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  1. color maps but +froyo if we win we keep saying atos is impossible outside of an event because it's such a long map, so let's have that event.
  2. It's just hard for new people to not feel left out. They don't know what to do, and the moment they die they blame somebody else quick as possible. If they had a sense of self-accountability like I had on source they might improve faster. If people shat on them more, they might gain this sense of self-accountability. When the server is noob friendly, it's anti noob improvement.
  3. Absolutely, soft serve maps are great examples of this kind of zm friendly design. I don't get motivated by points, I just want to kill edgers and cocky defenders like whim. I wish more people were good at zombie due to map knowledge and mechanics like on source since it makes it so much more fun to defend. Whenever I position to defend against a certain weakness like a flank route or semicircle around a door and save people it feels great. When I position like this and no zombies take advantage of the map design it's just disappointing. We don't need more zombies trying overall due to points, we just need better zombies and there's no real way to do that. It doesn't help that teaching the zombies these strats isn't something any leader wants to do, and is overall discouraged since the zombies "don't need a leader" and anyone who leads them is usually just being toxic. Most zms follow the pack like they're playing human and the only way to direct them is by bhopping ahead. The main thing that motivated me to even learn how to bhop with scroll wheel was watching players on source zoom into a pack of doorhuggers and singlehandedly end the round. If the zms weren't so gimped on csgo, then people would have a lot more fun playing them.
  4. You could say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I'd like a section on word choice like saying "back up" or "don't edge" or "backpedal" when a lot of leaders just spam "back." Most of the time, people defend, hear the leader say "back" or "door's open" and then run without looking back. Once the momentum is there, most of the team is just running.
  5. I'd especially like to see smg clip size buffed. I like the way everything is laid out in the spreadsheet, but would rather be looking at values for BPM and DPS instead of price. Coming from source as an m4 and tmp user I was disappointed to see people only using bizon and negev. The clip size increase on the m4 to 40 was perfect, and I hope to see ben's new clip sizes implemented over time.
  6. Big twist, tirith gets nominated by "mistake"
  7. Yeah, and add no recoil auto deagles. Pistols should also be increased by sedna's guidelines. Also in that video, the team had been failing to shoot the tp like that for 4 rounds.
  8. The recoil isn't too bad if controlled, and the massive clip plus the fast move speed makes it a great tap firing weapon at range. The tap fire and difficult recoil both reward skill. On bosses though, it's usually easy to hit the larger ones. I have a lot of fun with m249 (when i misclick and buy it on accident) but the price should be reduced a little without touching it's nice knockback. Ona mentions that few servers modify the prices of guns, but those prices were set with normal competitive cs in mind, not ze. I'd also like to see clip sizes of alternative smgs increased but I don't even know if that's possible. I'd like to see the gun meta expand beyond bizons and negevs without dethroning them. I'm not talking about suddenly making m249 meta because it's cheaper, just making alternative playstyles somewhat more viable. It's not like I'll be using it on tryhard maps anyways, just to challenge myself and dick around on easier maps.
  9. I havent read this thread yet but it could be cool to have like a cousin to gfl like steamgamers kind of server. What should the difference between the two servers be and how do we get all the tiny proportion of competent players to all be in one? Basically just make one tryhard. The other one could have more fun maps like rooftop or ze_sky_athletic_v7_3 This way we can safely add maps like minas and cosmo to the regular nom list on one server since all the tryhards will be in one server.
  10. Make more tier 3 admins because it's hard to beat shroom forest 3 at seven levels without it. Today we only got 2 shots at the final level with only 4 losses. I nominate sneaky because most of the time this happens he's there and can't do anything.
  11. Minas tirith recently got added to .com and I had the pleasure of playing the map with a team that mostly hadn't played it on css. It was a total shitshow, 0-6 and then 2-15. After playing on css it was like bizzaro world where people didn't have the most important zombie flank routes and timings memorized leading to panic. Even if the players themselves are good it'll take a while for people to learn the map. I'd like to see some more experienced minas elites from css in the server to teach the map. At this point i'm afraid that people might just give up and preemptively rtv. I don't want csgo to miss out on minas. Maybe afterwards we can all sing kumbaya and hold hands with white knight as we run to the end of the bridge thing. Also, it seems unnecessarily cruel to ban juky, botox and the third guy from playing on the server when they're so invested in the game and its community. It's like telling a fish it can't swim or that it has to move to another shittier unloze scented fishbowl, one of only two sizeable fishbowls on css just because he stole your bowl. Since we're going to join the servers we should try to get along better together. It doesn't look good to exclude the more beloved, useful and the other guy ones. When I try to understand the history of the split (during which time I took a break) by reading all these posts, it just seems like a bunch of immature idiots making boneheaded decisions all around and half apologizing/justifying for them. Not to say pretend the split never happened and fuggedaboutit but let's use this opportunity to make ze great again.
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