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  1. This year is crazy dude. So stressful for everyone (Democrats, Republicans, and all the rest of the American people) and we still don't have a winner yet, it's insane. NC (my state) is still not finished and they're being slow but let's hope everything gets counted before any more crazy shit happens. It looks to me like the defining state is gonna be Nevada but we'll see what happens.
  2. I can be whatever you want me to be
  3. Thank you so much @SS PigeonShit, means a lot I’d say @PopcornGoesPopping is probably my favorite admin at the moment. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met for sure and has a good rep with almost everyone.
  4. I don’t know who you are and what you did, so I’m going to stay out of this and let the people involved take control of this. I’m only posting this so that people know that I don’t have a valid opinion on this. @FrankAL and @mbs has the job of handling this
  5. Ok let's get it started From what I've seen, the statement that Gary said was true and I've heard other admins confirm that. In addition to that, I personally didn't think the discord ban a month or so ago was valid at all due to certain circumstances (don't wanna discuss why publicly but certain people know why). From what I've seen, you've alted (though not recently) a couple times and that's an aggravating factor, plus you do seem a little toxic at times. However, with me (and this is just personal, not trying to say anything for others), you've been pretty chill. Adding on to that, you've only been permabanned once and it's been almost a year since you were banned (someone correct me if I'm wrong though) I'm personally leaning towards an unban due to these circumstances for now, but it's up to @mbs and @FrankAL at the moment Oh and by the way, if you aren't admin, it's not your decision to unban someone, so please don't stick your nose in and post sarcastic comments, it's really annoying and it wastes everyone's time who actually has a say in the issue.
  6. Ok, sorry for ruining the party, but here goes nothing Basically, you got permabanned again by me for continued toxicity as soon as you started playing again, but then you decided to play the victim card and make a ban appeal a day after, which had a few parts where you lied. After I denied it because you appealed within a day and staff was kinda done with you, you made this long post that was basically full of lies and slander against me. Thanks to you and that incident, that was one of the hardest I think I've ever had on gmod, just because you decided to be petulant and try to slander me because you did something wrong but you thought you were above the punishment In addition to that, there have been a couple reports (though not recently) of you alting on the server, which is another aggravating factor in this decision. You also tried to make it look like I was streaming to you on the server a couple days ago, which I took offense to because that's one of the reasons I banned you. Everyone knows well that I don't want you unbanned because of a combination of these factors (especially the slander though) for a very long time, but it's no longer my decisions and it's up to @FrankAL and @mbs
  7. As @VortexKiryu stated, I didn’t gag you, it was him. That and your short responses show that this appeal is very rushed and you didn’t put much thought into this. You haven’t done anything recently, but I’m just not sure if I want you ungagged or not. Either way, it’s up to @mbs and @FrankAL and Imma leave it at that.
  8. Ok I'm gonna start with this, this appeal is very rushed and doesn't seem to take any effort, thought, or sincerity. I think this proves that you don't really deserve an unban, not gonna say any more than this bc I don't think I need to, up to @FrankAL and @mbs to decide your verdict.
  9. I haven’t seen anything from you lately but you did take down the server and make multiple ban appeals before with poor wording. I’m neutral on this right now, but @mbs and @FrankAL will decide what happens I guess
  10. Damn you make a good point about the dark ages. 2019 and 2020 have been god awful in comparison to the years before from what I've seen and heard. I don't know you or most people who play TTT personally but I'm really sad to hear someone say this and I completely agree with you. It feels really weird and often unenjoyable to see this drama. Don't know you but good luck on your future
  11. I gotta say @mbs and @FrankAL because they're both friendly, chill, and enforce the rules like a good admin should
  12. No idea who you are and sorry for the late response. Up to @FrankAL
  13. I didn't even gag you permanently, that was @VortexKiryu I've barely seen you on the server but I've been less active lately, so MY opinion isn't really that great. I haven't seen/heard of you lately, which means you haven't done anything bad, but you also haven't been on and idk how you'd handle an unban, plus your appeal seems a little bit rushed to me. There doesn't seem to be much effort because I wasn't even the one to gag you and you're last line provides no great reason to ungag, it seems a little insincere and thoughtless. I don't care that much but it's up to @FrankAL and @VortexKiryu
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