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  1. SCP 553's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-553 Description: SCP-553 is a butterfly looking thing that has sharp wings because of it's material that is similar to quartz. When an instance of SCP-553 is damaged, it produces a special sonar that let's the other instances of 553 know. SCP-553 attacks by using their sharp wings. There are these things called crystal seeds which are like eggs that make more instances of SCP-553. SCP-553 (Original Instance) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 800 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer Spawn for SCP-610 (Meaning both of these SCPs cannot spawn in the same round naturally.) Mechanic: LMB: Cut/Slice (Attack) RMB: Lay Crystal Seeds (60 second cooldown) Special: Sonar Details/Information: RMB (Lay Crystal Seeds): SCP-553 lays 3 crystal seeds, each crystal seed can be destroyed and it has 150 health. Every 10 seconds, an instance of SCP-553 will hatch from the crystal seed. One crystal seed is capable to make 2 instances of SCP-553. So if the 3 crystal seeds survive, there will be 6 new instances of SCP-553. Once the 2 instances are created, the crystal egg will disappear. Special (Sonar): If SCP-553 is damaged, all of the SCPs in the SCP Objects team can see SCP-553 by a highlight similar to 2521. The highlight will last 10 seconds before disappearing. This will help SCP-553 survive since the SCPs are able to know where 553 is an could potentially help SCP-553 out. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-553 (Created Instance) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 150 Attack Damage: 10 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: By the crystal seeds Mechanic: LMB: Slice/Cut (Attack) RMB: Sprint Special: Sonar Details/Information: RMB (Sprint): Increases Movement Speed similar to SCP-457 for a short period of time. Special (Sonar): Already explained at the details/information of the original instance of SCP-553 but make the created instance's highlight blue instead of red. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Models/Playermodels: Crystal Egg: (White Crystal) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944141639&searchtext=Crystal SCP-553: (Brown Winged Butterfly) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781361305&searchtext=Butterfly
  2. So 17 hours ago when I'm typing this, @Ralsei added a new SCP on the changelogs and it's SCP-378 and I have a question What does it do? Is it playable? Is it an object? I checked the wiki of this SCP and it's called the "Brainworm" so... AHHHHHHHHHH CaN u RePlY sO i GeTs AnSwEr?
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    dont u mess with me my uncle is the creater of minecraft and he wil ban u
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  5. Oh no. The Serpent's Hand are raiding the Facility. Make sure the Serpent's Hand doesn't breach any SCPs. Ingame Mechanics Half of the players spawn as TRO Guards and the other half spawns as Serpent's Hand. There will be special TRO Guards such as the TRO Pyro and there will be a commander. All of the playable SCP's rooms take a level 5 Keycard to open. If a Serpent's Hand get's inside of one of the SCP rooms, they have successfully breached an SCP. The Serpent's Hand can breach multiple SCPs. Random Spectators are chosen to spawn as the breached SCP. Example: Serpent's Hand enters SCP-173's room. A random spectator is chosen to spawn as SCP-173. All of the SCPs will spawn in their normal spawns. All of the breached SCP's health is lower. (900 Health for every breached SCP except for 682, 106 and 610.) (1300 for SCP-682 and SCP-106 and SCP-610) The time is the same as a normal round. Serpent's Hand Member Stats: Health: 100 (Edited)(Thank you @Doomnack) Movement Speed: Normal Human Speed. (Can walk and Run) Team: SCP Objects Spawn: Random NTF Spawns Spawning Items: Gun: A Random SMG Melee weapon: Stunstick Radio: No. (People in the SCP team have their own non-existent radio that works like a normal radio but for the SCP Team only.) Keycard: O5 Healing Item: Random Serpent's Hand Members will have a First Aid Kit. If any items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRO Guard Stats: Health: 100 Movement Speed: Human Speed. (Can walk and Run.) Team: MTF Guards Spawn: TRO Guards Spawn Spawning Items: Gun: A Random Rifle (Edited)(Was previously SMG)(Thank you again @Doomnack) Melee Weapon: Stunstick Radio: Yes. Keycard: 4 Healing item: No. If any other items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goals: MTF Guards: Defend as many SCP spawns as possible and kill all of the Serpent's Hand. Serpent's Hand: Breach as many SCPs as possible and kill all of the MTF Guards SCPs: Kill any MTF Guards in sight and escape.
  6. The SMGs/Rifles will have the ammo you had before you changed it Humans spawn with their stuff if they swap classes. I forgot about 207 not being able to be dropped and I'm gonna change that right now.
  7. How would they have the only keycard? A level 3 spawns inside of SCP-914's room. I just bring a weapon whenever I go to SCP-914. SCP-049-2 and SCP-610-B won't be useless. SCP-914 still takes a keycard to open it and if no SCPs are going to help them with a fast door breaking attack then they have to slowly break the door open. And SCP-049-2 and SCP-610-B can still assist the SCP team if they don't know about it. And I wasn't aware that someone already suggested Super Night Vision Goggles.
  8. SCP-914 is pretty bland right now since it doesn't really have a huge variety of things to upgrade. The things that I currently know that SCP-914 can upgrade is: -Keycards -People on Rough, Fine, Very Fine and I think coarse. -That's it So to make SCP-914 a bit more interesting I will badly attempt to make it more interesting. I will separate a list of items by what setting they need to be that item. Starting with Rough to Very Fine. Also this was highly inspired by SCP: CB breach's 914 upgrades. I'll give a link here to check them out https://scpcb.gamepedia.com/SCP-914/outputs ROUGH: Literally nothing. COARSE: Literally nothing. (Again) 1:1 : Items: SMGs and Rifles: If you put a SMG or Rifle into 1:1, it will give you a different gun. SMGs at 1:1 give different SMG guns and Rifles give different Rifle guns. People: Humans: Putting someone in 1:1 will change their team into either a Researcher or Class-D. They will be healed since they are in a new body. SCPs: SCP-049-2 and SCP-610-B: If either SCP-049-2 or SCP-610-B go into 914 at the 1:1 setting, they will be reversed into either a Class-D or a Researcher. Fine: Items: Night Vision Goggles: If you put night vision goggles on the fine setting, they will turn into Super Night Vision Goggles. (Red) The Super Night vision goggles will highlight any you see. This doesn't mean you can see them through walls. Instead of green where ever you look at, it will be red. Model: The same as normal Night Vision Goggles First Aid Kit: If you put the First Aid Kit into SCP-914 at the fine setting, you will get the Small First Aid Kit. The Small First Aid Kit is a better version of the First Aid Kit and it will heal you to full health AND give you health regeneration for 1 minute. Model: A smaller First Aid Kit Vests: TRO Guard Vest: The TRO Guard Vest is the most common vest you can find. (Mostly because more than 5 people spawn as an TRO Guard with an TRO Vest) So what if you put it on the Fine setting and got a TRO Heavy Vest? The TRO Heavy Vest works exactly like the normal TRO Heavy Vest. Very Fine: Items: Night Vision Goggles: If you put some Night Vision Goggles on Very Fine, they will become Super Night Vision Goggles. (Blue) Instead of the red ones, it will be blue and you can see everyone alive by their nametag appearing on top of their head. You can even see the nametags through walls! The only downside is that you randomly blink. Model: The same as the normal Night Vision Goggles First Aid Kit: If you put a First Aid Kit in SCP-914 on very fine, It will become a Medkit. You know that item the TRO medic spawns with and the only way to get it is to either spawn as the medic or take it from the medic. Vests: Hazmat Suit: Are you tired of being slow just to resist 049 or 610 bad touch? Well good knews for you! If you upgrade the Hazmat Suit in Very fine it will become the Mysterious Hazmat Suit. It will give you your normal move speed! At least you don't have to be slow anymore. Well that's it. I hope this get's implemented so 914 is targeted more and more useful.
  9. SCP-2901's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2901 Description: SCP-2901 are a species of nocturnal carnivorous scavengers of limited intelligence; averaging 1.7m in height. SCP-2901 usually appear as having an ellipsoid shape and possess 2 large eyes layered with photophoric tissue. SCP-2901 are covered in a layer of minute iridescent lamellar scales, similar to Lepidopterans. SCP-2901 are able to move through space-time freely, granting them certain abilities such as levitation, flight, and teleportation. SCP-2901 are, however, tangible and susceptible to conventional firearms. SCP-2901 Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 770 Attack Damage: 40 Attack Speed: SCP-076's Attack Speed Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer spawn for SCP-372 (Meaning both of these cannot be in the same round naturally) Mechanic: LMB: Attack RMB: Teleportation (5 second cooldown setting teleport)(15 second cooldown when teleporting) Reload: Toggle flight (35 second duration) (20 second cooldown after the duration) (Can cancel flight before the duration ends) Details: SCP-2901's RMB sets a teleport where your standing and it has a 5 second cooldown for setting the teleport. After the cooldown ends, you can use your RMB again. If you do then you teleport to the last place you set your teleport to. SCP-2901's Reload allows SCP-2901 to have flight for 35 seconds. While flying, at the bottom of the screen is a timer that counts from 35 to 0. Once it get's to 0 you stop flying and descend. You can cancel your flight while the duration is going on. Speed boost while flying. Both cooldowns show at the bottom of SCP-2901's screen and if the RMB or Reload is ready it will say it's ready. Playermodel: Mothman playermodel (2nd bodygroup) in the addon "Cryptids and legends" Cryptids and legends: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=819516849
  10. Who will win? 1 TRO Guard OR over 20 Class-D with crowbars? +1
  11. Maybe 079 can blind the entire facility for 5 seconds and 173 is able to move since SCP-079 was the one in SCP:CB messing with the lights.