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  1. Hello , i've been accepted as member on the forum a week ago Still i haven't attained the member status on csgo and css ze servers.
  2. So if his nom wins the vote Chris will go on a date irl while you guys play wester? (Assuming you guys won't unban him)
  3. UK Server : 130-160 Gfl Csgo Server : 240-290 Texas Server : Around 280ish
  4. Well i had around 130-160 ping on the UK server. Now that you guys are gonna change it to Texas (i thought it would be chicago for some reason) I'm guessing I'll have above 270+ in Texas (which is more than the Chicago one) i guess I'm gonna have to adjust to it
  5. Give it some time I'm sure he'll be here once he opens his Pc
  6. Oh boi 64/64 css ze soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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