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  1. With this spot, you can get here legitimately if you have someone boosting you, but you can use the unstuck command many times in a row and get up here.
  2. Sorry for the long delay, neither of these maps have been chosen yet so once the people choose them I'll screenshot
  3. ok I'll try and send it on discord or something Sorry for the unclear info
  4. I've noticed unstuck abuse being commonly used in plant spots like the boosting spot over the train bridge at HnS District and the plant spot behind the CSS truck in Desert Atrocity V3. I have also seen solid blocks being put down by someone (idk if it's a senior admin or superadmin) in spots that are very annoying/impossible to get out of. Two examples of this are the river in RPG Village and the Underground Area in Bangclaw behind the flooded train. I was thinking that a good way to prevent unstuck abuse is to put these solid blocks down in plant spots. That could prevent people from using unstuck and if an admin was on then they could detect people trying to go through a block.
  5. I definitely think this would be a very cool playermodel. I like the idea overall. There are two problems I can see with it, however. One problem is that it might be difficult to see the colors on the playermodel. On a map like Wanda or District (maps that have a lot of brightness level), it may be hard to see the colors. It could easily have the same problem as the Tron Anon playermodel. It can be hard to distinguish hiders from seekers on there. The other is that the playermodel can be extremely glowy in the dark, like the Red Alloy. There can be a problem where you use that skin, and you have nowhere to hide in the dark because there is such a big contrast between the color and the gray area. You can also screw everyone else if it happens to glow very badly. A playermodel needs to be light enough so it isn't completely broken in the dark, but dark enough to make it not glow and screw everyone else over. Other than that, I like the idea.
  6. That would be a good skin for the memes. However, there is one problem and that is the colors. I couldn't see any of the HnS colors working for this skin. I can't see this model being anything but white imo, and it doesn't look flexible to fit in. It also looks very large, maybe about left shark size, and that can be a problem. I'm sort of meh on this skin, could be worse, but could be better imo.
  7. Ok I think I'll play it later and see it it for myself. I need to playtest maps soon
  8. Hmm. Maybe I should playtest it a bit. After I do that, I'll see if I think it could work with modern HnS tactics (trying to get in the hardest possible spot every time and being super complex while wasting your brain).
  9. I need to play the map to get better info. However, if the map is too small and 20 people on it, the seekers can win in around 2 minutes with a good starting seeker. As for abuse, you can call an admin on so that may be fine. I really need to go play the map though, I have no info.
  10. This could work for HnS, seems like it has some pretty good solo spots and other hidden spots. I like the outside bit and you can easily find very creative spots. Good suggestion.
  11. I've played airbus before on murder. It is not good, pretty much no spots...
  12. So I was on the HnS server and the mapvote appeared. Station Mall was a new map and because of that, we voted for it. Turns out, Station Mall is unloadable. It had us permanently stuck, so we can't do anything. Rtv and forcemapvote were broken, cancerous tried it. Hopefully the map can be removed or something, it won't load and if it stays and people vote it, the rtv will now be broken again and everyone will keep getting stuck. If there are any other suggestions please reply.
  13. Oh ok. That sounds reasonable in my opinion. I don't want to put a bunch of work on any DEV but if that could be fixed that would be great. It's also probably less important than other bugs and glitches on the server. If you can do that please do though. That would be great.