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  8. Undercover account. Rolling out making the Roy documentary, which is aimed to be out this winter. watch the trailer here;
  9. Captain here. The girl wrote "Heyyy" which indicates three different things. First, just because your "girlfriend" writes Hey, does this not mean she still wants you. Anyways, as she wrote another y could mean, that she is asking why the fuck you text her. Girls are very complicated but i have a high education inside of them. So I will try solve this with you. Back on topic. The other y as she wrote Heyyy and not Heyy or Hey could mean something different. Thank god she didnt write Heyyyy, that is a pure sign of a girl telling you to go fuck yourself. So the next thing to decode is, if she used a capital letter or not. Heyyy or heyyy are two very different languages and if you keep forgetting it on a longer term, you may want to find a new girl as a backup plan because shits going down. So if she writes "heyyy", this means she is comfort by writing to you but only on a certain level. you cant just assume she is your girlfriend after she wrote "heyyy". This is where you need to know if you wish to take this further or not. But dont go to fast, she is only comfort by knowing you, not by being with you. Heyyy is a more comfort way of telling they notice you, and they are okay with you texting them. This is great, because you can work with that. You might have seen girls writing "HEYYY", which is a desperate way of saying they want your dick. As long you dont receive "HEY", you will be on a good line. Because when you receive the typical "HEY" you are friendzoned hard. One thing to make sure is if you receive "Heyyyyyyyyyyy" you will have to pack the closest to you and move the fuck away from your country because this is where it all goes nuclear and that woman wont let you go. Most of these cases sadly the woman gave birth to a child leaving the man in chains. Hope i covered up the most of your confusing and good luck with your future love. You gonna need it. _______________________________ Kim Administrator of Love Advice Forum Visit us here:
  10. H...HEY GUYS IM NOT LEAVING... I DIDN'T DIE. I CAME HOME! thx for the likes tho @nick027nd i forgot to write something on you lol
  11. Go ahead it is all yours You can save it if you want to