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  1. Can we make a rule or something about players sitting ducks on spectators? Like 15+ were on spectators the entire time...
  2. Oh my bad. Didn't read the comprehension properly.
  3. Please consider this. Server is empty at day times (my region). The only time I see players is when I am working. You guys make events at 10pm/11pm gmt which is 3am/4am. I am not complaining about times. I can manage for Saturdays because the next day is Sunday. However, for Sundays, it would be next to impossible to join the servers for events if the events are 10pm/11pm gmt. My request to the authorities concerned is to not move days. Otherwise, players like me can not join in. Thank you
  4. As I said in the other thread, I had 250+ ping when the servers were hosted in the United States. I am from South Asia. When you guys recently moved them to UK, I was getting around 150 ms latency. However, I didn't feel any kind of change in my gameplay with a lower ping. It was the same as before. But oh well.....
  5. I live in South Asia. Have been playing with GFL since 2014 (end) and always had 250+ ping in CS:S. This is the first time after the move to UK, I am getting below 200 ping. Around 150 and I literally feel any difference from 250....
  6. At least I am getting 150ms as compared to 250+ ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)
  7. STEAM_0:0:39689672 I was a CSS:ZE permanent VIP here before the split granted by Hyderigon after winning an event.
  8. I am literally happy that this finally happened. I have been dreaming about this since forever. I joined this place while searching for a ZE server back in 2013-2014 and I was really glad I found this place out and met a lot of people back in the day. I had little to no tolerance for autism and racism but the autistic cancerous environment made me realize its all fun in games unless some commits suicide. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed .com and RU had a split and many kewl kids left CS:S ZE and I really do hope we might get all of the back so CSS:ZE will be once again 64/64 most of the time. A little rant: We all do mistakes in our lives. We chose paths which we regret later but hey, that's what being human means. Forgive and forget. I am nobody at this place but I would surely like to see senpai, Botox and Juky back in the servers later if not sooner and I am sure the upper ones in the management will sort everything out. Wishing good luck to both sides.
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