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  1. I would say +1 but Starbound is better so nahh Jk the map looks cool and I hope I can get good at it, +1 from me
  2. If not for GFL, idk where my life would be, thanks to all the people who play, from the owners and developers to new players. Gamers are the best ❤️
  3. Don't you and Koni unban people too?
  4. @Zexired @Fafy @Harakoni
  5. Good guy



  6. @Harakoni To be honest the metric system is less confusing, I was saying it to try to annoy Viper lol
  7. Well SORRY, I don't use the metric system bc it sucks XD Also @TheRealViper3 get tf on, I've gotten big sad without a German who knows the game lol
  8. US Measurement, about 0.7-1 meter for you guys
  9. Agreed. There have been a lot of moments where I have been tagged from 10 feet away, through walls sometimes, and I've been up a flight of stairs and someone has clicktagged me. Taking it away is bad because it's a natural part of the game, but I'd nerf it to about 2-3 feet, which is probably 1/2 of the range now, but it's too much right now.
  10. Ban Appeal Zircon

    Just a question, why are you using aimbot on HnS lol. I don't mind you being unbanned, but this honestly makes no sense XD.
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