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  1. There is no reason for you to mic spam many times. I don't care if it's for 2 seconds it's still a mic spam and you should usually learn not to do that after being gagged many times for it. You should of learned your lesson the last 5 times you mic spammed. Also you saying that you PROMISE not to mic spam just because you got a one week gag No.
  2. I have changed your name 3 times so basically that is like 3 warnings. You also kept on changing your name back to George Floyd after me changing your name many times you would probably get a hint to not change it to that again. Changing your name to George Floyd is very stupid and sounds like you want to cause trouble because of what is happening in the real world right now. You have also said in chat the words "I can't breathe." Why would you change your name to George Floyd anyway? If I had the power to I would deny your appeal.
  3. You were banned at 9:01AM for 6 hours and not one week. Also your steamid is STEAM_0:0:127957970
  4. I banned you for att mass. I'm not going to take the excuse you are new because the server prompts you to read the motd when you join. I can't unban you but if I was Senior then no I wouldn't
  5. Alright Boys, Canada day is no more.
  6. Even though Jocey is my mom I could care less and count you as a brother.
  7. Appeal Denied. The only reason I have denied your appeal is because I don't trust you in VC after all your past gags/mutes. Also you just hopped on the server after me not almost seeing you for over a month if you were to play for a longer time then I would consider about ungagging you.
  8. This is bad bro. You are resigning. I WASNT EVEN DEMOTED YET. WHO IS GOING TO DEMOTE ME.
  9. You proceeded to mic spam because people don't like your voice? That doesn't make that much sense you know you get gagged for mic spam a lot and you knew for sure you are going to get a different punishment everytime it happens.
  10. If you aware of your past history of mic spamming and doing a lot why do you keep on doing it
  11. When I checked your comms you have 8+ gags/mutes are you aware of your past history of mic spamming
  12. Steam Name(s): LawMyl Meow SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82548619 Admin that banned you: Console What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Karma Ban Why should you be unbanned? Xy and Pyros were testing karma shisss I was a test subject and I got karma banned then they go do some stuff and I go afk because my brother took his laptop back and I had to go do other got the laptop back. I rejoined the server and notice my karma is 649 I didn't have time to restart my karma the round starts and I'm beaned. Please halp
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