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  1. kite to celebrate the end of me and boomers ban you shall get on tomorrow at 15:28 uk time, if not you shall get the furrnack
  2. bored

    ok boomer @Boomer ok boomer
  3. i knew you acted like rollnaway, and you were infact rollnaway
  4. However, i apologize, cause boomer was my friend i thought he was saying it as a joke, when he started to rdm i stopped saying it, boomer is a nice dude who has anger issues, not to be rude boomer, but we all have, atleast most of us..
  5. I legit only said anarchy riot riot, and just repeated those once again, i did not ACTUALLY rdm or kill, i only that stuff twice as a joke, i don't like how people are dragging me into this cause of what i said, ffs..
  6. Firstly, haxray and duc, codes quite well, they probably know lua better than you, secondly, on scp sl the exit is a single door each round, with this you'd have a chance to exit from any door, but also the possibility to die from any door..
  7. It doesn't instantly kill you when 106 gets you, you just have doors that have a one in six chance to kill you
  8. Woah duc, that's quite good! the only reason i suggested it was because 106 is a bit underpowered and more of a support class, but either buff or change to the pd is fine! 😄
  9. That's super easy, 106's funhouse is so boring
  10. d9341 should have some extra health, like only 25+ hp and around 2/3 lives, i don't know, but maybe, well xy probably can't do it but if the round is normal, hard, or easy, then at easy he can save where ever he wants, normal he needs to find save spots, and hard is he just spawns at d boi spawn
  11. meh xy will decide which one he likes he will choose, he will either make it op or terrible, since the new scps are always that lmao
  12. cut off the tip of my finger completely when i was young..
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