

    I do recall doing something very similar, however it was a while ago now hnless i missed it in a recent event _/(•,•)\_
  13. Changing in VG

    Maybe instead of having rely solely on ‘players’ and to add ‘perks’ to the member role, make it so a non-member’s percentage is less than a member’s so if there are 13 people playing, 3 cts, 8 Ts Right now, anyone would be 10% what if we made it so a member was like 13% and player was 7% or something along those lines —————————————— i still think there’s an issue with giving our member fella’s more power as some of them are cancerous and would vg and abuse what they can.
  14. Emoji of the Month: January

    There is a zebra and a duck. +1 for a :moose: