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  1. welcome back been a little bit since I've seen that face.

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    2. rapperdan


      understandable welcome back I guess.

    3. ComradeSteaky


      Yup. That's the plan. Thanks for the welcome. 

    4. rapperdan


      yea been in your shoes before or should say felt the same way.


      anyways enjoy it while it lasts I suppose.

  2. thought i'd put it here as the thread got locked lmao , by shitfest i meant just the whole money and doxxing shitfest , not the whole bloody community being a shitfest. also the part where you said "  I don't believe anyone is begging for your presence." i was on gfl for a while then took a break, i stopped posting in forums about a month after i started as there was nothing going on (this was about 2013/14.) 

  3. If you'd hate to be in this "shitfest" then don't. I don't believe anyone is begging for your presence. I have enjoyed my time here for the most part and id say its far from a shitfest.
  4. A forum mods job shouldnt be revising posts but to keep trolls from filling up the forums with shitposting and flaming. The capability to edit your post is a very normal thing and this is the first time I have seen a site like this without it.
  5. It would atleast be nice to have an edit option. But its removed on certain threads it seems.
  6. You keep saying random pleb but please explain your importance if you dont mind? And why lie and say they have given out your paypal information? it makes no sense you are trying to prove an invalid point. If you have proper pass management that the only thing that should have been at risk is your gfl account.
  7. Im not one for insulting people. It just isnt my style. But if you are daft enough to make your information on a gaming community the same as your paypal than that was your own incompetence at work. You need to have a difficult password that should change every so often. Especially for something as vital as paypal.
  8. Damnit... right when i got the popcorn...
  9. Bloody Mary has been enraged. This oughta be good
  10. The fact this is still going on is quite amusing as well as disheartening. Ill say this and leave it at that. The breach happened. YES, for gods sake they get it. They fucked up. Big time. However, bitching and complaining about their "lack of responsibility" isnt going to change that. They cant build a time machine and make a damn sequel to back to the future. If you are unhappy with the response GFL has given then leave. I dont speak for the community as I am in no position to do so. However, if you dislike the services they are offering than feel free to refrain from using them from this point on. Thats just how it is. But going on and on about their mistake isnt going to change the past and unless you have a legitimate idea of how to fix the situation than i suggest that you drop the flame war entirely as it solves absolutely nothing and serves no one any benefit except for myself because i get to watch and laugh. Thank you.
  11. Give it to me. And i will call it hyper meme. And blast my capitalist enemies away.
  12. First...

    Well this oughta raise some questions of my interests. but... alas here is my game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/427730/?snr=1_7_7_ut1_150_1
  13. I hope not. Reading these comments have started to become a slight hobby of mine.
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