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  1. Help

    Where do i find my lost pension?
  2. We would like and appreciate your thoughts on how GFL could be a better place for you and your friends. This thread is to gather data. Cheers, - Grand Admiral Kim
  3. Major Discord Change

    Its like saying I got a big cock but in real it's just tiny af Cheers, Grand Admiral Kim
  4. AYE BOI


    <3 you Kim

    1. Kim
    2. Roy


      Will you be on at all today or busy? @Kim

    3. Kim


      I might be able to sneak on after drive lessons in 4 hours 


  5. New Manager for Jailbreak

    How dare you use @Kim the high Admiral
  6. wtf

    Cheers, - Admiral Kim
  7. GFL Member Directory

    Hey faggots
  8. I'm calling this piece of art, "Roy's Wrath"  https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pjofy8x1829f0t/RoysWrath.mp4

  9. [Announcement] New Division Leader

    ͡ ° ͜ ) ͡ ° mesa like
  10. Fuck you.

    1. Jat


      Whose mans is this?