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  1. I'm kinda split on this. You were REALLY toxic to people and made a bunch of stupid/discriminatory statements. In 2019, you were one of the people that staff had to constantly be on the watch for. Multiple people complained about you before you got banned from what I recall. You also alted a couple times as I remember, and one of your alts had wallhacks on it. Therefore, in addition to ban evading, you also HACKED on GFL, which would've gotten you permabanned with or without an alt. I am thankful that you haven't alted in a while, but because of the comments that you said about people and you hacking on GFL, I'm just gonna leave this as a neutral. I'm not keen on an unban personally, but I haven't heard anything bad from you in the last few months. @FrankAL is the one that decides this though, and it's up to the rest of the staff team (those that were active when you were, obviously) and him.
  2. He drank the whole supply of water from your local water fountain, obviously
  3. Lemme just go back on what you did and reiterate my feelings on your first appeal You were very toxic to some of our players and that never looks good on the community. I think you had 9 warns and a couple of 1 week bans on the server and still wouldn't stop being toxic. This showed a lack of maturity in my book and I'm not sure why you went so out of proportion with it. You gave one of our admins death threats, and it wasn't an obvious joke, and tbh that kinda spooked me. If someone can't tell if you're joking by saying threatening stuff, then you're clearly in the wrong from my point of view. You also offered people money to ban a regular on the server. Normally I'd take that as a joke as well but you two had a terrible history with arguing and such that didn't need to be on the server. It was really hard trying to deal with those arguments, and it really doesn't look good on you or the community. Another thing, this appeal is pretty bland. It doesn't really show a whole lot of purpose and dedication to wanting to be unbanned from the server. I feel that if you really cared that much, you would have made a more descriptive appeal. I will present one plus though. It's been over 3 months and you haven't alted from what I recall, and that's a good thing. I do appreciate you for not alting as far as I've heard. I'd rather let staff like @spookyowo and @Rennadai comment on this before @FrankAL decides whether to unban you, since they had to deal with you a lot more than I did. Personally, I'd rather have you wait maybe a couple of months to get unbanned due to your circumstances and this appeal being pretty lackadaisical.
  4. I waited a while to comment this but I just wanted to say even though you and I had our ups and downs, I still liked playing with you overall and I'm so glad that in the end you and I can still get along and have fun with each other. Really sorry that you had to go out in this way, please have fun in other games and don't get so stressed out, it's all I can ask. You will always be remembered in HnS, as you served as admin for over a year. Also, please play ToS with me in the future (if you're down to do that, obviously) Good luck on other stuff, wish you the best man -Wuffy
  5. We already have a couple of people making maps, such as @bnewton and Tactical Retard (couldn't find your forum name sorry). I think the bigger issue is getting around to adding maps. I think the problem is how long it takes maps to be implemented, which can be solved by @Rennadai and @Fafy for the most part, along with other staff members who are willing to help out. The newest content update took a really long time to be uploaded (and idk if it's finished or not tbh). All in all, I feel like getting staff (and most importantly the manager and other higher ups who work with the manager) to implement suggestions into HnS quicker. What I feel we need to do is clear out the suggestions that have been accepted or denied, especially in the discord where there are many suggestions. If we add a steady stream of maps, we need to keep the #suggestions page fresh so people will be tempted to vote there and do their part in deciding future addons to HnS. We theoretically could pay someone but I'm not sure that'd be a good use of the GFL budget.
  6. I just wanna live a happy and successful life and do things along the way. Just live a life that's comfortable, yet fun at the same time.
  7. @NaratoHeHeXD do you and @-parz1val- come in a package? If so, BIG YES!
  8. The person above me is your missing son ^^
  9. He can be Co-Owner with Roy obviously
  10. Dyslexia moment sorry @DragoonMCL
  11. Leaving this to @Shabby and @FrankAL to handle this. Yes, it was me that pmuted you, but it was originally Shabby's warn and Frank needs to deal with mute appeals.
  12. If you read this you're bad
  13. I couldn't have said it any better. Joshy basically took all my thoughts and put it into that post. I really don't like the idea of rioting much because I think it will cause a lot of unrest and division, however, this issue really needs to be brought to the eye of the general public. I think people are underestimating the severity of the situation to people who are disadvantaged. I feel like people know about the topic of police brutality, but it's not resonating enough with them. I've seen and heard these stories before, and the cops are actually pretty scary. I can't imagine being attacked by a cop, especially in the way that George Floyd was. It's always really frustrating to see cases of this because it feels like we haven't learned anything from previous episodes of this. There are some times where I need to tell myself to think about other experiences and not go off my own. My experiences won't be the same as everyone else's experiences, which I also think a lot of people need to recognize. I'm a straight white male. I won't have the same encounter or thought process about a certain system as other people of a race, ethnic group, gender, and anything else you want to name here. There are always those times where I think things about an issue just from my perspective and then I see the other side and I have to accept that I was very wrong about it. When I first saw this, I was like, "Why are they rioting? That's the worst way to go about this.", but then I remembered just how long police brutality has been occurring in the US and I really felt bad about what I had said earlier because I wasn't taking any of that into consideration. I remembered that there are people being traumatized by police brutality, whether it's directly at them, or it's at someone else. After I took all of this into consideration, I came to a conclusion. Yes, rioting isn't peaceful, but people are making a point about a topic that has fallen on deaf ears for the most part. We all need to stand together as humans and hold ourselves accountable for treating each other equally, no matter if you're a minority or a majority, democrat or republican, man or woman, christian or muslim, and the list goes on and on. We're a different culture and we need to embrace it. Rioting isn't peaceful, but it's bringing attention to something that desperately needs it.
  14. Man, it'd have to be getting admin on HnS. Becoming admin on here was honestly a turning point for me in any game. I'd often think that I was never good enough to be admin before I applied and even though I had multiple sponsors, I just went it with the "Fine I'll give it a go" attitude, and it was a huge success that I don't think I'll ever regret. I don't think I'd still be around if I wasn't a staff member because as a staff, people look up to you and it's always nice to help the newer players, plus you can keep the server in tact when it's needed the most. Being admin has also allowed me be more confident in myself and get to know other staff more, and ultimately talk to more people who want to be a part of the staff team, so I can say the most unforgettable moment is becoming part of the HnS staff.
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