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  1. Send me your actual steam id, Please so I can unban u.
  2. Alright, buddy, next time you, you think you did something bad like rdm in this case, don't leave just afk, it is not as bad as getting banned and slayed. I will unban, but next time don't leave and don't act up.
  3. unban appeal

    I understand this this was a mistake of your end, but the way you handle the situation, was unacceptable, instead of rationing, with me you decide to disrespect me, didn't ask if there is anyway I could appeal this or fix this.But since I am feeling good, I will give another chance, just make sure when something like this happens you don't just go to fighting, be civil. I will unban you right now!
  4. I think, instead of making, vip and supporter a monthly thing, maybe make it a seasonal thing like every 3-4 months, they have to pay.
  5. Wishing you the best friend. I pray to God that you feel better through each passing day. Hope you soon you will be able to come back, and welcome you back!
  6. Name: Starfoxgod Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:124452887 Banned by: I don't know honestly because, They didn't even state the reason correctly. Ban reason: "Mass" I am guessing Mass rdm Why you should be unbanned: I am good person that likes to play ttt but constantly get harnessed by older people because I am young and are really triggered and Sometimes , I cant take the stupidness and kill them, I can promise you I wont do that but contact a staff player, One of there reason also, I think I got banned is because of my voice. Also I know my stuff, And don't rdm if don't believe me I can fill test if you want. Thanks soo much for time -Starfox
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