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  1. 1. You were calling him a annoying little fag in chat and called him a jew in reports in a bad way. 2. I remember you killing him more than twice. For being honest and this being your second targeting ban I will reduce it for one day since you would of learned your past actions 20 days ago.
  2. Skin changes

    Add sans Add a furry skin Add sans Add sans
  3. Please summarize this because I have small brain just put it in a short way that I can understand because of my brain size @Roy
  4. Ban Appeal

    @Ace014 btw you can't kill on sus
  5. 6 Hr Ban Appeal

    Fuck I unbanned the wrong id oh wait I didn't fuck I did Ok I fixed it now everything is normal
  6. 6 Hr Ban Appeal

    You were banned for rdm and leaving. The only reason I banned you is because I slayed you then you left so I was like I'm going to wait for this guy to come back but you never did so that is why I banned you. But since this is your first ban from this server ever. So you probably didn't notice you had a slay so UNBEANED
  7. Now I can play overwatch on the bus to flex on my friends which I don't have. I can't wait!
  8. Uno Online

    Soolee turned everyone against me.
  9. @Loke There is a soul sand glitch it's basically the cobweb but soul sand instead.
  10. Got 11 kills as a t with the op huge and deagle headshots it felt nice but not @g0dman_ nice
  11. @Loke I was actually a D and used a health station to heal myself
  12. You removed the thing in the nether at the spot you were able to stand in lava me sad
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