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  1. What if we gave 049 an AK-47 at the start of every round? Oh wait.
  2. Also, if anyone becomes the new 049 can you record it since I have to wait a month to see this bullshit amazing and necessary buff to 049? K thx
  3. So it's just a decoration..?
  4. You guys know that BLUESLAYER HIMSELF made a youtube video about this! "I don't know what caused this, but I'm flattered." -Blueslayer
  5. All hail BlueSlayer
  6. SCP-846

    Why are you guys still arguing
  7. SCP-846

    I was going to say something, but forgot what I was going to say.
  8. I think these changes would make 173 much more threatening if this is implemented. +1
  9. If you press tab, you can see how many SCPs, guards, Class-D and more are currently in the game. Also, warheads are going to be added eventually.
  10. ADD DR. K PM

    *when you are searching for erotic furry playermodels and then stumble upon one that is a perfect playermodel for breach*
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