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  1. Happy 16th Birthday DoctorDJ! 
    Have a blast and enjoy (*≧ ∀ ≦  *)

  2. @TheJitFace Hi there! Unless I am able to just use videos from Axonek3's Youtube Channel? I was just afraid there'd be some copyright issues
  3. Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project for my Media Team Application, creating a promotional video for GFL's Zombie Escape server on CSGO Due to my laptop being unable to screen record for the time-being, I need gameplay videos/montage of anyone playing on GFL's Zombie Escape server on CSGO Anything is greatly appreciated but I hope your video(s) could be: -At least 60FPS -With decent audio If so, please contact me through this or: -Discord: psychogirl#4016 -Email: [email protected] Thank you for your contribution and I'd credit each owner respectively for the production on my video! Cheers!
  4. " Every girl wants a bad guy who will only be good to her " .. ok nevermind i'm gonna make a sandwich brb
  5. @WigglesWorth @TheSadBandit Sure! Hit me up on discord, psychogirl#4016 I apologize for the slow progress, I'm actually in midst of my assignments. I promise it'd be completed by 15 December! Thank you for following up with me! Cheers~
  6. Aw all the best man, takecare!
  7. Hello all, thank you for providing your opinions and feedbacks! I appreciate every reply and feedback provided. Here are some response to the questions you've asked: flyingjoe32: I didn't see many effects (if any) in the game-play portion of your clip. Do you have any more recent videos? Response: That is my most recent video so far, I didn't add any effects as it was just a random video I did within 1 hour, I can always add effects when I get to edit videos for GFL in the future since I'd definitely put more effort into it. flyingjoe32: Feel free to drop your Twitch link here if you have one. Response: I've yet to create one! But would definitely do once my holidays are nearer ^-^ flyingjoe32: Do you have any videos or skits or anything like that showcasing your voice? TheSadBandit: You also said you wanted to be an animator/voice actor, can you provide videos of you doing so? Response: Unfortunately, I have not participated in any voice acting videos that can be shared. I used to voice act for animes (english dub) such as Mirai Nikki (Yuuno) and Your Lie in April (Kaori) but the website had issues with copyright and it was removed. However, I can always make short video chips of such voice acting again. TheJitFace: Also, just get your forum activity up TheSadBandit: Can you raise your forum activity to like 15-20 by the end of the week? Response: I've tried to! I have spent the last couple of days discovering the forums and reacting + responding to posts. I hope my total reputation would get up in time
  8. HAHAHAHA If you made this you should prolly get this to 9gag!!
  9. Do you want purely gameplay montage? I have some csgo and overwatch ones Let me know if i can help!
  10. Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors!! Hope you'd still drop by every now and then, hope to see you around!
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