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  1. winner winner chicken dinner
  3. R6S NHL 19 RDR2 Spider Man PS4 Insurgency Sandstorm Geoguessr(yeh lol)
  4. Im back

    The second coming?
  5. Waluigi Bill Cosby Morgan Freeman Sicko mode Tommy Wiseau Default skin
  6. This is so sad. Good luck on being being community manager Bye mikey
  7. Advertise ur server in pornhub or something. You'll get a lot of players guaranteed
  8. MiLk . gotta keep those bones strong
  9. JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS ok so just to be clear I have no idea if these suggestions are hard to put in the game. 1. Pointshop Its great we finally got the pointshop and it also has some good stuff, but most is for supporters. I do understand that supporters should have more customizability but just a few more trails or skins for us regulas members would be great. AND i just realised normal players cant buy anything for some reason., which is a little weird. Yeah I dont think there are any trails for regular members even yet. 2. Map (there have been players complaining about this) I have asked about this once, but I will ask again. Why not add cs_office ? Its a great map with a corridors and no open spaces and it also would be fun because you wouldnt have to run 1 minute to get to the other side of the map. It would also be easier to make kills undetected. either a voting system between the maps or specific days for each map (construct and office). 3. Points and Lottery/Bets To make us feel good about killing all the bystanders or killing the murderer is to award the player with a few points like 100 points for example. And from killing an innocent ( well technically u kill urself) you should get -50 points or so. We could also have a lottery going on for like every 15 minutes or so and everyone could put like a 100 points or choose the amount to put in it. Of course then the winner would be chosen randomly and get all the points. Bet on who the murderer is sounds fun also. 4. Special rounds Bring back special rounds and with a few other like no gravity and 2 murderers. Why were special rounds taken away in the first place? Leaderboard or a thing to see stats . rip stan
  10. How about adding some content to the Murder servers. The pointshop like a pointshop or something similar and players getting points by simply playing on the server. The pointshop could include like just a few different playermodels or hats or something. Like something with what we could customize our character. Special rounds I know there was just an update where we get a few special rounds which is cool, but maybe one with like 2 murderers when theres like a certain amount of players and a special round where everyone has super speed? Clues? Adding those flashing green things (i think theyre called clues or something) these could spawn at random places around the map and bystanders would have to collect 5 each to get a gun. Not too many clues Map? I dont really know about adding a new map I do not know how hard it is to add a new map, but Construct is kinda boring sometimes without some of these things ive listed. But another smaller map could work it wouldnt be as boring always. And players would be allowed to vote which map they want to play on.
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