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  1. (for Validity i am a former manager) Whilst mistake can happen, generally GFL does not ban for hacking without solid proof. And i am going to say that in the 5,500 hours and now 6 years of playing prop hunt, TTT and such, i have NEVER seen a kill count that high, even if they were hacking. What i would advise you do, is to record a map of you playing prop hunt on a different server, commentating your reasoning and how you see people, and >reproduce these numbers< I'd also like to note, the counter argument to you bringing these numbers and playing regularly on these servers can also entail that you have just played for a while and gotten away with hacking. Compact Gaming and moxie also never have staff on so it'd be easy to hack there. I've never played on everyone's a banana
  2. Denied due to lack of proper information
  3. Congratz @Fafy I was pushing for tech admin for you a while back, but Gmod DL is a good fit too! You've done so good helping prophunt as leks said and im sure youll be able to help the rest of gmod as well!
  4. Based on the evidence presented, it was inconclusive, which always sides with the player. However, you had such a good series of events, I can understand why reaper would see it as hacking. You will be unbanned shortly. I'm sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Hey. Your appeal is under review. Please give us time to properly address the issue.
  6. As everyone knows, Prop hunt has absolutely taken off. When I took over ~5 months ago, the server was on it's last leg. We came in with a new server, a new perspective, and a team of people ready to get it back on its feet. Since then, we have climbed higher and higher in the rankings. We are sitting at 152nd on Gametracker. We have passed every other Prop Hunt server. We have passed every other TTT server. And we are at a tentative peak atop the GFL Gmod Servers. I plan to be the best, and i plan to stay the best and it wouldn't have happened without the support of everyone that is a part of the server. However, there are definitely some honorable mentions. @ButterKing5000 and @Zebra thank you for giving me my shot. It was pretty sketch when i came in and immediately asked to manage a server. But you said fuck it and let me have at it. I hope i've made you guys proud, and I'll continue to do so. @Ralsei - Thank you for enabling me to the highest level you can. It has helped out so much. @Fafy - You are definitely a main reason why Prop Hunt is doing so well. You've always been able to help where i couldn't whether it be bug fixing, editing scripts, or making completely new addons, and you did it all with a smile on your face. @Leks, @Boxy, @The Spider of Purgatory, and @TheThirdReaper are the true heroes. You are the OG team of admins that really got Prop Hunt rolling. Y'all put in all of the effort, and all of the time to make Prop Hunt what is and there is no doubt it wouldn't be nearly as successful if you guys hadn't been here. Thank you to the rest of the staff team as well. You have all worked tirelessly to ensure Prop Hunt remains a great place to play.
  7. The situation has been resolved. Thank you guys for your reports 😄
  8. You had a modified client. @The Spider of Purgatory will make the final decision.
  9. You were asked several times to change your name ([Mod] Pike received the same warnings and punishments) Afterwards you were kicked twice, asking you to change your name. Afterwards you were banned for 24 hours for rule 11 http://prntscr.com/mhq4md I will lift your ban, since you went through the trouble of making a ban appeal, however, please remove your staff tags before rejoining the server. Appeal Approved
  10. Welcome back the Games For Life Gmod Deathrun server! It is back and under new management. We have a revamped version of the gamemode, including: - Win stats - Fastest map completion times - Button Claiming - and more! We are currently looking for any staff that are willing to commit to the server. Any suggestions are welcome, and the server will be improved upon in any way possible. To join us in discord, join the Official Gmod Discord, and react with the deathrun reaction! Hope to see everyone there! Server IP -
  11. Hello, If you didn't mind you or anyone who can to look at my admin application for prop hunt please, thank you!

    1. Dralga


      It's already being looked at :)

    2. Mr Bandito
  12. https://invite.gg/gflprophunt https://invite.gg/gfllol Join us in the discords above!
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