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  1. Oh, I never knew corpses were removed for a second time. If corpses. never get added back which is probably what is going to happen. I'm just going to say if this suggestion ever get's added, (which is highly unlikely) to make it heal 40 for attacking people. Please don't add this.
  2. I was thinking of the same thing but I made it so it can extract it from any corpse because it'll be difficult for SCP-160 to kill anyone and still be next to that person before they die since if a victim get's injected they can still run from 160 and close doors behind it, making the victim escape from 160 but will still die eventually if that person doesn't eat SCP-500. Then 160 would have to find the person it killed for extra health. It just sounds too difficult for anyone playing as 160 to get to a corpse that the person playing as 160 has killed.
  3. I finally got an idea in WEEKS SCP-160's Article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-160 Description: SCP-160 appears to be a quadriflyer unmanned aerial vehicle with a diameter of approximately 1.1 m at its widest point, similar to the [REDACTED] model manufactured by the [REDACTED] Corporation. SCP-160 operates continuously and completely autonomous from any identified control source, and exhibits behavior similar to that of predatory birds. It will actively hunt prey such as rodents and other small animals and, upon locating such prey, dive down at high speed and impale its prey with what appears to be a metallic proboscis. Analysis of its prey shows that it then injects a highly caustic substance that liquefies the internal organs, and extracts the resulting slurry. SCP-160 will generally avoid humans and larger animals, but has been recorded using its proboscis in self-defense. Injuries inflicted by SCP-160 are extremely painful, and can cause death via liquefaction of vital organs or internal bleeding. SCP-160 You are a drone that acts like predatory birds. You are able to inject victims with a substance that liquefies their organs. If someone dies, you will be able to convert and extract their organs and consume it from their corpse for extra health. Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 860 Attack Damage: 12 Attack Speed: 1 Second Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: SCP-049's Closet Room (I'm pretty sure nothing spawns there. 2845 was moved to 008's Room) Mechanics & Controls LMB: Inject/Extract Space (Jump): Flight Bonus: No Fall Damage Information LMB: Inject/Extract LMB can do two different things: Inject or Extract. Injecting only works on alive players. When you inject a victim, they will rapidly lose their health until they consume SCP-500. Victims are able to die by this effect. Extracting only works on corpses. When you use extract on a corpse, you will consume the corpse's liquefied organs and gain 30 extra health. Space (Jump): Flight By jumping, you are able to go into temporary flight. You can only fly for 15 seconds before falling to rest. The cooldown after flying is 10 seconds. Bonus: No Fall Damage SCP-160 has the ability to not take any fall damage. Model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611917737 Or Manhack Model?
  4. asfsgdhfjewrt4365543645ytdhfyjfgy3242retggfthgjugwesrfet45ytdfsgfdsgdfyhyfhrfdh you serious
  5. Maybe boosters will be added once all of the planned SCPs are implemented
  6. The real question is why do people make unnecessary, short and without any reasoning questions/suggestions in forums?
  7. I'm pretty sure 096 isn't affected by the blinking mechanic
  8. XY said 079 would take a little longer since XY is currently busy. I'm not sure about boosters though.
  9. What makes 607 a hard SCP to play as? Is it the health? The speed? The bonding mechanic? More info please.
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