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  1. Nblock is permabanned and can't unban you so since I banned your original account, I control this one as well. You've been toxic to admins, came on with an alt a few times, and you've never been fun to play with. No.
  2. Mute appeal

    I haven’t been on a lot because of school and cruddy headphones, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I have stuff to do today through Friday so hopefully a Division Leader can get you unmuted. Accepted.
  3. Uhhh... pretty sure I banned you?
  4. ban appeal

    Ah ok my bad
  5. ban appeal

    You're the only one who I REGULARLY saw doing it. With being banned, I think you have 4 warns for trolling, so it was much more than that @SS PigeonShit @BadD
  6. Sorry I'm extremely late, sorry to see this happening, good luck on university stuff
  7. ban appeal

    All I'm going to say is I highly don't recommend you being unbanned. From what I've seen, you've been rude, disrespectful, and annoying to 90% of the players. My decision isn't final though, so this is just a suggestion to Harakoni.
  8. There's always me and the boys on HnS, we got you covered on that
  9. Sorry I’m extremely late, didn’t really know you too well but you were a cool guy, good luck on your life stuff
  10. Unban Appeal

    I believe that enough time is passed to start over. I think you have presented yourself as a person who made a mistake. You haven't been on alts (thank god) and you haven't been a pain, so I'm fine with you being unbanned. Accepted.
  11. This was your FIFTH micspam warn and THIRD permagag on HnS. You clearly haven't learned from the other 2 pgags not to micspam. If you can prove you aren't a nuisance to people in game, I may ungag you later. Denied for the time though.
  12. I have a Switch but I have 2 games, Rocket League (Which I'm trash at) and MK8 Deluxe (And I'm way better at the non-deluxe version)
  13. I literally just banned you for Ban Evasion on ALT and Wallhacking. Just like to say that.
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