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  1. why do you care so much though, most of them won't even see this too
  2. Well, isn't that what normally happens? Even without this proposed preference system, people would generally much rather be a CI, MTF/NTF, and a SCP rather than the lower class variants of that side, all the preference system does is make them more likely to be a Class-D, rather than a Researcher. A CI, rather than a MTF. Also, I never mentioned anything about SCP preferences in this post. This preference system is mainly just for people who want a greater chance to be on the side that they enjoy the most. The chance to be Dr. Maynard would still be much lower than your chance to be a Class-D, even if you had your preference for the side of the Class-Ds. No, that's not what I was saying. Let's say Person A had their "preference" setting on "no preference" and Person B had their preference setting on "Class-D Side." Person A would have a 20% chance to be a Researcher, 20% to be a Class-D,a 30% chance to be a MTF Guard/Foundation NTF, and a 30% chance to be a CI. (I don't know how actual role-selection works in Breach, I'm just using this as an example) Meanwhile, Person B, having their preference on "Class-D side" would have a 30% chance to be a Class-D, 10% chance to be a Researcher, 25% chance to be a MTF Guard/NTF, and a 35% chance to be a CI. Poor example, but in summary, they would have less of a chance to be the Class-D/Foundation sided variant of that role, rather than the Foundation/Class-D counterpart. I hope I cleared up a few things.
  3. Add a system where you can prefer which side of the humans you want to be on, you'd have three options: Prefer to be Class-D/Chaos Insurgent/Dr. Maynard Prefer to be Researcher/MTF Guard/Any Foundation NTF No preference If you preferred a side, you'd have a slightly increased chance to be that side. This could be implemented as a sort of booster as well, but that way I think the chance to be that side should be increased notably, due to you spending points on the booster.
  4. This honestly sounds like the most intense and fun special round ever. Nice idea. +1
  5. SCP-1471 isn't exactly... a good, or even fun SCP to play as currently. I propose some buffs. -Make the base health for SCP-1471 1250 hit points instead of 1000 hit points -Make the chance to be infected by Mal0 lower, as to reduce the amount of people SCP-1471 has to deal with at a time -Don't tell the person that has been teleported to by SCP-1471 that they've been teleported to by the message in chat: "SCP-1471 has teleported to you." This would give SCP-1471 a small advantage, but the person being teleported to would probably have another infected person behind them anyway. Most rounds when I'm playing as SCP-1471 go like this for me: *Uses first teleport, and teleports into a crowd of MTF* *Either get lucky and they're at a dead end like Gate-B, or proceed to get gunned down by the hordes of MTF after killing one or two of them* SCP-1471 might as well be a meat-shield for the other SCPs in it's current state.
  6. The trees on the map I don't know the name of at the moment, as well as the windows on the little booth. I've downloaded the Breach content pack, and these still show up as missing textures. Also, the flames that come from Epsilon-9 "Fire Eaters'" flamethrowers are also shown as just 2D error signs. Can I get these textures? And if so, where can I get them?
  7. +1 Only thing you can do when enemies get into your room when you're SCP-079 is spawn your manhacks and pray to god that they're dumb enough to die to them.
  8. The Chaos Insurgency have spent countless amounts of money and resources getting their spy to the position he is in now. He was transferred in at a low level guard, and he's made his way up the ranks over twelve years. The Chaos Insurgency's plan will now initiate. "Everything is coming together nicely." "Sir? Our inside man... he's dead." "What?! How? I had to call in every damn favor we had, not to mention the countless amounts of money and resources we've spent, he was the best of the best! I'm sure he wouldn't die that easily." "Sir, the low level spy we had implanted at Site 19 along with him apparently saw the whole thing. He got out alive." "The spy says... the man had reportedly thrown his "SLAM" mines onto the ground as soon as they were alerted of the breach, and proceeded to detonate them. He took out half of the guard force there with himself." "Millions of dollars... dozens of assassinations of his higher ups... just for this to happen?! "Sir, please calm dow- The sound of rustling and a loud crack is heard, before the Chaos Insurgency Commander's radio goes offline. [DEATH REPORT] The former Chaos Insurgency Commander was found in the Research Wing of Base-32. SCP-294 had been captured recently from a raid on Site-[REDACTED] and was being kept in the Research Wing of Base-32. The former CI Commander was found to have ingested approximately seventeen (17) cups of "Happiness" from SCP-294. He was in a psychedelic state, and died two hours later of cardiac arrest. -1 Also, the commander is literally the only person you can trust on the MTF, and what you're suggesting will take that trust away. Also, people would literally have no reason to listen to the commander, and they already don't.
  9. -1 to "Alien Invasion." Now, I'll describe the problems I see in the "Alien Invasion." special round. For one; most of the MTF Guards in normal rounds are either horrible, (Rushing the Class-Ds, and 9/10 times end up inevitably perishing.) or around sub-par or average. I doubt the MTF would ever win a round of Alien Invasion, due to the amount of coordination, teamwork, and prediction required. Most of us know that the MTF aren't usually that intelligent. Some adjustments could be made, such as only having two or three NVG spawn on the map in order to balance it a bit. The biggest problem I see with this round: It won't be fun. Well, atleast in my opinion. The special round consists of a squad of MTF hunting down SCP-966s. Sure, the panic that will ensue will be exhilarating, but the round in a nutshell will be: SCP-966: *Attacks MTF Guard, and then uses special to get them down to 30ish health* *MTF Guard screams, and sprays in the direction he thinks the hit came from, and either gets a few hits or completely misses* *Rest of MTF spray as well, hitting or missing* "RUN RUN RUN." *Former MTF Guard dies* Rinse and repeat. Either that or all the SCP-966s group together and just instantly kill anyone that comes into their way by utilizing their specials at the same time. I'm sure some people would find this fun, but this just seems like an annoyance from you dying unfairly. I'm leaning to -1 with "Basement Dwellers." due to the fact that I feel like most of the rounds would consist of the MTF Guards finding the SCP-939s due to them glitching through walls, shooting at them, running when the SCP-939s give chase, (closing doors on them, losing them.) and then that again. Although, it could be interesting with the SCP-939s working together to corner the MTF Guards, yet I rarely see SCPs actually working together. The idea for this round seems neat though. Neutral on "Battle of Arms." feels too close to Shark Punching Center, and doesn't really bring anything new, besides the possibility that the Class-Ds could form groups to escape or kill other comrades.
  10. Hi.

    Hello. I mainly (and only) play on the GFLClan Breach Server, and found it enjoyable enough to donate to GFL. I'll most likely be here for awhile, so I just thought I'd make a little introduction.
  11. SCP-3033-1

    http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3033 SCP-3033-1, in game, would be one of the groups that spawns at 8:00 and 2:00, and would specifically be a variant of the Chaos Insurgency. SCP-3033-1s would have a way higher chance to spawn if there were excess amounts of MTF Guards and Researchers alive, and little to no SCPs alive. SCP-3033-1s would have 250% health, and as a weapon would have the HUGE-249 with four extra clips. SCP-3033-1s would also have three Half Life 2 grenades and SLAMs. SCP-3033-1's main objective would be to kill MTF Guards and Researchers, (along as Foundation NTF) and their secondary objective would be to save Class-Ds. SCP-3033-1s would also be hostile to SCPs. SCP-3033-1s would be friendly to Chaos Insurgency and Class-Ds. SCP-3033-1s would have This playermodel. May not fit the best, but this one was the best I could find. So, in conclusion, SCP-3033-1s are basically supercharged Chaos Insurgency. That's about it.
  12. 1. Figure out your objective. Get out alive, or kill as many people as possible. Refer to the -As for the former, and the -Bs for the latter. 2-A: Don't attack anyone unless you're sure they're alone and have less than 75 hit points, as this ensures an instant kill on them if you melee attack them and then use your ability while you're close to them. This is important to do as it helps you to remain unknown. 3-A: So, presuming you're listening to 2-A, make your way to Gate-A, trying your best to remain unseen. This has been made considerably easier ever since player collisions have been turned off. 4-A: Remain in the little room right infront of Gate-A, waiting for it to open, which it usually does. 5-A: When it opens, rush into the elevator that should be open, and silently wait. 6-A: When it goes up, proceed to bring hell upon the sad souls that went into the elevator, not knowing you were there. 7-A: Stroll your way to Gate-A, and leave. (Or in short, don't attack anyone unless you're certain you can get them while remaining undetected, and make your way out through Gate-A) This is just one of the thousands, if not unlimited possibilities that you have to do it this way. That's what I love about Breach. I'd say to use the 2-A rule as a general guide-line if you're looking to get out, unscathed. 2-B: Seek out the people that meet the criteria above for 2-A, and trap them in a room by closing the doors to the room they're in. Then proceed to attempt to kill them. 3-B: After you're done with that, cooperate with your SCP Friends to make your prey run straight into you, and since they'll (most likely) be weakened, it'll be an easy kill for you when they run past. 4-B: Since most of the people will have gotten the notion that you're in the round, they'll probably have night vision goggles. Attempt to leave through Gate-B, but you'll most likely be gunned down if you don't have some SCP Friends with you, as you rely on the element of surprise and stealth to get kills. These are just some general things that have worked for me when I've played SCP-966. This is in no way a flawless guide. You'd have no way to determine if someone had gotten NVG beforehand, or some other factor like that.
  13. Yeah, that'd be a better idea for this SCP, considering the fact we already have enough melee weapons. Maybe a combination of the two ideas would suffice? Ten damage to people with a three second cooldown, (So, pretty useless) and; I don't know... 500-1000 damage to a gate per hit? You'd be able to break down gates (1000 damage per hit, one hit every 3 seconds) in roughly a minute.
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