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  1. Holy shit, didnt know i would see you here, good idea tho
  2. bye

    i may be on ttt every once and a while, im not doing gfl for a while now
  3. see you guys later. been some good times here but time to move on. i dont have much time anymore so i made due with what i had, and that didnt work. most of my friends dont play anywas so peace.
  4. Jakub's Unban Appeal

    I can vouch aswell known him for a while and he has no ill intent. if he ever did anything i would give a big smack
  5. Hitman Bug Fix!

    Interesting. @flyingjoe32 something to look into
  6. Agreed. also it is buggy and would lag the server even more plus its abusable.
  7. also would be removed when server restarts. Then again, good idea but would be op.
  8. There is currently an active shooter situation in Aurora, all schools and some buisnesses are in a soft lockdown. Officials are advising people to stay out of the area as the shooter is still live. There are currently 4 Aurora Police officers that have been shot, along with "Multiple Civilians" that have been shot.
  9. this is literaly the shitpost of shitposts
  10. Profile comment redirect bug

    when clicking on a profile, you can click on someone´s comment on a player´s thread. when you click on the thread owner´s name from the profile link it gives an error. it takes you to (example gflclan.com profiles 31 not 31 jesus
  11. new gpu, new psu roughly $300 but it depends on what gpu u want psu is $80
  12. nope, 47 is 100% dead. i talked with him on discord. IDK about deadfruit tho, he may be there. @Quint heres the convo from 47 Jesus01/16/2018 Ikr You should get on sometime. Tha47Master01/16/2019 Get on what? Jesus01/16/2019 Gmod Tha47Master01/16/2019 I can't Jesus01/16/2019 Why Tha47Master01/16/2019 My computer D E A D Jesus01/16/2018 Broke? Tha47Master01/16/2019 Graphics Card no work. And power supply is literally holding on by a string.
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