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  1. Submitted. Btw mines the best.
  2. Even tho the show was better while baked off your ass or on some pills. Still one of the best kids shows I’ve watched.
  3. Ras it’s because you fucking try hard and your so fucking bad at it plus ur fucking 40 lvls under me
  4. I played Wizard101 with you yesterday and your ducking trash. But I like the idea. Lol
  5. Vote gag command for vip and supporters? it is pretty irritating to tell people that all you have to do is hold tab and click on their volume icon to mute and gag them but no one listens sometimes. V/Gag would be nice if no admins on and someone is spamming mic with annoying memester music...
  6. If you got a medical card for marijuana you get all the chicks.
  7. AFK

    That’s my favorite thing to do though...
  8. Yea we can still get some games in.
  9. I play sum ttt. Dawg. You play fortnite?
  10. Never knew you, but good bye and have fun.
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