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  1. @k2nod i can't call a retard a retard but a director can call a superior intellectual like me a retard this is clearly retarded double standards..
  2. Because it's likely doing it client-side and not server-side, which is what this thread's models do as well. Also, CS:GO is an aborted fetus running on a 15 year old engine. Server-side transparencies are performance taxing and do hundreds of checks every second, mainly because the plugins are shit. Although there are less taxing and more accurate ways to hide players instead of using shitty timers or OnPostThinkPos. If you're having issues seeing because players are in front of you, stop being a slow noob and sucking their ass. If you're having trouble playing due to performance issues, stop being a noob and sucking ass.
  3. I don't know how to code nor have I ever compiled an extension before. There's an endless amount of resources available which take seconds to find. Do your own research instead of wasting your time asking me questions you don't understand and will not be of any use to you even if you were spoonfed the answers. Why do I want Botox's extensions? What do Botox's extensions do? What if Botox's extensions are outdated? What if Botox's extensions break in the future? Are Botox's extensions even compatible with my server? Are Botox's extensions even compatible with the bitrate of my server? Are Botox's extensions even compatible with the operating system of my server? Are Botox's extensions even compatible with the plugins of my server? Are there any side effects to Botox's extensions? Do Botox's extensions even work? What's the difference between a DLL and an SO? What is an extension? What do extensions do? How do I compile an extension? How do I edit an extension? How do I read an extension? What are these compile errors I'm getting? How do I fix these compile errors? What is Visual Studio? What does Visual Studio do? Why do I need Visual Studio? Do I need Visual Studio? What is SourceSDK? Is SourceSDK irrelevant and a completely different thing to SourceMod SDK which was already pointed out two posts ago as well as a bunch of other things regarding compiling extensions who knows ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)? What is SourceMod SDK? What language are these extensions written in? How do I write the language these extensions are written in? How do I read the language these extensions are written in? What is SourceMod? What is MetaMod? What is SourcePawn?
  4. This will be an exciting event. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Reduct and Ninja Chris go on a romantic Easter egg hunt Map(s): ze_ffxii_westersand_v3, ze_FFXII_Westersand_v5_2_ps6, ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7_z9, ze_ffxii_westersand_v8zeta1_x16 Restrictions/Limitations: Unrestrict/Unsilence/Unban me and remove the velocity cap. Event Time preferred: Easter
  6. The latest versions for the best compatibility since SourceMod is backwards compatible? Also Source SDK and SourceMod SDK are two completely different things... As I said before, you really shouldn't be trying to fuck with shit you don't understand. At the very least, try to gain an understanding of what you're doing and what you're trying trying to copy paste before you make a mess of everything. You're better off asking questions and learning about extensions here https://forums.alliedmods.net/forumdisplay.php?f=74 instead of a gaming community which has no relation to the author of the extensions you're trying to compile.
  7. Kakarot has had 8 permanent silence unbans and I get perm silenced on my first warning?
  8. Visual Studio? If you've been trying to find Visual Studio for 2 years you shouldn't be fucking with and trying to copy paste other people's extensions which you have no idea what they do and the issues they may have. You're also better off asking people on alliedmodders since: They're SourceMod Extensions. Botox isn't apart of the .com community. Botox is banned from this community. Botox rarely plays anything, nor is he maintaining any of his public code because .ru merged with .com, which is why it's public in the first place. GFL use to strip his name out of his plugins before deciding to just copy paste them. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Writing_extensions
  9. I guess you won't be using the command.
  10. Thread is accepted from Roy's decision.
  11. I did what he asked, I don't see why they were so mad.
  12. They were not my alts, they were my little sister's accounts, and only one was permed. How can I be perm banned on my main if I was on my main?
  13. Perm banned because my little sister plays zombie escape as well? This is outrageous...
  14. I got banned for triggering a boss, the rest of the team didn't die.
  15. Your In-Game Name: Ninja Chris Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:41443504 Ban reason and Length: Triggering a boss? 18 mo, 2 wk, 1 d, 13 hr, 20 min Admin That Banned You: Loco Appeal Reason: Since when was triggering a boss was against the rules?
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