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  1. Yes, I'd love to bring the legend of lord. death. back
  2. There is gametracker.rs which is 10 times better and actually have good admins that you can deal with them as you want. It's mainly made for cs .16 server boosting but you can still track other games. gametracker.com has shit admins and most of the games have retarded ranking systems
  3. I began to notice that Sunday is just almost a meme day that depends on which map is played. 95% of the time a random map is chosen, a map that is not overplayed but at least it's known to most of the server not mostly a new map because the people will surely prefer a known map rather than picking a random one that we have no clue about. then you can notice it's a weekend day which people have more time to play on but instead people wouldn't give a fuck about ze along the day because it's just random based day. I'd say move it to another day or just get it off completely since we have a random map vote at the map vote system now. or simply just fuck it and make it a day which contains more exclusive maps to play (ex: ze_onahole,pidaras,dz maps, non zm/ze_maps) with the ability to nominate maps as always. I don't expect all of those exclusive maps to be played during the same day if it's just a random nom list, but if it's not then the day will have another meaning since people will be nominating those maps as many people love those maps. Thank you for reading.
  4. Cause FF fags need more lasers
  5. Better than your fucking entire family :OmegaLUL: It will not be that easy, you will have to keep an eye on edgers, zombies in water & item users along with mines and traps in extreme stages...
  6. I've been building an FFVII themed map recently using some of Tophatwaffle and Valve textures, It's custom by the way. The map will not be completely laser-based, but you need the heal to survive the final lasers in case you can't dodge lasers. otherwise, you will get 2 hits and you will be dead. I'm using the cubemaps correctly for the first time probably. i'll still light some places probably. You will have to use your brain a little bit, there are rocks in the spawn which you will have climb before reaching the first door. The map is in night theme, but you will have good lighting in 130% brightness if you don't like the map lights. (but 80% brightness will make you enjoy it really well.) I don't hate ff maps I hate the apes that come to play then leave once the map is over Some screenshots taken on 100% lighting:
  7. Title: Creator's Will [maps created by the same mapper(s)] Map(s): Pick one option of those bullets as you wish Ze_Fapeescape_p5, ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3, Ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6 & ze_tkara_v4_3 Ze_diddle_v3, ze_infiltration_final_r1, ze_best_korea_v1 & ze_predator_ultimate_p7 Restrictions/Limitations: N/A Event Time preferred: Main Event Others: N/A
  8. Good topic from someone who join ze once each week
  9. Thats What YoU GET in events -Whim
  10. Vote for Luffaren maps & Fapescape. Tryhard with Whim, Shot him in the face if he is a zombie! Play Mako & FF maps to fag around with the faggots. Take a screenshot of your win! Self mute MaxDevil666. Don't say the N word . Join the ZE discord and enjoy the cancer! Ask Luffaren for magmadrake release, Ask Shiro for megamon release too!. rtv for the Frostdrake. The last and the most important thing, Vote for the Best Korea!
  11. JoJo

    Thank you! Map is out by the way https://gamebanana.com/maps/205509
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