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  1. Sorry, I won't be available participate in the Halloween event during October. Would you be able to delay it until September this year? Thanks, Ninja Chris.
  2. You're welcome. Forgot to make it 1500 - 1500, sorry for the delays.
  3. The dude said no skips or cheats on jb sky we were doing hard climb I jumped 3 times and then beanbag killed me for trying to do a skip when I don't know any. Please don't swap and ctban him like I wouldn't have been if I did that to vin
  4. It has come to my attention, that the goofy things I sometimes do on the server, may not be as funny to everyone and that's okay! My beautiful girlfriend (@reduct) has received a small amount of reports. Instead these reports should have been sent to me. I have only received good laughs and a funny environment on the server, so it hasn't really been easy to understand everyone as I now hear. In the beginning of december, I joined ZE more often again. I have had a lot of study to do and me and my friends always have something when we are free. I have basically been gone for good 1,5 year. This means I may not understand the current playerbase as much as I did before.The server has definitely changed since, I understand some rules are enforced harder than the once I made in the beginning, which makes me to believe, the server has become more into a competetive mindset.
  5. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): #2500 Why were you banned?: Complimenting my beautiful girlfriend (@reduct) Why should you be unbanned? I don't know, it's up to you guys honestly. I went on a trip to Thailand and it was really cool there. I drank, pee'd, possibly had something to do with ladyboys but that's a story for another time, and I also learned a few words there. I'm back and I'm going to be playing CS:GO a lot, I've also gotten a new Paypal setup and so I can buy more games than ever, I don't have any reason to be unbanned truly, perhaps I have changed, but not drastically. Do I promise not to break rules again? I never broke any, but if the permanent ban I have gotten was truly due to my obnoxious behavior, then sure let it be that way. I cannot promise that I am not toxic anymore as that would be a lie, however I can tell you that I am now only here to play games and I will most likely only be using the GFL Discord to communicate, not get too much involved. Most instances of toxicity and unwanted behavior were recorded when I was either drunk or had nothing to do, I truly did not enjoy my past 2 years of being in this community, as it is no longer toxic. Or perhaps I come for a different background, a different server, because when I first joined, I only did it for member perks, never really to get involved with GFL as a whole, and I don't want to bring up Zombie Mod since it was the reason why I first came here, but it's no longer here. And so back then my presence was perhaps unwanted, as I have never enjoyed any other server in particular. Perhaps Zombie Escape? but that's too 'murican, although the community there is very toxic (toxic is enjoyable) but I just can't play there really due to latency. Overall, I cannot make any promises, it's really up to you to unban me or not, perhaps monitor me as I blend back into the community. I'm not a big fan of the current staff either, but I will not start any fights, that's a promise I can make. No shitposting, no trolling, or anything of that sort, I enjoy debates but I'll cut them off, I will only use discord for communicating with other players in the sole purpose of gaming. (I'm still trying to choose what game server to settle on). Thank you, have a nice day.
  6. if you have noblock on, decoy collisions become buggy and don't damage when players standing still. you can fix this by - not using noblock - having the map detect the decoy and add a trigger_hurt to it - using plugins to add trigger_hurts to the decoy which is much cleaner and can easier to detect teams, you also won't have to fuck around with maps and retarded triggers - doing nothing because there's a trick to killing people who stand still ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. server died when i stopped playing you can bind commands to immediately buy weapons (/p90, /negev, /he, etc) instead of using /zmarket and going through every single menu also, when you purchase a weapon as a zombie or while you're dead (through zmarket), it will save it to your auto-setup for when you become a human
  8. Vanilla, literally kept playing the song over and over again when i made the post.
  9. the server really declined when there wasn't enough westersand
  10. Hello, As of 2019, me and @reduct are opening our very own Ice Cream shop!
  11. bhop should be uncapped and you are all bad, prove me wrong.
  12. @k2nod i can't call a retard a retard but a director can call a superior intellectual like me a retard this is clearly retarded double standards..
  13. Because it's likely doing it client-side and not server-side, which is what this thread's models do as well. Also, CS:GO is an aborted fetus running on a 15 year old engine. Server-side transparencies are performance taxing and do hundreds of checks every second, mainly because the plugins are shit. Although there are less taxing and more accurate ways to hide players instead of using shitty timers or OnPostThinkPos. If you're having issues seeing because players are in front of you, stop being a slow noob and sucking their ass. If you're having trouble playing due to performance issues, stop being a noob and sucking ass.
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