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  1. "William ruining another GFL event" Special edition - Maps GFL have not won yet ze_bisounours_party_v1_1 (3 short stages) ze_boacceho_p4s (1 short stage) ze_megaman_a6 (Only 1 very tryhard stage on this version) Kicker for megaman: Enable bhop and restrict zombie invisibility. Might have to increase the roundtime to at least 18-20 min as well.
  2. If against the odds we beat the map quickly, can we go rizomata afterwards? Or maybe an admin can nominate it and we'll see if the server wants to 😄
  3. If GFL truly wants to prove they are best, they gotta beat Pivo's record of most people banned during an event of v0u0v.
  4. B R O K E N These following maps are broken in one way or another. Beating them may or may not be possible. They are all fun and entertaining. Some are easy, some are tricky. Some are challenging in a way that keep you want to retry over and over in hope. ze_megaman_a6 ze_dread ze_bowser_in_the_fire_sea_v1f_remastered ze_eternal_void_v3_5a
  5. - ze_bisounours_party_v1_1 - ze_valkvang_s1 - ze_jungle_escape_v1_2
  6. Willy making us proud with a banger event nomination
  7. "Escaping in different biomes" ze_frozentemple_b8_2 ze_NY_marathon_v4_1 ze_jungle_escape_v1_2 ze_ancient_wrath_v1_fix2 (remove this one if too long)
  8. This is a great coincidence, as I wanted to nominate ze_jungle_escape_v1_2 for this week. Noice
  9. "Escaping from tales of horror, as told by Soft Serve" Following the great escape from Soft serve's basement in his hidden fortress, the GFL team flees through the skies on his magic carpet. However, sunlight blinded them and they were lead into a mist where the sexually confused god himself swallowed them all. Now they must journey through his intestines in what appears to be a nightmare of many floors. ze_magic_carpet_v1_0 ze_meatropolis_v2_1 ze_silent_hill_v1_0
  10. But don't tell him that so I can keep booling him :angerynut:
  11. Willy you know more than well that I am only joking. I am very thankful that Vanya has taken his time to fix these glitches so that we can get a full legit win. I am very excited for this reattempt!
  12. Vanya: All possible glitches have been fixed Fat santa:
  13. I don't know how he was 1-3 years ago but from what I see nowadays on other servers, MrBam is always well behaving. Even leading from time to time. Think he deserves a second chance.
  14. You guys should just remove time votes and do what is smartest and best. The majority of people popping in to the event are from other time zones. It's not realistic to have 6 people decide the time.
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