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  1. Nvm I take back my comment
  2. This will be an interesting event
  3. Others have reported the same. It's probably those big tiddy HD anime skins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. "Jenz is a mapper??" ze_jungle_escape_v1_2 ze_boat_escape_jenz_v2_5a ze_grey_b2_4
  5. "This is why Nide is better" ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix ze_shaurma_v4_a05 ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_2fix
  6. Loco confirmed to be Pivovaric? omegalul Deserved tho.
  7. "Journey of the VIGP" (Very Important GFL Player) ze_ten_keys_b2fix ze_journey_v1_2 ze_hidden_temple_v2_5e Special kicker: VIP plugin active throughout all maps. (possibly disabled in journey since it has too many "traps") A random human will be chosen to be the "VIP" for each round. The goal is to protect the VIP until the end of each level. If the VIP dies, humans are slayed and round is lost. I don't know if GFL has this plugin but check with Neon or Zegawa or Dogan.
  8. ze_avalanche_reboot_beta7 is not done yet. It's missing the last extreme stage. But the bugs of the previous stages are fixed. If you're going for this event, tell Glacius in advance so he has time to fix and add the last stage as well
  9. "Forgotten maps" ze_fartlocker_escape_v3s ze_legoland_crackheads_v2 ze_luigismanison_fix2 ze_antfarm_2vs ze_meatropolis_v2_1
  10. Great event yo!!!! We spent a surprisingly long amount of time on Otakuroom and despite that almost beat all maps. Very close on wanderers :C That said, one issue we encountered was event managers not having access to some crucial commands and head admins not being on the server to execute them. For instance during SAM, at one point zombies can bhop into the bossfight while there are not supposed to be able to. And there is nobody with access to disable bhop. Luckily, the admins used some other tricks to keep the zombies away. Point is, maybe there should be some evaluation on which flags/commands the event admins should have so that they can be manage the events independently from a head admin.
  12. "Made in china" is going to require a good team if we are to beat all maps without it taking 10 hours. Spicy. Vote for it!
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