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  1. ban appeal

    I appreciate you confessing, HOWEVER, you gave me a bunch of crap for two days. You guys were toxic to the players, and especially toxic to the admins. If you had confessed the first time, I might have unbanned you, but you had to do all this that wasn’t needed, and your friend even made a video saying “GFL is retarded”, which isn’t gonna start or end well. The answer is no.
  2. Yeah denied. Sorry for the verdict. Btw, coming on with alts won't make it better.
  3. Yeahhhhhh no. 1-2 bhops is a lie, plus Toothpick and Samuel didn’t script, and they missed PLENTY of hops. This appeal kinda disappoints me because you think I can’t tell who’s scripting, but I can, trust me. You were jumping low and barely moving your crosshair, yet still gained a shit ton of speed on level ground. I would give you a second chance, but if I’m not giving Drew a second chance (reasons are on his app), I think it’s fair that I keep you banned.
  4. Unban Appeal

    4 evidence videos are on discord btw, Staff.
  5. Unban Appeal

    On Bob Omb Battlefield, you went off the cannon hit the fence and still bhopped at the same speed. I sent the videos to staff chat, and ALL the staff I talked to knew you were scripting. I would give you another chance, but you’re super toxic to other people, you put others down, you propsurf when you think I’m not watching, and you’re just overall not fun to play with. Unless Zex (our manager) or a senior admin says I need to unban you, you’re still banned from me.
  6. Fuck. No. Sorry for being biased, but fuck that map.
  7. I'd buy another dog because mine are idiots, then I'd just go on vacation to a bunch of places just so I can flex on everyone. Also, I'd buy @Scourge Fortnite on 5 different accounts just to piss him off.
  8. Viper is one of our best admins, while I disagree with him on the train (lol), he still does his job 100% of the time, and he is nice to people unless they're being idiots to him.
  9. I love this because it's a great game mode that everyone can relax on. We have admins that know what they're doing, and while I sometimes disagree with them, they're still fun people to play with, and it's nice meeting new players every day. We also have rules that are actually logical to the game and we haven't nerfed this game at all, which has made it by far the best HnS server. We also don't ban everyone for breaking one rule, which sometimes isn't even broken and admins get salty, but that never happens on GFL HnS, because it's not CG servers and it's not TTT.
  10. Will try and playtest it soon, thanks for suggestion!
  11. Rip Motorsteak, shouldn't have picked a name that ruins a perfectly good food
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