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  1. Well SORRY, I don't use the metric system bc it sucks XD Also @TheRealViper3 get tf on, I've gotten big sad without a German who knows the game lol
  2. US Measurement, about 0.7-1 meter for you guys
  3. Agreed. There have been a lot of moments where I have been tagged from 10 feet away, through walls sometimes, and I've been up a flight of stairs and someone has clicktagged me. Taking it away is bad because it's a natural part of the game, but I'd nerf it to about 2-3 feet, which is probably 1/2 of the range now, but it's too much right now.
  4. Ban Appeal Zircon

    Just a question, why are you using aimbot on HnS lol. I don't mind you being unbanned, but this honestly makes no sense XD.
  5. R.I.P Notre Dame Cathedral, April 15, 2019 It's currently burning in Paris, France. For all of you French people and tourists on GFL, I'm with you, and hoping for the best.
  6. As long as it gets rid of stupidity, I'm happy.
  7. Yep, wasn't aware about any of this. I'm totally okay with Five being unmuted, because I have zero screenshots to back my case up, but let me make something clear. Just because you get upset and can't control yourself on a game doesn't mean you have the right to chatspam. It's not anyone else's fault. If I had screenshots against you and I got this defense, I would be a lot harsher. This appeal wasn't the best and you blamed others in it for making a mistake that YOU did. Just be careful in the future.
  8. Can't you just type voice_enable 0 in console?
  9. While you did abuse and I was sad that this whole thing happened... F Ik the last few days on were awful, but paying tribute to our good moments on the server. If you decide to come back and be better, I'll happily give a 2nd chance to you
  10. I have been trying to get more points now, and I sold some stuff, but I can't sell Christmas Items. If I sell it, I would be getting a lot of points (almost 60000 for candy cane jump pack, but I can't and it's just sitting in my inventory. I think we should be able to sell Christmas items that cannot be sold yet (Christmas Hats, Trails, Candy Cane jump packs, Christmas Miku, and Santa). And if we can't sell it for some reason, can we have someone take items away (only if you want it taken away though) and give the points that you would get from selling the items? If they get taken away and no points are given, then the players basically sold stuff for free. This doesn't apply to halloween stuff since none of those cost anything. Idk how to do this in format since it's so specific though.
  11. +1 FUCK YESSSS!!! Map is straight up garbage for 5 reasons. Laggy Confusing for newer players Way too big No good spots Overplayed because of a Vanoss video (heard that from Doot)
  12. All of this was said by Doot and Booster: "This would kill this server completely. This change would make the server EXTREMELY unsustainable and extremely repulsive. If we have learned anything, if we are not careful, history is doomed to repeat itself. S1ke and Banana Shack are two perfect examples. Both servers have given major nerfs; S1ke removing God Spots, Bhopping, and Surfing; Banana Shack removing jump packs, god spots, and bhopping as well. S1ke had 28 players and after it was rebooted, 22 players left the server and never came back in 15 SECONDS, and the population went from 52 to 10 on Banana Shack. Right now, the servers are barely even up." "When you say this brings in new players, it doesn't actually. Big youtubers like VanossGaming bring in the players. For example, Vanoss uploaded a video and almost 40 people were on GFL. If he uploads a video and people see it, that will drive newer players in. The rule will just drive people out, and it hurts both noobs (because they don't have nothing to look forward too) and regulars (because they will get so bored), so that argument that the rule in is completely invalid and it's just false.
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