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  1. Ok. I see your point about this, Koni. I will see how others respond to this, and so far only one person has. I'll try and get a data set of good proportions, but one out of about 10 people have said yes. My goal will be to hopefully get one data set of people under 3 days played, and data over 3 days played. I am not trying to exclude other people who haven't played the server a lot in my comment. A way to fix this is by getting a teacher IF THEY WANT IT. I couldn't do anything or any one spot alone, even just simple jump spots. I've had to have someone help me. If they want help, I feel like a fair way to get help is by asking questions that are simple, but effective (how to crouch jump, how to strafe, how to surf, etc.) About the 90% of people not knowing how to do the spot, I feel like you can team up with others to do these spots (I've seen a stack of three on Waterworld, a stack of six and seven on Museum and Atrocity). Ultimately, you should still be able to get someone with good communication, and while it does take a few days to learn, if you don't learn and actually don't try to do something about it, where is the point in that? It's just going to hurt the community. Once again, I understand what you are saying, but it's still pretty unrealistic, the way I interpret it.
  2. I'm sorry to put it this blatantly, but this would basically ruin parts of HnS. I have liked a lot of your suggestions, but I am EXTREMELY reluctant about this one. In my opinion, you don't even have the hardest spots on here. The only ones that are even that difficult on the list are the Museum spot and the Window strafe, the other three aren't easy, but they're nowhere near being difficult. For example, if we get rid of the waterworld rafters (basically just a series of strafes), then why aren't we getting rid of the ladder boost spots in clocktown? Those two spots are SO MUCH HARDER. On top of that, what about nerfing big maps with confusing areas (City, Bangclaw, XMas, Downtown, Locality, Littletown, etc.)? If we shut off good spots, then shouldn't we nerf big maps? Also, if we nerf Tulip rooves and Waterworld rafters, might just get rid of the maps because they have no spots other than those. When I joined as well, I personally took it upon myself to memorize how to do all of these spots. Why complain about removing good spots when you could just learn them? It literally makes no sense to complain and get your way every time when you could just learn how to do the spots, and that really disappoints me. There are also way more issues on the server than this. There are missing textures in the shop, lag when so many people join the server, spray problems, people disconnecting because of the sheer amount of addons you need to download, and many more. Why prioritize THIS??? This rule also prioritizes boring gameplay, like sitting in a corner the whole game. If we remove these spots, are we just going to sit in a corner the whole game and not have any fun whatsoever. The best part in the game is THE CHALLENGE. If you don't like the challenges of learning and having a good work ethic to get to these spots, why are you even complaining? It's better to be good at these spots and make sure you have a good ethic than to just sit in a corner the whole game and hope nobody finds you. That gets really boring in the space of hours. My final verdict: I see where the idea is coming from, and I respect your opinion, but I personally think this will ruin HnS. This is accommodating people who don't want to try to get better at hard spots. People who work hard at doing those and try over and over again will eventually get there. I think this rule will restrict so many people of reaching their potential, and if you ragequit because you CAN'T TAG SOMEONE, THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. This will make the experienced players and admins get worse just to help everyone be equally BAD. This is honestly just a dystopian-styled video game if it comes to this. This is a lose-lose situation for newer players and experienced players, before saying something like this, you have to look at the cons, and I don't think that was done because of the post above.
  3. Darkside and Harakoni are meanies, spread the word boys! >:(
  4. Eh. Idk, let me think about it. Thought about this a bit now and was late posting (sorry). I'd definitely support this
  5. I like how everyone just relies on Fafy XD. Rip Fafy *insert birth year*-2019
  6. Rip, really sad to see you go from a lot of GFL servers. (even though I'm just that guy on one server) Thank you for all you have done with GFL, and you have been overall very supportive, you helped me have a great time on GFL, and you have overall inspired to help me be myself, and being satisfied with my life. Thank you for all you have done, you will be remembered -Wuf
  7. I was in a map with Freight Car and Blockhero. They suggested a new round, and it is called the bounty round. They wanted me to post this in suggestions Here is how it works: We make a votewith the bounty round function for next round (similar to !gravityround). After that, we have a small bounty on one player, a medium bounty on another, and a big bounty on someone else (this only will affect 3 people in the game, won't affect spectators/seekers). The small bounty: If a seeker tags them, they will get 5 points on gametracker. The medium bounty: If a seeker tags them, they will get 15 points on gametracker. If they tag small + medium bounty, then they get 25 points (because it is harder to tag two people rather than one. The big bounty: If a seeker tags them, they will get 30 points on gametracker. If they tag big + small bounty, then they get 40 points on gametracker. If they tag big + medium bounty, they get 50 points on gametracker. Lastly, if all three get tagged, then they get 70 points on gametracker. There is one con, and that is people being targeted while on bounty. Targeting increases and people could get frustrated, but people have to vote for it, so that could cancel out the frustration part because the players voted on it (spectators will not count). If people have any other comments/points of concerns, please let me know <3
  8. Tbh this post is irrelevant now but idk how to close replies so rip me XD
  9. Yas! I can't sponsor you but I say go for it if someone else sponsors you. Good luck buddy!
  10. @TacoGames nice job moron XD jk dude we all love you <3
  11. Just fill out the requirements and you should be good :D