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  1. Okay, Wuffy mentioned most of it all, however, you were a large nuisance you were extremely toxic and all sorts of other things on top of that. You threatened staff, constantly insulting them and eventually saying you'd put a few rounds in them? Then you proceeded to try to bargain with staff with money you'd get from selling drugs of some sort for an extortionate price? So something that doesn't exist and you made up on the spot? I'm not gonna say anything to what is and isn't true since the stories you speak of are quite amusing to the player base. But what? On a different note, would you really have fun not being able to talk or type? even if we did agree to you coming back you'd eventually want to be unmuted and gagged and then you'd do a loop when people upset you, and say something that irks you. I'm not gonna unban you as of right now, please try to see to yourself and make sure you're okay. Feel free to appeal again another time. Look after yourself dude.
  2. Ever heard of a joke? No? Okay I won't make them next time u.u
  3. I'll look into the bottles, bags would be an interesting one so that will be tested... No teletubbies... Theyre staring into my soul ;~;
  4. You'll be unbanned ~ I shall do the process for it either tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Dude, biased and unfair would be me not reading any of your stuff and denying you. This is just funny to me. What thought process did you put into appealing again so quickly? Anyways, the ban for joining on a different account is for ban evading, which you did in fact do because "You missed the server" and again, when was that ever allowed? I admit to when the server was doing the buffering issue, but beyond that it has always been a nono, there's a reason why we go out of our way to ban the alt accounts and such since they were banned for a reason. What logic went through your mind to say that going on an alt whilst banned was a good idea? On another point you were exploiting a fault to an extent that it made the server auto restart due to the strain and then decided to continue? What? Followed by pushing aside when others were upset by saying it was "technically not against the rules". Once again, what? You knew it was bad hence why you were defending yourself from the start yet you still decided to push it? Smart. I won't be unbanning you yet, wait a bit before you appeal again next time too, let the situation simmer down and people clear their heads rather than jumping straight in again. It doesn't look good. Although it seems you understand the situation you're in I will still deny you again, but you are open to try again at a later point, emphasis on the later, if I see an appeal from you tomorrow I swear to hecc… >.>
  6. One: literal admins tried to stop you and you didn't? Really? Two: technically not against the rules is still as close as you can achieve to breaking the rules. That's just dumb. Three: Alt accounts were only allowed when the server had a buffer. Do you remember them ever being okay before? Do you not pay attention to us banning nblock alts and other ban evaders? You honestly didn't use many of you your brain cells for this did you? I shall leave it as is, if people want you unbanned then they can talk to me.
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