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  1. Eh, i agree with this, but scp 011 should have a buff in hp since he'd be too vulnerable or faster reloading time, i personally haven't been scp 011, but i've been against it, vests 80% of the time don't protect you, you'll get oneshotted.. Neutral
  2. 682 is balanced, it doesn't need a buff at all, but 681 and 457 does, in my opinion -1
  3. it's stupid op i love it +1 So basically a scp ci agent, that doesn't even know it until later? and can infect people, so there's like a 90% chance scp objects will win
  4. Since i'm poor, this would be a good alternative for me, Personally it should be like Wii u Pro or something, since it removes alot of the switch features, Kinda making the switch in it's name useless, cause the whole point of the switch was to switch how you use it Switch it to your tv and use the controllers, Can't really do that anymore unless you buy some.. Again, like two player games with one switch is no longer possible without controllers unless you buy em.. But overall atleast it's within my price range, I might get this also, I still think of a wii u improved version
  5. Hmph, Would you still be able to connect external controllers? My thoughts on this is that it's nice! But not quite the feel of a nintendo switch. more of a wii u feel
  6. Hide and seek improvements i suggest you edit it Give all researchers a head start instead of a few or Lock 035's in a room until the round starts But either way +1
  7. get the fucking axe, we're executing again.. Where the fuck is xy, we need his permission
  8. god no, GOD NO, scp sl basically copied breach without even crediting, but now breach kinda copied them, we stole their keycards, that's all.. anyway +1
  9. Good idea, tweaks for multi breaches in my opinion is class e is added to multi breaches..
  10. This server literally helps my depression.. It kinda makes me forget about my problems..
  11. and here i was getting this alert thinking it was a comment on my staff application..
  12. skidaddle skidoodle i'm requesting @Zexired to review my little sloodle Wait im banned from all gfl server's?????? NOOOOO
  13. In Game Name: Felix whiston Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:121504815 Banned By: Console Ban Reason : Using bit slicer for r_drawothermodels 2/console manipulation Why I should be Unbanned: Well, i deserved this ban, but i loved playing on this server, i regret so much that i did that, i did it on cs:s before, so i wanted to see if it worked on Hide n seek, i knew the anti cheat was strong with console commands, but i wanted to try it anyway, it didn't even work but 10 seconds later i got banned, anyway i'm really sorry and it won't happen again.
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