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  1. I couldn't have said it any better. Joshy basically took all my thoughts and put it into that post. I really don't like the idea of rioting much because I think it will cause a lot of unrest and division, however, this issue really needs to be brought to the eye of the general public. I think people are underestimating the severity of the situation to people who are disadvantaged. I feel like people know about the topic of police brutality, but it's not resonating enough with them. I've seen and heard these stories before, and the cops are actually pretty scary. I can't imagine being attacked by a cop, especially in the way that George Floyd was. It's always really frustrating to see cases of this because it feels like we haven't learned anything from previous episodes of this. There are some times where I need to tell myself to think about other experiences and not go off my own. My experiences won't be the same as everyone else's experiences, which I also think a lot of people need to recognize. I'm a straight white male. I won't have the same encounter or thought process about a certain system as other people of a race, ethnic group, gender, and anything else you want to name here. There are always those times where I think things about an issue just from my perspective and then I see the other side and I have to accept that I was very wrong about it. When I first saw this, I was like, "Why are they rioting? That's the worst way to go about this.", but then I remembered just how long police brutality has been occurring in the US and I really felt bad about what I had said earlier because I wasn't taking any of that into consideration. I remembered that there are people being traumatized by police brutality, whether it's directly at them, or it's at someone else. After I took all of this into consideration, I came to a conclusion. Yes, rioting isn't peaceful, but people are making a point about a topic that has fallen on deaf ears for the most part. We all need to stand together as humans and hold ourselves accountable for treating each other equally, no matter if you're a minority or a majority, democrat or republican, man or woman, christian or muslim, and the list goes on and on. We're a different culture and we need to embrace it. Rioting isn't peaceful, but it's bringing attention to something that desperately needs it.
  2. Man, it'd have to be getting admin on HnS. Becoming admin on here was honestly a turning point for me in any game. I'd often think that I was never good enough to be admin before I applied and even though I had multiple sponsors, I just went it with the "Fine I'll give it a go" attitude, and it was a huge success that I don't think I'll ever regret. I don't think I'd still be around if I wasn't a staff member because as a staff, people look up to you and it's always nice to help the newer players, plus you can keep the server in tact when it's needed the most. Being admin has also allowed me be more confident in myself and get to know other staff more, and ultimately talk to more people who want to be a part of the staff team, so I can say the most unforgettable moment is becoming part of the HnS staff.
  3. // Unravel //

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  5. Honestly, my goal is just to play around and have good relationships with the playerbase. I want to have fun with the players and take jokes while enforcing the rules and being remembered as a good admin. That's basically it tbh.
  6. Honestly the most unforgettable person for me is unforgettable in a bad way. That guy is a guy named Foxy Fox. He constantly trolled, targetted me, argued with me on literally everything possible, and would often get notable people (including some who are banned/have been very close to being banned) to go against me. The man was the most infuriating player that I've EVER had to deal with. That all made him unforgettable. My players that I've shouted out are in some of my other posts, so check there if you want to see them. He's permabanned now and I would've had to unban him because his account was probably hacked when he tried to scam admins into losing their steam account, but he tried to ban evade on family share and got instantly banned by Breach Error 2. That's why he's unforgettable, yet infuriating.
  7. I'm telling you, as bad is COVID is, a lot more people are playing from it. I just wonder what it'll be like over the summer when online school isn't going on. Also, WhERe iS hIDe aNd SeeK iN thAT iMAGe?!
  8. Technically, I think how it works is we have 64 open slots to play, but if we even get to 32 players (which we rarely do anyway), I think the last 32 slots are reserved for VIP's and Admins to be able to get on (unless people connect from the HnS IP). The lag will just depend on the server, how well optimized the map is, how good the player's PC is. I know people who can get 200+ frames with 15-25 people on well-optimized maps. However, I have a horrible PC and can't even get half that number (I'm on I-3 with integrated graphics LOL) As for competition, I'd say that if we were going to do a competitive HnS tournament, we should do it in a separate server. This means we won't get caught in the crossfire with newer players and players hoping to just hop on and chill on HnS. We need to make sure the server isn't hosted in a bad spot (i.e. if most people were from the EST time zone if we did a competitive map, we wouldn't want the map hosted in Asia/Australia). We should have everyone in that specific map be a seeker once and hiding every other time until everyone has a turn as a seeker. Once a hider gets tagged, they need to go to spectate so the designated seeker is the only one to tag people. Obviously, they cannot go into spectator to avoid getting tagged, because that'd rob a seeker of points they need, and they cannot tell the seeker where the hiders are as a spectator, they cannot say where anyone is because that'd be ghosting. The scoring would ideally be the same, with hiders getting 3 points every round they win and a seeker getting a point for every person they tag. Once everyone has a turn at seeker, then we count up the points. Whoever has the most points by the end would get the prize. Now, I also think 2nd and 3rd place should get a prize as well because 2nd and 3rd won't be easy to get. With some people being better at the game than others, it's only fair that we offer the other people some prize, although it won't be anywhere near as good as first place. Now, I think the reward should be 5 million pointshop points or all the playermodels in the pointshop. This will entice a lot of prominent figures into joining the competitive match and it will really raise the stakes. A lot of people would want the money, so giving them lots of points/skins is a good idea. This will also get newer players into the action (only if they want to, of course) because they're also going to be looking for the money. Another solution that we could do is have a skin/accessory only available to people who've won in competitive HnS. Another point that should be obvious but I'll say it anyway, you will be kicked from the server if you're being toxic/harassing people/hacking/breaking the rules normally found on HnS. This is for money and but in the end sportsmanship still applies, and we don't condone unsportsmanlike conduct on HnS, so we shouldn't do it here. Also, teaming with others to get more points will not be allowed. You have to tag people as the seeker. Also, people that are banned from HnS or GFL in general wouldn't be able to participate. They're banned, it's only fair. The last thing I want to talk about here is the maps. We should not do a map like Tulip where people constantly complain about frames. I often get ~10 frames on that map and we shouldn't do a map with bad statistics. Also, I'm leaning towards a bigger map because for a tournament, we are going to want as many people to participate as possible. I'm thinking a map like Littletown will be good because it's not absolutely enormous, but it's a sizeable map that will challenge a seeker and also has a variety of parkour spots and actual hiding spots. I think this should be done once a month if we were to do one of these, as this doesn't make it overdone, but it gets players hyped for a month for one specific day, all hoping to come out with an illustrious reward without everyone overdoing everything. @FrankAL sorry for such a long post but there's all my thoughts
  9. I've finally done it. I hit 2,000 hours (83d, 8h) on HnS. I cannot explain how happy and grateful I am to have gotten to this point, so I wanted to do something pretty cool as a way of expressing my thanks to others who have helped me along the way. I've been thinking about what I could do for this, and I think a good way of saying thanks to this journey is to thank every single admin that I've ever worked next to. The staff team has been very supportive and has kept me on consistently. I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of a consistently good staff team in a consistently good community. If I forget anyone, just let me know. Here goes nothing... @Zexired - The first manager I worked under and the guy who accepted me. Always so grateful to play with him and just a cool dude to be around. πŸ’™ @mbs - That guy who knows WAY too much stuff for my brain to handle. Seriously though, I love that he's been around to help me consistently about my computer and he's one of the most knowledgeable admins I know. He seems to never get in drama and he's just a super cool dude in general. πŸ’™ @KryptekBlu3 - One of the newer admins that I've been around, but he's a super cool dude who's always down to talk and have a good time. Always a pleasure to hear about his stories. πŸ’™ @bnewton - A really funny, yet relaxed admin that I've always wanted to be more like. He always seems like he's just playing his game, and that's something that I've always found great about him. I've only seen him about 5 or 6 times in total, but every time I see him, I like being around him. πŸ’™ @Jat - A very chill admin that seems to always be in control of things. Like Bnewton, I've only seen him 5-6 times maybe ever, but when I was applying, I saw him and was like, "Wow, I wanna be like him." πŸ’™ @littleshake - That Serbian that made the best quotes lol Very nice admin who wasn't afraid to talk about anything. Overall, good experiences with her. πŸ’™ @Impaled - Eerily chill and calm and one of the best people for solving conflicts, but it was sad when his power went out on Golf With Friends. 😒 πŸ’™ @FrankAL - A super savvy guy when it comes to politics. This man knows what's going on in the US. While we don't necessarily agree on everything politics wise, it's still super fun talking to him and debating controversial topics, plus he's a really chill senior who's always a good person to talk to when he gets on. @PsquawOsaurus - I've only played with him ~2-3 times (as I remember) but he was a cool dude who is enjoyable to play with, plus he needs his Psquaw Powers again am I right? 🌍 πŸ’™ @Harakoni - The guy who I argued with WAY too much Literally one of the funniest dudes I've ever met on HnS and always a blast to play with, I'm really sorry manager ended the way it did and I hope you can be more active in the future. πŸ’™ @Clufy - Super funny guy who'd always make good quotes with Harakoni and Fafy, always a blast to play with and I wish you came back. 😒 πŸ’™ @Fafy - One of my sponsors and one of the smartest guys I know on GFL. I could probably try coding for YEARS and not get to his level. Also a cool, calm, and collected dude in general, plus Argentina is pretty cool. He's accomplished so much and he's so knowledgeable about so many things. I can't wait to see just how many things he does in life. πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ @nelso531 - Really cool dude who sponsored me and who I worked with, I'm really sorry that things got so out of hand late. Seriously though, he's pretty cool and has a very interesting story about his time. πŸ’™ @IDKEMBER - Badmin lol I barely played with him as admin, but he was pretty cool and showed me many different spots and made a great first impression on life. πŸ’™ @Nix Pardus - That guy that gave me a neutral πŸ˜„ Super funny admin that made pretty cool insults and quotes. It's honestly hard to not like this guy even if he tries to annoy you, plus he came up with "WufWufWufWufWuf", which is pretty cool tbh. @Diablodoggy28 - A cool dude that sponsored me and that was always chill. Haven't played with him recently, but he was super nice and enjoyable to be around (Also if you see this tell Prodigy I said hi πŸ˜›) πŸ’™ @Musical - The dude of so many voices who is constantly fun and helpful to others. He is super nice in game and in DM's to people, plus he has cool stories to tell us about and is always an entertainer. πŸ’™ @TheRealViper3 - One of my closest friends ever on GFL and such a funny guy in general. He and I would race for time early on, get to know each other pretty well, and we did so many things together. He and I developed this bond that I only think I can say I've had with one other person ever on the server (they'll be mentioned later) so you know he really meant a lot. I really don't know where I'd be without him tbh, he really deserves more recognition that he gets. πŸ’™ @Creepy Bronx - Cool dude who had a very unfortunate end to being admin, but we spent so much time together and I can say he's one of my good friends. I was so happy when he got accepted to the team even though he got mixed reviews, and he did a really good job. Honestly, this guy at 12 is probably more mature than me at 15. πŸ’™ @Darkness Angel - One of the nicest people I think I've ever seen on GFL. I don't think I've ever heard a mean thing from this man's mouth. He helped me with so much, especially when I was a newer player. I just really look back in 2018 when we were both crazy active and think, "Wow, those were good times". πŸ’™ @TacoGames - Here's the other dude who even comes in at Viper's level for me. I don't think I've ever heard a mean thing from his mouth. He is so nice to everyone on the server and was one of the coolest dudes I think I'll ever meet on GFL. This little fluffball and I did so much together, so much that we'd call each other just for fun and play games with each other, just showing how good our relationship was. I'd be dying to get him back on, honestly. πŸ’™ @DragoonMCL - Town of Salem boi We've had so many good times together and we'd play Town of Salem so much together and be the most judgmental people πŸ˜„, but he's a cool guy who I've found nice to hang out with and I'm really glad he applied. πŸ’™ @Clueless C. - He was a cool dude who always was nice to people on the server and was always a good person to talk to. I haven't played with him recently but I saw him as a trial and he seemed like a cool dude. πŸ’™ @SS PigeonShit - The only dude with as many different voices as Musical A cool guy who was fun to destroy in Golf With Friends play with on HnS and seemed to always bring a lot of energy to the server and keep players on. @Booster - Mbs' wife A really cool and calm dude who gets on and is just there to have fun on HnS. Simple as that. I've always loved playing with him and I am so glad he reapplied along with Mbs. πŸ’™ @Rennadai - Short bunny A really funny person who I am super grateful to for stepping up to the task of being manager with a lot of work on her hands. She is always really nice to everyone and is a joy to play with in HnS. She also made Emo Wuffers, which made me turn something I grumped about into something that I think is a part of me. πŸ˜„ πŸ’™ @Shabby - C tier A really honest and fair guy who's fun to play with. He is a very neutral and objective guy, which is always nice and essential for a server admin. πŸ’™ @PopcornGoesPopping - One of the smartest guys politically that I'll ever meet. He is super nice and he respects others' opinions and differences. He also is very good about staying out of drama, and I think he's one of the more quiet admins but should really be more noticed. He's the type of guy I'd like to be friends with in real life if I want someone to talk about issues with. He takes being understanding to the next level. πŸ’™ @spookyowo - Toxic Aussie A really funny guy on the server that is nice to be around and brings so much joy to the server. He makes great insults and is really a cool guy when you get to know him. He also is very open to you and he reminds you of those friends that insult you because they really like being with you. πŸ’™ @Jamie-Jay - Literally the most innocent guy I've seen on the server. This man is WAY too nice to everyone on the server. I swear, you can try and get him banned and he'll still be nice to you. I've never heard a bad thing from this man's mouth to another player. I could try to be this nice for years and still fail. He was always a guy who'd go to you if you needed something and was just super fun to play with. πŸ’™ @Pyros - A guy with a very good-looking future as a DL. He is one to always listen to problems going on in HnS, no matter what happens. He helped me immensely when I had an extremely bad reaction once, along with Musical, and I still can't think him enough for it. I just can't wait to see what this man is able to do later on in GFL. πŸ’™ To all of my other friends, regulars, supporters, and people who have contributed to HnS, I thank you as well. I would shout all of you out individually, but that would take me forever, so I'm shouting you all out here. I appreciate all of you! You all have kept me playing for over a year and without all of you, I would never have gotten to the point where I am. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ πŸ’™ I love you all, and I can't thank you all enough for bringing me here, my life wouldn't be the same without HnS πŸ’™ -Wuffy
  10. Yeah, that's scary to think about but tbh I can see a possibility of that. That's gonna be a rough change and I wonder how society will deal with that. Also, isn't COVID-19 a combination of multiple viruses already, one being the flu itself?
  11. So I've been in quarantine for a while and I'm constantly thinking, "When will this go away and when can we go back to normal lives?" My normal life was filled with activity like band and being on my school's tennis team, plus hanging around in school with my friends and the people that I liked to be around, but when quarantine hit, I'm now just doing online class and playing here, so I bring up this question because I want to know your experiences and when you think this time period will end. Personally, I think quarantine will last me the whole summer since I live in North Carolina, a state with 10,000,000 people, but I want to know how/when you think COVID will resolve
  12. No idea who you are so I'm just gonna let @FrankAL deal with this
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