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  1. You proceeded to mic spam because people don't like your voice? That doesn't make that much sense you know you get gagged for mic spam a lot and you knew for sure you are going to get a different punishment everytime it happens.
  2. If you aware of your past history of mic spamming and doing a lot why do you keep on doing it
  3. When I checked your comms you have 8+ gags/mutes are you aware of your past history of mic spamming
  4. Steam Name(s): LawMyl Meow SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82548619 Admin that banned you: Console What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Karma Ban Why should you be unbanned? Xy and Pyros were testing karma shisss I was a test subject and I got karma banned then they go do some stuff and I go afk because my brother took his laptop back and I had to go do other got the laptop back. I rejoined the server and notice my karma is 649 I didn't have time to restart my karma the round starts and I'm beaned. Please halp
  5. I remember you when you were just Member/VIP and you were always a good boy. P.S. Thanks for not reporting me when I threw a discomb in nether for fun and killing you and some random I always knew you had big pp
  6. @TimeForYouToGetAWatch Sucks at minecraft but is still nice
  7. @Erikp7692 If you want to appeal go here and follow the format
  8. Sims 4 on Sale

    Also make sure to waste all your money on the dlcs
  9. Would pay $10k IRL for Ricardo skin in TTT
  10. @k2nod So far I only heard that it was campaign. I only played multiplayer for a little bit until I somehow managed to lose the discord I would def buy it if it had multiplayer because im not a big campaign guy myself.
  11. I hope you do realize the reason I banned you is because you threw a discomb where people were on top of tower killing one person and almost killing several others which then you blew up a inced damaging me and the d then of course I tried to kill you for that and the D almost died from the fire from the inced that you threw do you recall any of that?
  12. @Boss Tony FIscalmano This is your ban appeal now. I'm going to keep your ban so you can learn your lesson because you knew those guys were inno and you were a t and was shooting at people when they walked in the nether so im keeping your ban see you in a week or so As a member you should of read the motd and it's pretty obvious in a ttt server teaming is not allowed
  13. The ban stays since you guys were claiming , camping, and teaming inside the nether you guys were killing anyone who walks in and you guys didn't kill each other after doing a traitorous act. It doesn't matter if you are a t or not since you were teaming up with the innos and they were teaming up with you killing anyone who dares to walk inside the nether. I have a video clip of all of you shooting at me when I walked inside describing what I just said
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