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  1. Anime generally appeals to me more than western shows/movies. More of it is made with the intentions of making a good product than with the intentions of making a profit (i.e. Hollywood). Also, a lot more can be done with it as a medium when compared to actual actors and such. Western cartoons are alright, but there is much less to pick from that are worth watching.
  2. Last time on DBZ: I made an Ask Me Anything (AMA) over a year ago as a joke to bully @-_Fx_-. Figured I would make a new one. The same rules apply as before being that you can ask literally anything you want (i.e. politics, confidential GFL stuff, etc.). I prefer, though, controversial and spicy questions since they are the most fun to answer. There is no limit on how many questions you can ask.
  3. What is the threshold of "too many people with badges"? What is the issue with utilizing badges more and allowing more people to have them? I understand not wanting to dilute the awards section, but not the badge section. How would you give badges to pre-new forums users without giving them manually? Also, it would not be hard or impossible to do. It takes three seconds to give the badge and it would only be done on a requested basis (not going out of their way to find people who require the badge). While I like the idea, I would rather it be based on years in GFL since most of the community is from the pre-new forums era. It would depend on what criteria the Directors want. I personally think it should be based on whenever you made your first forum account (in your case, it would be whatever time you made your current account).
  4. I made these over two years ago and they have yet to be used. I think they are a good idea. All that would need to happen is the badge is automatically given to everyone based on their forum account age. Anyone who was a part of GFL beforehand with proof/a witness can request the correct badge be manually given to them. As an example, I would not have a badge on this account, so I would request a 4 years badge since I joined when the original Purge server came about in September 2014.
  5. The Director Dilemma

    @Major_Push Your description of the GFL community is more or less what I had in mind and described myself elsewhere on this thread. I am glad someone sees it from that perspective as well. As I said, I proposed ways to make Director a more accessible rank including reducing the amount of responsibilities they have. Since I have no reason not to, I will just share it here. Long story short, I want Directors to do less work, not more as the more work they do, the more bad decisions are made. Their outside lives should have little to no impact on their ability to do their tasks in this arrangement. It distributes the work load more. If this magically gets pushed by Directors and enforced the way I have in mind, then my idea of removing all the Directors will not be necessary. They would actually be doing what their role implies rather than being an all-doing oligopoly burdened with responsibility.
  6. The Director Dilemma

    I have already proposed solutions to make both Director and Manager more accessible ranks and would increase our options when selecting candidates. Complain to our Directors for not choosing new DLs for as long as they have. Plenty of candidates have shown up with "potential".
  7. The Director Dilemma

    Not playing on the game servers != doing nothing but complaining On the surface level, yeah, it looks like exactly what you are saying. However, to the people I am directing this conversation to, they should know that I have not been "doing nothing but complaining" for the past 2 or 3 years. If you did actually read the posts like you said you did, you may have noticed several things I listed that I have done only in the past few months that were mentioned for the sake of achieving some sense of credibilitiy. There is plenty that I have done over the years that I have not gone out of my way to flaunt in people's faces, especially since they would mostly be off-topic to bring up for my arguments. For the sake of this thread, I have no need to list all of them. That aside, this is a non-argument as it does not address anything I said other than my credibility with those who do not know me (not something I need for the time being). Give me good servers to play on and do not ruin the ones I like (i.e. Purge; Shiny was the last decent manager of it).
  8. The Director Dilemma

    Time for a mega-reply Accedentily replied early so I will edit this with my reply of Pyros Done @positive I and others have not had great experience in the past with these types of posts which is why I expect(ed) it to be hidden/etc. That aside, I understand your points. GFL politics can be a rough time and hurts progress (I enjoy reading it though because it is comical ). The problem is that most people cannot take action even if they wanted to. Like I said, this Director problem cannot be solved by a normal community member no matter how much they tried to solve it. If I were offered some scenario where I could actually help (I would not consider the conversation I had with Roy mentioned before as an offer per se), maybe, but I would still be one person against a handful of others that do not want me to take action and I am sure plenty of others feel the same way. Lower level problems disconnected from the Director team can be solved, though. As I said, I have proposed solutions to these types of problems and some of which have been implemented either by me or someone else. Others and I have been taking action on what we can deal with. I believe that if Directors were more transparent in their actions and discussions, the amount of critiques, complaints, etc. would reduce dramatically since most of the complaints deal with not knowing what is going on, not being able to give input on decisions, etc. I feel no sympathy for them since they should be able to handle criticism and have the capacity to reduce said criticism if they actually listen to it. Lastly, I do not care if you wrote it quickly, segment your paragraphs better . @Syntax If Directors make decisions that have long term negative effects on the community that slowly erode it from a gaming community, then I can and will comment on it. Also, do not pretend as though I am the one who is turning GFL into a political mess. This has been a trait GFL has had for a long time. What does this have to do with me? GFL's community as a whole is anyone who is actively on our communication platforms since that is where most of the conversations in relation to GFL happen. People who interact entirely on a game server or two are a part of GFL's player base, but not necessarily the community as a whole in my opinion. Each server, a part of GFL or not, has their own community separate from the big picture. You have to interact with the community to be a part of it. I want to know what is happening because sudden change (like what happened in the recent internal discord purge) is not good. Most of those sudden changes feel like they had 3 seconds of thought put into them and I feel as though allowing those who would be affected by said ideas, short term or long term, should be able to have their voices heard. What do you think is practically is? Also, like I said, what the community says means nothing to them, especially when it is their own positions on the line. I have been criticizing Directors for all decisions, big or small. People a part of a community really should be obligated to do so too since leaving bad ideas/people to do as they please without opposition does not exactly result in positive outcomes (see literally any communist country in history). By ignored, I mean me proposing ideas that are generally supported and then someone does something different or the complete opposite (i.e. transparency, staff hierarchy, etc.). As I said, it is a radical idea. I also never said it was inherently the best approach to the situation. I just am upset with every single Director and I know they will never truly change. Getting rid of them all and replacing them with people who would do a better job (something that should happen more often across all of GFL, not just the Director team) is common sense in my opinion. If you cannot read all of the post because you are lazy, then I do not care about your opinion. Simple as that. I have not touched a single GFL game server in probably 2 or 3 years. However, I have offered on many occasions that I would look into any game server issues brought to me. I am more than willing to sit down and have a discussion with whomever wants to discuss an issue with a game server and brainstorm solutions. No one has taken me up on that offer. Also, the internal discord purge did not need to happen and was not the "only answer". It was a decision that was barely discussed amongst only Directors which left us with zero possibility to help guide the decision in a better, more reasonable direction. Apparently. @Rick I do not care if it was the "heat of the moment". The fact it was even proposed in the first place is worrying. If it was pushed any further, that would have been a stupid decision made entirely on emotion (sounds familiar 🤔). Other proposals were put in place that did not include Council that were outright ignored the second a certain Director got into power and had different plans. While it did not need to happen in the first place, it only happened because of Directors. No one else can be blamed but yourselves. However, while I am happy that Council got removed and regardless of how much I hated the idea of it, I think it is better than our current system having no equivalent in place (different conversation for a different day). I never saw any of the potential in Council that was mentioned as I did not believe it would help with the stated problems. This is exactly what I am referring to when I say that I am considered a "toxic person who does not know what they are talking about that wants the worst for GFL". This is a non-argument as it does not address anything I said. As I said, the removal of most Directors and Roy is a radical idea. I would rather a better solution get proposed, but it is all I can think of at the moment. This is exactly why I proposed it publicly for input, something Directors do not ever do. When say remove Roy, I mean from Directors. Him not being on the Director team does not impact his ability to work on CS:GO still. I never said you had to devote 100% of your time to GFL as that is unrealistic and no one would want to do that anyways. I do not even care how much time you spend in GFL. I have said on multiple occasions that I want Directors to do less work, not more. You should not be working on GMOD since that is @Zebra's job. You should work on Rust until you find a manager for it (hopefully not a long time since it should not be Director's responsibility long term). Work should be more properly distributed instead of allowing Directors to do everything and anything they want. While Director inactivity is a problem, it is last on the agenda of issues I have with the team honestly. While I am glad Nick is pushing for Trello usage, I told Directors and others to use Trello months ago with little to no response. Like I said, the current Director team will never truly change. If you want to make it look like you care about transparency, do it in full including decisions like removing Council and such. I do not care about this point as long as it does not result in a decision made in 0.3 nanoseconds (remember that amazing public Discord purge? fun times). I have been calling out everyone for a long time now, not just Directors. People cannot go unchallenged without it resulting in a negative outcome. This is fake news. As I said above, it is not like I let it pass. It was just never officially given to me (and likely will never be given to me for being too "toxic"). Even if it were given to me, I do not know if I would accept it or not since I would never be able to enforce the changes I want such as transparency. I was TL and Trusted, ranks you would think have power/a voice. I was rarely listened to in either rank. What makes you think that Council would have changed that? It seemed as though Council could not do anything without the approval of Directors anyways so it is not like I could have done anything on my own accord. And for this last point, I would say that is completely wrong. The best evidence for that is yourself. I have taken some feedback you have given me in the past on some of my ideas. You have checked flaws in my logic and supported other aspects of my ideas which is more valuable than hating/supporting everything. You are not the only person either as long as they are reasonable people (i.e. not Hacking or Syntax). I am open for discussion and things do not have to go exactly word for word my way as my way is not always favorable. However, the ideas I am complaining about being ignored are ones I have discussed with others and got a lot of support for it. And yes, I love being able to suggest solutions to problems since that is all I am good for I defined what I mean when I refer to the GFL community above in response to Syntax. While they may not even know who the Directors are, the actions of the Directors still have an impact on said playerbase/community in the long term. Nothing to respond to here since it is probably right for the most part. Roy is impossible to contact. The others reply when they feel like it whether it be a mention in Discord or a DM. I am not pushing this issue too hard, though. See Rick's statement and my counter-statement above. I would like to see the time of the warning vs. the time the purge happened. That aside, I was mostly referring to the purge of CAs and, like you said, the lack of explanations given to said CAs. Mostly dealing with transparency (probably more, but cannot think of any off the top of my head; I may add to this if I do). I have requested that they remove all the red tape required to talk about issues publicly so people would not be yelled at for "leaking". Nothing significant has been done in this regard. You have likely read all the rest of the stupid decisions relation to transparency that I have talked about so I will not repeat them again here. EDIT: I remember when the discord partnership was being discussed and a certain director said something along the lines of "There will be a lot of backlash at first when it happens, but they will get over it. It is for the better long term." Sounds like they had the best intentions for GFL's community/playerbase, especially with how it was eventually handled.
  9. The Director Dilemma: I am bored and want to make a controversial topic that will likely get locked/hidden by the exact people that this post criticizes. As I am sure some of you have noticed, I have made my fair share of complaints about GFL. Some are unwarranted and nitpicky, but most are valid critiques of known/unknown problems. I have went to lengths to propose solutions to said problems and some have been implemented. However, the most overt of them that cannot be solved by anyone a part of the community is the Director team and their actions throughout their existence. As I said, no one in this community can solve the problem. The only people that can solve this problem is the Director team themselves. I do not see them as a part of the community at this point. They are far removed from us and actively are trying to get further away. There is plenty of evidence of this including: The introduction of the Council rank (Council were essentially the front-end and face of the Directors while Directors themselves were the back-end, hiding in the dark) Lack of general interaction with said community Lack of transparency with said community Lack of accessibility in terms of communication Proposing the idea of "removing all the 'toxic' people of GFL" (i.e. anyone who opposes them) Removal of handfuls of people from the internal discord without notice or reasoning (individually have more support and positive contributions to the community than all the Directors combined) Making decisions that go entirely against the point of this community Many people including myself have pointed these flaws out and offered advice on how to handle them correctly. They deal with said critiques simply by ignoring them or with a response that does not address the issue at hand. For me in particular, not once have they came to me as a whole to discuss any of this and simply have dismissed me as a toxic person who does not know what they are talking about that wants the worst for GFL. When looking at the big picture, the further they distance themselves from the average player, these problems will remain active and grow into irreversible territory. I do not see the need to call out each member of the team as I have already done that on several occasions semi-privately. They know how I feel for the most part. If I had access to said posts, I would post them publicly for all to see with possible additions based on slightly more recent events. However, I will call out one name: @Ben Roy. While I have had a few issues with him in the past (he may or may not know these by now), I have seen him actually attempt to improve himself with some success. Rather than ignoring criticisms of him or taking negative action against those who speak said criticisms, he reflected upon himself and did what was best. Some of the issues I had still remain, but overall, I think he has been the best addition to the Director team in years and I hope he fixes it from the inside. @DirectorTeam, be more like Ben. Some time before I became the Team Leader of Teamspeak, @Roy and I had a conversation about ideas I had for the community. During said conversation, I was told I supposedly had "potential" and was seen as a possible choice in the future for a Director position. I was hesitant in said position mostly because I wanted to work on our communication platforms at the time (I am glad that I was given the opportunity to overhaul at least one of them and assist with another, it was a fun time while it lasted). However, in the current state of the Director team and regardless of the supposed "potential" I have, I do not think I or anyone else would want to be a part of it. It is the equivalent of leaving the community. While I have proposed several solutions in regards to individual Directors and the rank itself, I think the best solution is for a complete overhaul of the team itself meaning all Directors (aside from Ben since he just got it and he is the best one) would be removed and replaced with fresh blood who actually want to improve the community. This could go as far as to include Roy since I am not a fan of his attitude towards the community and his way of dealing with situations as of recently. None of these replacements would be people who have been Directors before (nothing directly against past Directors, just better to see new faces). I do not care at all who these people are as long as they are willing to solve all the problems mentioned above. It has got so bad that a radical idea such as this one needs to even be brought up. As I said, this will likely be locked/hidden/ignored as usual, but I figured a handful of people would be able to read this before it does and hopefully push Directors to change for the betterment of the community.
  10. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. The regime is ready to take out opposition by any means necessary. Half jokes aside, you did the right thing IMO ("peer pressure" ) and I hope others will join us in protest. Directors will start listening to the community when their foundation collapses on itself.
  11. Merge of the teams.

    You forgot one team to merge @harry
  12. GFL DEMOGRAPHIC 2018 Participates: 159 Trolls: 4 #Violator4Director? Thank you to all that participated. We did not reach the goal of 200 participates, but there is always next year. If you see any mistakes, let me know below. If you would like to compare these to last years statistics, click here.
  13. This is just a thread for any suggestions that people may have for our Teamspeak server as well as a place to report any bugs they may find (primarily permission related). There is no special format.
  14. Introduction: As some of you may have heard, I have taken over the leadership position of our Teamspeak server. I have plenty of plans in the works (some of which I have already done) and I hope to improve the state of Teamspeak as it has been neglected for a long time. Recent Changes: I have created the Teamspeak info page with a large amount of information and links related to the server. Most of this is within the newly updated Lobby channel description on the server. Related to the thread above, I have also updated all rules and punishments to be uniform with the GFL Discord server as the old rules were outdated and full of nonsense that did not reflect well by our community's standards. I purged almost half of the moderation team for Teamspeak due to not needing that many to begin with. The server population is barely 20 at peak times. We are now at five moderators from nine which is a good amount to hold onto for the time being. All Teamspeak moderator applications will be disregarded until replacements are needed or the current team is not sufficient for the workload. I created a Trello page to keep people up-to-date on what is and is not being worked on. I have written down some ideas I had in mind (discussed later in this post) and plan on continuing to utilize it to stay transparent, something lacking in GFL at the moment. Plans for the Future: Laid out on the Trello page above, I have some ideas for the server. I will go through each of them briefly: Teamspeak Permissions: Most of my time so far has been dedicated to working out a permission overhaul. Admittedly, this has not gone well at all in the past and has caused distrust in anyone touching the mess that is our server's permission system. However, I have done it in the best way possible and am willing to be 100% transparent. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LThf-7D_DAt_RNCos6_RBboPUsKCiPDjHyGAyzfdH8I/edit?usp=sharing I have made a spreadsheet detailing every permission for every group and the changes that will be made. I would like as much feedback on it as I can before I follow through with applying the changes. That way, the permission system put in place will last and be as stable as possible. New Server Icons: I have asked @Aura to create new and modernized group icons as the old ones are not entirely uniform and look very dated. These new icons will also support all groups, including ones that do not have one currently like "No Poke". Client Permissions: I was tasked to remove all client permissions from people as they are not needed. If you know of anyone or are someone with custom client permissions given to you by a staff member, please contact me to make my job easier. New Layout: I plan on looking into a new layout for the overall server. I will need to do some scouting of other servers to get some insight on what is the best layout, but I do not believe our current set-up is ideal and can be improved upon without too much disruption. Population: As mentioned previously, the Teamspeak server's population is embarrassing low. There are reasons for this that I plan on resolving to my best ability. Outside of that, I need to brainstorm alongside the rest of the community to come up with ideas on how to bring in more people to the server. I can dream of a day of reaching the server cap of 128. I have no intentions of making update posts like this very often as that is why I made a Trello page. However, I figured I would at least introduce myself as the new leader of the server and be transparent on what has happened and what will happen in the future.
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