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  1. hello im kim i live in potato and i have potato cabled internet connected to potato energi field. i submitted a fucking potato post to fix this potato internet and this fucking fat bastard potato told he couldnt fixn the fucking potato internet im tired of this fuckking potato internet im literally taking a huge shit when thinking about this fucking potato guy who cant fucking fix this potato cabled potato internet

    1. Kim


      btw i moved to colelge and the internet here is fucking potato cya in 2 years

    2. SwegBuster


      Ripppp. Fucking potatoes man.

    3. HackingPotato


      This is racist towards potatoes. I want a lawyer

  2. @RickGrimesTM TOO
  3. @Roy BASTARD
  4. im drunk pereidadc
  5. Cant believe this kid is older than me happy birthday grandpa get a life smh

    1. Darkling


      Go back to school kiddo :lenny:

      Maybe you'll learn to respect your elders there

      Cheers for the birthday wishes Dad

    2. Kim


      im living at my school you floopnigro

  6. kims return can only mean 1 thing.... fapescape 3 confirmed.

    1. rapperdan


      Wait does that mean I can hound kim like luff gets asked every day about magmadrake?

    2. Voxxy


      idk, but i call oreos

  7. what about the droid attack on the wookies?
  8. Threaten me one more time and this will happen:




  9. hi so i literally just came back to gfl after a long break and expected to have red glowing name with title founder of gfl this has not happened, why? i am so tired of disappointment from this community im resigning from my vip duties because this community is nothing but disappointments and why is @Roy still administrator on gfl??? if i ever find you roy i will turn your computer into sandals and sell them for carrots because thats how broken your pc will be when i find you