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  1. Well, I'll be a bit bold and reply that you also missed the point of our messages. However, that aside I want to say that it doesn't matter what methods you tried back in the days years ago when gfl "pioneered" everything. This is new gfl, new state. I didn't mean events every day of course. Can be that you have a week with two events (one weekend and one midweek) for instance once in a while. It's really nothing "hypothetical" and it could easily be implemented, give me event manager role and I can prove that. It's all about having players on gfl. Currently we have 15+ gfl players playing on unloze, imagine if we had a gfl event today. You don't even have to advertise them as events if you feel like it ruins the "sanctity " of current events. They can be mini events or anything. I really don't know you simply expect the community to "step up" just like that. Do you want me to organize our own event and message all gfl players to come some random thursday to tryhard a map with me or just socialize? Because eventually I might just do that to be honest. Don't see this as a suggestion. At this point, what can do more harm. Sorry for crashing the announcement thread, feel free to remove my posts if you want to keep it clean here.
  2. I think at one point one has to realize that it does not matter how much ftp/settings/management work you do, a server is only build around the community and the players. Nide and unloze are perfect examples. All different settings, but active communities. In my opinion, seeking more authority representatives is the wrong approach. We shouldn't be discussing who can fill in Dogans gap or who can manage what as much as we should discuss how we can build a community in unity. Gfl is way to split as it is. There is a big conflict of interest. So I propose a bit of a different idea. How about organizing more "smaller" events throughout the week, just to encourage players to join? Nobody will join if it's 1 player on the server but if people know that others will be there, we definitely come. I can guatantee it. Players attract players. It doesn't even take hard work, just throw in random smaller events. Doesn't have to be with rewards even. I do realize that weekdays are not optimal but even if only 20 players join, that is a victory in my opinion! It can be chill, minor tryhard, autism. Whatever. Just organized. Why would anyone join a server with 0-3 players when they can join a server with 40+? Not even gfl admin join the server at those moments. I believe myself to have an entirely different mindset from gfl and wouldn't fit in the admin team, let alone be wanted. But I am sure as heck ready to join and play if I know that there are or will be players on the server.
  3. Very enjoyable event imo Chill and tryhard :3
  4. Sweet, nice event!! ?
  5. Hey, thanks for replying. While I don't agree with everything as I see some as contradicting, It think you have a fair reply from an Admin's POV. I have talked to Vanya about some stuff and I think my thoughts are conveyed now so I won't go with another wall of text.
  6. Given last weeks catastrophic event, I'd expect some new attempts at an event organisation. For the ze community and for gfl. However, this was not what all admins had in mind apparently. I am someone who likes things fair and to call them out as they should be. I am very aware of how my post will be dismissed by keyboard warrior admins who hide behind discord chats and cirkle jerk there and that suddenly when someone criticise you'll attempt at "being serious" with your superiority complex. Or just very emotional responses. But this post not for you. It is for the regular players like me who wants to see GFL on css rise again. So here were the rules of the event: However, sadly the majority of the first half of the event were permeated with micspamming and constant leader interruption. It was kinda endurable at first but starting from the second half of the first map it just got way out of hand. Both me and Shiz0 were attempting to lead while specifically two people were spamming all sorts of disgusting conversations on the microphone and loudly talking over us. In total, half the event time was like this. Seven admins online (three of them are "Event Manage Assistants"). Nobody cared. I strongly encourage @Dogan to re-consider new event managers that are ready to take it further than a mere title. When I called this out, I am only being told to shut up. Luckily there is one admin who still cares, @ZeGaWa. I messaged him and he quickly took the situation under control so that at least from the second half of wanders palace, the event could be player properly. Excellent admin work in my opinion. Huge props to you. And as the icing on the cake, it was quite enjoyable to see Console warning somebody from what he thought was an Earth troll on Mako but then himself went and did a yek ultima. Other admins during the event have told me the following: "Shut up"... "Rules don't abide" (???)... "we're just having fun"... "don't start a server war"... "Unloze sucks" or just laughed and whatnot. My previous message up on this thread, a sarcasm towards pivo that requires context, got taken way too seriously but it's very interesting to see your replies: "Saying we don't care is an extremely bold statement" ..... "I hope nobody is gonna escalate this thing to a WWIII but clearly you are insulting literally everyone that plays on the server with your very little knowledge about this community. " After this event I can only say one thing. What. A. Massive. Joke. Besides, I don't like Pivo's bullshit more than any of you do but there is nothing wrong with agreeing with opinions even if you hate the person. There's a certain level of novelty in it that you won't understand. I know that you guys like your small "autism" moments but I hope the next week's event will at least be attempted properly. Good luck.
  7. Of course GFL admins don't care, @Pivovaric. I see your point and they should amend this. The statistics speak for themselves. But I don't think they will bother.
  8. There are 6 nominations in the post but only 5 options in the poll.
  9. "Skills, Luck or Solo?" - ze_Pirates_Port_Royal_v3_6 (Only kraken god!) - ze_luck_matters_v1ds - ze_trials_v1fs - ze_skill_escape_v09s
  10. That is a fair reply, @Vanya ? I only gave my after-event thoughts, feel free to ignore or consider any of it .
  11. Just some reflections on parts of this event: Portalstory and sunkentemple were all fine and worked great Random: "Admins can add their own surprise special kickers (low grav, item plugin, etc.)" is and was in my opinion a bad, even terrible, idea. Especially considering how these settings were constantly changed, mid round too. The whole map turned into a big messy delay rather than a map in an event or at least something enjoyable or to tryhard. Onahole: Famas only wasn't the best idea. It worked but it made it really tedious and inconvenient. The bees on extreme require p90 or m249 to be killed quickly together with rebinds (which most people have binds for p90s on but not famas). Also I feel like you need to be more active at the slaying part. Often there is 1-3 people alive delaying but we're waiting forever until they are found and killed by zm. And you really should disable torchTV for events... To put it bluntly, as I pointed out in the event, whoever thought of this event didn't seem to have thought it through or knew the maps. It really only seems like some random last minute picked map with random kickers slapped on to it with no real motivation?