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  1. Settings are fine, they will not change.
  2. Astralis won their first Valve major, is this real life? XD #CurseIsOver GJ danes!

  3. Global, 3500 hours
  4. you forgot mine
  5. :sadtree: > :happytree: 

  6. Nothing is final, I am removing skins as we don't want an enormous download. Masterchief was too complex to keep as a default skin, same goes with stormtrooper. It will be put back to member when I look into the zclass config. There were 3 different kind of Xenomorphs on the server, 2 of them were removed as they were given to members which sort of ruined the coolness of becoming a VIP. Jango Fett, Boba Fett and First Order Trooper was removed and replaced with 2 new stormtroopers from Rogue One(They do not look like other stormtroopers though). I checked the menu and VIP currently have 3 choices and Supporters 5.(this include only humans) VIP Ada Vong Nano Suit Death Trooper Supporter Jill Rick Grimes Hunk Scout Trooper Shore Trooper While I agree that there are many Stormtroopers, they are still outnumbered by other skins. I respect your concern for the Supporter/VIPs and I will look into it with @Deltacommander.
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    lol wtf
  8. I love everyone stay safe 

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    pretty ufkv up but thanks have new jeyr due :D